The Arcturian Council: opening the doors to communication

  • 2019

This time we come to share with you all this wonderful message from the Arcturian Council, channeled by Daniel Scranton, about the integration of human beings with the other beings in the galaxy. At the end is the link so you can enjoy it in its original English version.

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Council and we are happy to be here connected with all of you.

We have strengthened the link between humanity and what you consider extraterrestrial. It is our intention to make it easier for you to have experiences with extraterrestrial beings, whether they have physical bodies or not, like us.

The Arcturian Council: we are multidimensional beings

We take our time here to make open and complete contact with extraterrestrial beings more friendly, as we know that there are many people who are not ready for that experience.

The Arcturian Council lets us know that they are willing to facilitate contact with other beings in the galaxy. Source: Pixabay

And we are barely reaching a very small percentage of all those who are there on Earth. For this reason we plan to gradually increase the energy that we transmit through this channel, to lead them in the softest way to the extraterrestrial experience.

Transmissions that open doors

Through these transmissions, through the Arcturian Council we have already opened many doors, and we will continue to do so as we connect with many of you individually.

We are becoming more active, just as the Pleiadians have been for quite some time, because we have observed the effects of the openness that this connection you all have with the Pleiadians has been creating.

We are going to continue helping everyone to recognize that, in fact, they are also extraterrestrial beings, hybrids and also multidimensional.

Do you want to communicate with other beings? Express your wish openly

Many people who receive our transmissions intellectually recognize this multidimensional nature, but they still cannot experience it on a physical level.

Therefore, we invite you to think about the types of experiences you wish to have with aliens and to publish your wish list, so that all benevolent beings from other worlds know that they are available for this knowledge.

You should know that you, for the most part, are separated from the rest of the beings in this galaxy, and that is why you can determine the speed at which you are heading towards that inevitable future, where there will be full and open contact.

We are not the only ones to work for this objective, necessary for the evolution of the planet. Source: Pixabay

We are just one group, among the many who are working to make this transition easy and joyful for humanity. As you absorb the energy transmissions that come along with the words spoken by the channel, you are preparing for this and more.

More and more people are making contact

And, of course, many of you have already activated your Arcturian DNA by absorbing everything we have been offering here, through these messages . And we know that the number of people who will get those activations will increase with each day that passes.

We are the Arcturian Council and we are very pleased to have been in contact with all of you.

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