Differences between esotericism and mysticism

  • 2017

Sometimes the terms of esotericism and mysticism are confused, but the truth is that they are not the same. In fact, it is important to know the differences, so as not to fall into simplistic confusions.

Next, we bring you the differences between esotericism and mysticism, so that you get out of doubt. Two disciplines that you should know for their importance in this world and for the great supporters and practitioners we have met.

Know the differences between esotericism and mysticism

To begin, it must be borne in mind that esotericism has no relation to occultism .


In fact, esotericism is understood as a spirituality that has had a strong presence in traditional societies, but which in modern societies is disappearing. Esoteric is synonymous with Sufism in Islam, with the cabal in Judaism and Masonry in Christianity.

Esotericism must be understood as a purer spiritual vision and of a supra-religious nature.


As for mysticism, it would be related to a spiritual experience completely intervened by the subjectivity of the human being. That is, therefore, it would be a more misleading discipline.

Esotericism, in any of its versions, considers that there is an inner world in the external reality itself . It would be a world that would be located in an intermediate place between the mystery, the Being, God and the plurality that exists in a sensitive world. Precisely what esotericists do is try to access this world. Esotericism is a place where experiences are broader than one's own conscience.

Esoteric experiences

Within esotericism there are two types of experiences:

  • On the one hand we find the so-called Minor Mysteries . These mysteries will serve to achieve a personal balance. It consists in the process of building one's own personality and fighting with the passions.
  • On the other hand we find the Major Mysteries . It consists in going beyond the individuality of the being to unify with the mystery.

On the other hand, mysticism begins when esotericism ends . Mysticism does not repair so much in the intermediate world of archetypes. In this case, what this activity does is focus on the concentration in the Self. What it seeks is first of all that the being be enlightened. He wants the person to find unification with God. It is a practice that is open to all and is very simple.

The goal in mysticism is not enlightenment itself . The mystic, in fact, in the end I would like to lose such illumination. And it is only in this way that experience of communion could be lived in every relationship that occurs in the day to day.

A mystic does not seek to differentiate himself from the rest, but rather to be one more . Although it is true that he will transform his surroundings in order to create a perfect union and greater awareness. Mysticism is considered the core of all religion.

Mysticism is the most complete and humanizing spiritual experience that a person can experience. That is why there are many esoteric organizations that are not only esoteric. And they also have a mystical core inside.

You see that, although many confuse it, mysticism and esotericism have very notable differences. That is why we found it interesting to offer this information, since it is important to know what each of these practices consists of and not to be confused that, on the other hand, they are quite common among many users and people outside this wonderful world.

Seen in Progressive Esotericism, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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