Communiqué of the Master Jesus the CHRIST to humanity

  • 2010

Beloved, Beloved, Beloved, beautiful and perfect children of the same Father, of the same Spirit, I AM the elder brother for humanity JESUS ​​ETERNAL CHRIST in perfect joy for service to the Kingdom of the Earth and eternal love for humanity.

What a wonder, to feel your hearts in constant yearning vibrating in the same tone, always united in the Christic vibration, what happiness there is in the Higher Realms even then in the times that you are living in great worry and suffering, this happiness comes from the trust for see that THE PLAN OF GOD runs its course irremediably, this Plan as you know from the beginning of my communiqués is simple and immense at the same time, because it is about helping your generation to evolution because this is that it is their HERITAGE.

Yes, this evolution is a consequence of your Divine genetics, you have the gene of eternity, for now deactivated and in a short time in your history, activated forever, and it is in the physical, mental and spiritual sense, remember that time it is a concept linked to Mother Earth and your Solar system, it is also found in your Universes with other parameters, however in the Sacred Creation of the Deep Spirit, time is another, to understand this in its entirety you need to expand your mind, many of you already know the art of meditation and connection, for others it is a difficult path and it is consistent that they use their imagination, and it is here that in my last message I spoke to you about the place of God in the mind of man.

The Man, Humanity ... THE TREASURE OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER, and you my Beloved, will remember that I already had you on notice for planetary events, I inform you that in this month of May and until the next time of October-November of this year In 2010 you entered a very difficult phase at the planetary level, since the egos so exalted and lived until now had to release all their negativity to renew themselves and begin the new path in the last stage of THE PLANETARY AND HUMAN ASCENSION.

I ask you to understand in the inner silence as calmly as possible that the historical events that you are now living, enjoying or suffering are nothing more than the consequences in the logic and order of Creation, which is caused by all that you have allowed to happen in your personal lives, in your communities at a level of (political) interaction and in your growth as beings of THE KINGDOM OF THE EARTH.

It is very important that you do not blame others for your destiny, it is essential that you take responsibility for everything that has happened, because only you have the SACRED FREE WILL, to decide at all times to let darkness into all its forms in your lives or fight to keep you in PEACE AND THE JOY OF THE POWER OF LOVE.

You will all understand at some point, for Ascension has been activated for many years, and now you are only in a final phase, the hardest, because everything that has meant in your growth and responsible evolution that the laziness, ignorance, or lack of ability in your personal strength, lack of common purpose, ignorance of the union with the spirit that you all carry as the first identity is the cause of all the evils you are now living, nothing is nor has been a punishment, because the love of which you are created does not allow it, the DEEP BEING, THE BELOVED HEAVENLY FATHER KING OF ALL KINGDOMS, DIMENSIONS AND TIMES, has created us all with all the potential, and as a human Father full of love and infinite peace-science sees attentively as his beloved son takes awkward steps that involve sometimes very hard falls, so our creator has allowed throughout the history of mankind that Free Will manifests itself.

Beloved ... now in this new time you are projecting the whole subconscious out of your mind and heart, in your lives, all that happens is the manifestation of the power of the mind and here is also the Divine power, you can realize what that you had inside and you can bless it so that it happens as soon as possible and heals.

The crisis that you are living in some Countries and I remind you that the crisis is only a phase of your ego that until now has been felt and known lord of all the power of creation, it is a healing crisis, I am now addressing the Countries " developed "economically, and UNDERdeveloped IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF UNITY AND LOVE, so much suffering generated by yourselves in your eagerness to constantly serve the pleasures of fear in the mind, the limitations of critical thinking, has led you to immense selfishness, so immense that it is time to abandon this inhuman way of life in HUMANITY, ALL THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU, OPPORTUNITY TO WRITE IN GOLDEN LETTERS, THE NEW HUMAN LAW.

THE NEW HUMAN LAW, must be written from the emptiness of the personal ego in both people and countries, you will all go through very extreme phases of self-knowledge, in the positive and the negative and I remind you that there are two polarities for now necessary for you to continue with this great play that you are interpreting in the belief of being and being separated from the spirit.

THE NEW HUMAN LAW must be written by the people of the whole planet who have a fully expanded heart and linked to the Divine heart, to Mother Earth and to all Creation, no matter their social position, there must be A WORLD CONSENSUS, there is to give everyone the opportunity to share their sensibility and their love for everyone and for mother earth, only that way they will be real laws, CREATE THE BASES IS ALREADY ACTIVATED, AND I AM GOING TO THOSE WHO POTENTIALLY HAVE HUMAN LAWS AS A HABITAT OF WORK, AND THE WISDOM OF THE HUMANIST ECONOMY PUT AT THE SERVICE OF THE COMMUNITY OF GOD ON EARTH.

The only way is to create the law from goodness and generosity, all the acts of daily life, from breathing, working, communicating, thinking, will be learned again because THE HUMAN LAW, THE TRUE WILL ALWAYS BE SUBJECT TO THE VALUES OF UNIVERSAL LOVE and THE CONSCIENCE OF UNITY.

My brothers and companions in this mission, the Ascended Masters, All the Angelic Realms, all the Sages in the different spheres we are working to help you from the inside to activate the appropriate creativity for the new life that you wait and is deserved, through dreams, and messages in the connections inspired by the purpose of the soul of your scientists, teachers, thinkers, sages, and politicians of light, there were already I have known some achievements inspired by the Higher Realms, such as clean, renewable energy, the new medicine that is completely holistic and increasingly simple, since it involves working at molecular levels, it had are great thinkers who are creating in collaboration with us the new laws, we are in constant contact, these people are activating all over the world, a great network has been created LA GRAN RED HUMAN CRITICISM There is a person so in the world of the arts that are prepared to activate the children, the children of the whole world who will be the new parents of humanity and the inner child of All adults

Some of you already have this plan in your head and your heart and for knowing yourself in a simple and humble life, do not dare to speak and communicate with others, I encourage you, to lead by end to the whole world and talk about the new world, talk about the justice that should be THE BALANCE and never the punishment, or repression, everyone knows their part of the plan a whole is a great CRISOL OF LIGHT and LOVE.

Each person is potentially A CREATING GOD because I am always communicating to you that THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN US, WITHIN THE HEART, AND THE MIND,

THE MIND that creates what the inner and DIVINE self desires in constant SERVICE to humanity and all creation.

THE HEART, where all the communicating vessels of UNIVERSAL LOVE reside and is home to all the KINGDOMS. There is the great generator of LIGHT that is the perfect wisdom,

If it is true that there is another part of the mind that is believed to be almighty and that is what you have lived with up to now, mind that has needed to be filled with concepts, data and has used a minimal part of memory, bless this mind that has so far served and brought you here.

And after this blessing because nothing is disposable in the Universe of God, know that this same mind has helped you create your karmic archive, connected to the soul that is the physical part of the spirit.

Karma that is no longer necessary in a context of eternal learning that is never learned by coming from this limited and blessed mind.

It is necessary that you are all already in the knowledge of the Higher Mind, of the Self connected to the individual Higher Mind, which in turn is connected in the great collective mind, and this in turn is the great computer, the perfect Brain of the new life.

From your own will for constant growth, from your greater willingness to work and serve humanity and God, it is how the wisdom needed to change your destiny will be generated and finally enter into a CONCENTANT ASCENDENT OF WISDOM AND UNIVERSAL LOVE.

How to know where in the plan can I collaborate? you will ask, It is very simple, the first thing you should do is look at your health, if it is not in balance, look for the beliefs in your subconscious that has generated the disease, or discomfort and change things, only with the consciousness lived in all Your depth and sincerity will truly heal, call me and all the entities of Light for healing once you have understood.

For parents of young children or children who have been in this suffering since childhood, it is very important that you know that children almost always represent the parents' defect, a defect that comes again from the inner and mind laziness, in the At the time of correcting that ignorance the child improves or heals, at the moment of making this growth the whole Universe will work to provide these families rest, healing, and help.But the work first is of the Fathers, this is their responsibility, WITHOUT GUILT It is a service that children do for love on the level of their soul, you have chosen this path for a long time so much that it is already forgotten as it began, and it is not time to blame yourself, it is time for the great personal search of the subconscious and from the heart

There are many techniques, meditation, reflection, therapies of the knowledge of the mind, THERAPIES OF THE SOUL (FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS)

THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS, the acceptance of everything lived and caused, the intense will of spiritual growth.

THE POWER OF PRAYER that is infinite,

THE PROJECTION: imagination and decree at the service of LIGHT.

I confirm that the future is very good, beautiful and full of possibilities, you just have to look at the planet with other eyes, and with your heart awake, the EARTH IS STRONG, KNEW AND PERFECT SHE IS NOT SICK IS CHANGING FOR YOUR GOOD AND YOUR LINK WITH IT SHE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE BEST OF MAN'S STAYS IN HIS HISTORY. TRUST THE DIVINE MOTHER AND MOTHER EARTH.

The inhabitants of the most developed and peaceful countries, despite your crises, can and should do much for the poor countries.





THANK YOU BELOVED MASTER (personal thanks from Mammitah channeler)



In Spirit, thank you all, this message can and should be shared openly and free of charge to all humanity who wants to connect with the CHRIST OF OUR TIME.

In service and GRATITUDE.


May 11, 2010-Tuesday, 6:30 a.m.

Channel: Rosa Mª. MAMMITAH in her CHRISTIAN I

Communiqué of the Master Jesus the CHRIST to humanity.

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