Message from Goddess Lakshmi: Be completely happy in what you do

  • 2017

Here again I am here to give you a message. I wait patiently and the opportune moment when it sounds like a bell in my mind and it is that we, in the High Plan of the next life, are always omniscient. We know exactly what is happening with those with whom we have established close ties and it is that in a way, although our family is a little scattered, it maintains deep ties.

Sometimes, beings choose another path, since they choose to move away from those they love to forget the past, because it is easier for them to move on. Don't blame them too much. They are doing the best they can. This is true for each person who reads this message. We invite this person to forgive, we tell him that we must go beyond regret and regret, beyond everything that is consuming us.

Why blame yourself bitterly for not following this or that path, and what is the point of blaming the other?

These are things of the past, now it is always possible to connect with this person. Such an action will make it possible to do other things if you wish, otherwise it is better to engage in other new, pleasant, simple and joyful relationships that do not require so much emotional investment. I mean, of course, those people who are offended, who support themselves for nothing and those who always have to think sparingly or smooth wrinkles .

Yes, I used to be one of them and sometimes I got angry for no reason, on a whim or simply because I was easily bored . Sometimes it was difficult for me to be in ecstasy in view of nature or to find some things that were simply touching, wonderfully well coordinated and perfect .

Fascination was not my most frequent mental state

So I tell you this, live your passions, be fascinated by life and every day, whether you are passionate about studying the butterfly, embroidery, cooking or mechanics, no matter what the other says, be fully Happy in what you do, don't let spirit killers dictate your behavior, those you call dream-breakers.

This is also true for your children, when they are well in your universe, leave them alone! Don't hit them too much! Yes, I was one of those excessively demanding mothers with my son, although I gave him a lot of love, a lot of love, and I keep giving him!

What a joy for us to send this immense love to all those who feel directly in the spirit, those who can see them, but we do not know. Sometimes they feel our presence, a little far from their daily lives, but always attentive. It is a wink we give them. We are here to take care of you wisely, to rejoice in all your successes and that is how much joy you should feel when the image of a loved one arises in your mind, a being that also needs to speak with you.

You have to be prepared for this to happen more and more

If you missed your loved ones very much, you can imagine that they are on your side and if you talk to them, they will hear you. You can do it out loud or in thought, but if you speak alone, of course your friends and family should not realize it. We end up sending many thoughts of love and tenderness.

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