Increase the Light Vibration of the Heart Chakra with the Lavender Ray

  • 2012

Canal Natalie Sian Glasson - Meditation Heart that awakens ... by Master Kuthumi, Master Morya and Master Saint Germain.

Beloved and lovely beings of light on Earth; Now we invite your attention while allowing our energies to combine with you while expressing our sense of light and wisdom. We come to refer you as a voice but we are the energies of Master Kuthumi, Master Morya and Master Saint Germain.

We have special information that we want to share with you as it is essential that you are aware of a transition that is happening. The Creator has asked that humanity in this special time of enormous growth, experience the awakening of their heart chakra. This awakening will be more intense for those who are aware of the process but everyone will experience the ascended masters who work with their heart chakras especially during their sleep states.

… We, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Master Saint Germain, have accepted a vibration of the light of the Creator's soul who now incorporates, celebrates and shares this light and its equally necessary sense of enlightenment. We are acting as supervisors of the light but there are many ascended masters who are working with this energy to help the integration of the chakras of the heart of humanity. The vibration of the light is a lavender blue color and can evoke feelings of being calm, peaceful and relaxed. Lavender blue light has a purpose of relaxing the heart chakra energies especially in the vicinity of the heart chakra to expand, wake up and develop the presence of the heart chakra, as well as allow it to express greater volumes of light.

Lavender blue light also works by healing the pain carried out in the heart chakra. If it is a pain due to separation with the Creator, broken relationships, the death of a loved one or the judgments of others. All aspects of pain carried out in the heart chakra will be healed, therefore making it easier to perform, let go and to heal all unnecessary energies in the heart chakra. With the heart chakra taking an expansive breath and relaxing in the positive energies carried out in the heart, the soul can expand and radiate more completely.

It will be taken into account that people will be more compassionate, aware of their heart chakras and will love more completely. There will be many rays of light that will be anchored in the chakras of the heart of humanity as a way to expand, develop and increase the energy of the heart, thus allowing many to realize their energy, their sense and their light within their heart and soul. It is our desire that an era come when the heart chakras of many are truly open, freely and expansively with a free flow of energy in the heart chakra. This would really give individuals peace, balance and joy because they can feel the love they have inside and can use it to help their spiritual development on Earth.

The effects of this energy collected around the heart chakra can be diverse; some may feel as if their open heart chakra is going to explode, others may feel as if their heart chakra is closed as energy surrounds the heart and creates a protector for the heart. This may feel very strange as if you could not feel the express love due to this energy, but it will only happen once, since the heart has relaxed and the energies that are not necessary have dissolved.

Because of the lavender blue energy, a powerful influence on relaxation takes place, this can make an individual feel lethargic or sleepy but this will happen, and again you will be able to invoke the first blue ray to send the living light into active energy, whose duty is to bring a greater sense of vitality. It is important to allow time for the heart to relax and transform (10 days) as this can also affect the rest of your being while pain memories can be stored in the auric field or at the cellular level of the physical body. This is a time to clean and heal the heart chakra and all aspects that align deeply with the heart chakra.

You can invite us to work with your heart chakra and with the lavender blue ray and its vibration of light and we will assist you in the extension of your heart chakra - Then before your sleep period at night, simply say, Master Kuthumi, Maestro El Morya and Maestro Saint Germán, I invite your energies and your presences and ask that you now surround me. Please stay with me during this night's dream and accumulate in my heart chakra the lavender blue vibration of light that will bring greater relaxation to my heart chakra. Ask for assistance to heal, expand and develop your heart chakras, so that you can express greater volumes of love, and say: <>. Breathe deeply for 20 minutes so that the healing, release and relaxation process takes place.


... The heart chakra becomes stronger and more powerful as it opens, but sometimes a feeling of vulnerability may occur before you have become accustomed to the changes that have occurred in the heart chakra. As the heart chakra relaxes, the vibration of the light it sustains really increases.

We are always here for you and we love you unconditionally. Make the call for our help whenever you need it and we will be with you in energy, light, love and soul. With love, Kuthumi, El Morya and Saint Germain

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