Nettle Benefits: The Eternal Youth Plant

  • 2017

For many years, cancer has been categorized as one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. However, the benefits of Nettle are essential at the time of treating this disease and others. I invite you to know it, and discover why it is called the plant of eternal youth, and take advantage of all the properties of this great medicinal plant .

The Nettle and its Nutritional Value, the Eternal Youth Plant

"The benefits of Nettle are so many, that it can even help you in those times, when physical wear is greater"

This medicinal plant has been considered as one of the vegetables that has more healing properties, precisely because it has a high degree of nutritional value . Do you want to know what their nutrients are? I'm going to tell you, before I invite you to know what Nettle is.

The name of this plant comes from Latin, and corresponds to the name designated to plants of the Urtica genus, corresponding to the Urticaceae family.

I will mention two types. The first is the Nettle, and the second is the Nettle, being the latter, the most common worldwide, however, its therapeutic benefits are reduced, not excluding its great medicinal power.

It is a perennial shrubby plant, rough and dioecious in appearance, can reach up to 1.5 meters high.

Nettle leaves retain high amounts of minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, copper, silica and zinc ; In addition, they provide your body with vitamins A, B5, B2, B9, C and K. There's more! It's going to give you chlorophyll, flavonoids, mucilages and fiber.

The components of Nettle root are broad, such as: tannins, plant sterols and polyphenols.

As you have seen, the benefits of Nettle are numerous, if you start to consume it in your diet, you will realize the great healing and nutritional favors that will contribute to your life.

Nettle Benefits: Heal, Regenerate and Nourish your Cells

I invite you to ask yourself, do you know the benefits of Nettle? Do you know what Nettle is? What medicinal plants do you know?

When it comes to healing the physical body, of course, the vast majority of people turn to chemical medicine, without knowing, that, at hand, they have the most beneficial, efficient and non-contraindicated medications, which nature has given us. I invite you to ask yourself, do you know the benefits of Nettle? Do you know what Nettle is? What medicinal plants do you know?

Medical science has evolved, and with it, recent research that has demonstrated the miracles you can achieve with Nettle, are for your life and for your health!

Certainly, there are many benefits of Nettle, however, I will share with you those most important, and that can help you heal various diseases and ailments that may affect you.

Benefits for your skin

If you consume Nettle tea, you will purify and nourish your skin from the root, removing impurities, including acne.

Benefits of Nettle with your hair

Does your hair fall out? I tell you that Nettle will help you nourish, strengthen and keep your hair healthy . I will help you with hair loss and dandruff.

How do you fight diabetes?

For those people who suffer from diabetes, Nettle will help in reducing blood sugar, allowing it to remain stable. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, you know, to consume Nettle .

Surely you will be asking, and how do I take it? I propose to boil two large tablespoons of Nettle in a liter of water, then take it two to three times a day. See the almost immediate change!

The benefits and properties that Nettle has for your blood are amazing!

Benefits of Nettle as an anti-inflammatory

You can improve ailments caused by arthritis, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, pharyngitis and osteoarticular inflammations . Later I will tell you how you can consume it.

Are you having a cold?

Nettle, which contains extraordinary benefits as an expectorant, will help expel the mucus from your airways. Take it in tea, this will help you when you have a cold, colds and the flu.

Nettle as an antioxidant

The antioxidant action is very important in the human body, since, through this work, the cellular damage of free radicals is fought, delaying aging and preventing degenerative diseases. You see why Nettle is the plant of eternal youth!

Benefits of Nettle as an Analgesic

For cases of muscle and joint pain, Nettle exerts a special analgesic action . Rub compound oil, extensively and locally, giving gentle massages. You can also use the technique of use, such as poultice.

Do you suffer from constipation?

I tell you that Nettle, due to its properties capable of stimulating peristaltic movements of the intestine, can improve constipation. It also helps in the functions of other organs that participate in the digestion process, namely: the pancreas, the liver and the gallbladder.

Goodbye tiredness and fatigue!

The benefits of Nettle are so many that it can even help you in those times, when physical wear is greater. The toning effect and nutritional value as minerals make Nettle an excellent remedy for periods of tiredness and convalescence . You will see that a real and extraordinary mental and physical recovery is established in your body.

How do I consume and prepare Nettle?

“With its leaves, you can prepare different infusions, prepare tinctures and oils. You can create various drinks. The infusions that you do externally, you can apply on your scalp and your skin ”

Already known the surprising benefits of Nettle, I want to share with you, the different ways used for its preparation and subsequent consumption .

The first thing that I want to conceive and resonate in your mind, is that Nettle, is a plant used in natural remedies, but also, widely managed in the culinary, a delicious salad prepared with Nettle, spinach, chard, watercress, coriander, is lovely!

With its leaves, you can prepare different infusions, prepare tinctures and oils. You can create various drinks . The infusions that you make externally, you can apply them on your scalp and your skin, do not burn !, use it when it is at room temperature.

You can use Nettle as a poultice and poultice, of course, on the external parts of your body.

I will tell you some recommendations, which you should always keep in mind, when using Nettle.

Specialists advise breastfeeding mothers the consumption of Nettle, this plant, stimulates the production of breast milk, because it has a galactogenic action.

While it is true, that the benefits of Nettle are broad, it is also clear that you should take precautions when using it .

The first precaution I want you to have present, is that the Nettle in its leaves, has some "hairs", which, if you touch them with your hand directly, can produce hives . The idea is that, before 12 hours of harvest, handle it with gloves, and avoid touching it directly without protection. Therefore, I advise you, after 12 hours, to wash the plant very well with water so that you can use it quietly.

On the other hand, and it is the second precaution, people who are hypertensive, suffer from heart or kidney failure, and women who are pregnant, should avoid using Nettle, why ?, basically, because Nettle can easily induce uterine activity.

What doubts do you have? I hope all have been clear. You know, you have an extraordinary medicine at hand, and the plant of eternal youth . What do you expect to know in your life the benefits of nettle?

Author : William Hern n Estrada P rez, Editor in the Great Family of

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