Message from the Angels: Get away from the negativity

  • 2019

My dear friend, we love you very much,

In every second of every day you are guided by the power that the universes create. With each breath you receive a unique impulse from the Source leading you to the most authentic desires of your heart in the most loving and joyful way.

In the same way that the nervous system transmits messages from each cell from the body to the brain and then takes its instructions to each cell, there is a vibratory system of communication in the universe that guides each one of you towards a more loving and harmonious interaction with life.

Your energy field is your transmitter and your receiver. Your thoughts and loving desires are a strong beacon. Your dreaded desires are a much more signable signal. Your anger is a strong signal that often turns away the reason for your anger. Your goodness is a smooth and glorious wave that moves in circles in constant expansion. Your joy bubbles through creation by touching all who are willing to receive it. Your jealousy is an energy that pulls your field firmly around you by blocking the signals of creation.

Although all these energies go out to the universe, the Creator responds oriented only to your loving energies . Your anger, your fear, your jealousy, your greed remain unanswered signals, except from other human beings.

That does not mean that you are ignored in your pain and negativity, much less. Instead, the Source and the angels respond to the loving energies that are simply misdirected through your negativity .

Even below the negative signals, we and the Source listen and respond to your cry of love.

  • When you are furious, we see your desire for love.
  • When you are sad, we see your desire for comfort.
  • When you are jealous, we see your desire to create.

We respond by trying to love you, console you and guide you so that you know yourself as a powerful creator. Humanity and the material world will dance vibrantly with your negativity, but we will not. We only dance with your love, no matter how subtle or hidden it may be.

"Choose the joy"

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Your guide comes in simple intuitive impulses

A feeling of going to do something now, or calling someone. It can be in the form of a thought that comes to mind: a good idea, a phrase or a voice. It might come in a knowledge - a sense that something is fair to you. The guide is neutral, loving, and typically comes "out of nowhere" when you are in a peaceful state of mind. Many of you receive your guidance while driving, showering or doing something that you enjoy that relaxes the mind.

If you lose your guide, it will come again and again, and again, and again until you are able to recognize it, and act accordingly or ask for an alternative guide. We never force you to listen. We simply offer ideas. If you don't like them, we offer you new ones. Our love is unconditional.

Even if you had never expressed a single desire on earth, you would still be guided to the most loving life possible.While humanity and the material world could reflect your negativity towards you, we only reflect in you your beauty, your brightness, your truth, your love, your kindness, your desire to express, experience and create.

Focus on those things and you will notice that we guide you in a glorious way! Focus on your true desires with love and you will be open to the signs that are always, and forever, available to you ... with every breath.

God bless you! We love you so much.

- The Angels

(Channeled by Ann Albers).

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Translator: Andrea Mora, editor and translator in the big family of

Source: Message from the Angels via Ann Albers .

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