Quan Yin: Understanding and Transforming Lack Experiences channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
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July 21, 2017

I, Mrs. Quan Yin, introduce myself to greet you with Compassion and Grace. I bring you the energies of the Goddess, those of the Ascended Masters and the loving healing of the Board of Karma; My energies are integrated with all these aspects of the Creator. Today I present to guide you to recognize in your Being important problems, energies or perceptions that must be transformed to help you continue your Ascension process on Earth. This is a time in which the energies that are anchoring on Earth are extremely powerful and powerful; consequently, it is easier for everyone to look deep inside to create the necessary healing and transformations. To scrutinize your interior to observe your truth and what it requires to align with the Creator is the most beautiful process that stimulates accelerated spiritual growth.

All of you who are now perceiving my words are powerful Beings of Light; each one of you has remembered his inner Light and his connection with the Creator; and you also have access to your spiritual power. Every day that passes you become more radiant and your inner connection with the Creator is deepening. Many of you feel in your interior and in your surroundings the presence of the Creator, your Soul and your guides. However, some people recognize that in their reality there are areas of lack, especially those areas that have the same strength as their inner spiritual Light. Many rehearse many practices to release and heal the lack; and yet they feel that it remains. The examples of lack of what I am talking about are lack of abundance and prosperity, lack of good health, lack of romantic partner, lack of friendships with a similar mindset, or lack of home. Some people experience lack of manifestation of their goal or what they feel is their mission on Earth; others may experience in their reality lack of energy, momentum, clarity, determination or action.

Many Lightworkers believe that it is these areas of lack that are preventing them from experiencing realization on Earth as spiritual and physical Beings. It is true that in the present moment you are blocking your development towards your truth and your Essence through these areas of lack. It is important that you recognize that you all have in your Being all that you want and desire; in no way are you undone, neither defective, nor lacking ... Within each of you there is everything that is the Creator ... Consequently, even the energies, experiences and actions that you feel are missing in your Being and in your reality, are already in your Being simply waiting to be developed. The key is to recognize that each of the areas of feelings of lack in your reality and in your Being is a Portal that can lead you to accept the abundance and fulfillment of the Creator in your Being. Each area of ​​lack guides you where to put your approach, how to remember your truth and how to manifest the integrity and totality of your Being; It is often easier to focus on lack rather than focus on the message it brings you and on the part of you that wants you to recognize. When you allow yourself to see beyond the experience of lack that is on the surface, you are encouraged to recognize the truth of your Being; then the transformation and the memory will flow easily and perfectly.

I, Mrs. Quan Yin, want to offer you some succinct understandings focused on each area of ​​lack, to help you understand why the lack is present in your life and in the lives of others; And you can also transform this to recognize the truth of your Being.

Lack of Abundance and Prosperity

It is necessary that you recognize the abundant and fertile nature of the Creator, as well as your role in the always flowing and abundant fullness of the Creator. You are a valuable part of the abundance of the Creator Universe, which means you have a Divine Right to receive, express and root everything that is the Creator, constantly co-creating with the Creator to manifest the reality you desire. Allow yourself to understand if you trust that the Creator provides you, if you think you deserve it; and if you need to develop the delivery, the reception or the rooting of the Creator's abundance.

Lack of Good Health

For the lack of good health there can be many reasons, because emotional pain and mental chaos can manifest in the physical body to get your attention. However, if you lack physical health, first understand your relationship with your body: Do you love your body and honor it? Recognize that perhaps you are not fully rooted in your body; and that consequently you do not fully accept your body or your existence on Earth. It is necessary that you honor your body as a Sacred Temple, that you accept all parts of your body and that you take root fully in your physical body and in earthly reality. This can be achieved intentionally with visualizations.

Lack of Romantic Couple

The desire of a romantic couple without manifesting in your life, shows that it is necessary to work with your Heart Chakra. You require more Self-love, autonomy and self-healing. It is also necessary that you balance your masculine and feminine vibrations in yourself, that you learn to trust yourself and the Creator; and also that you recognize that you are worthy of being loved; that is to say to recognize that you are worthy not only of being loved by another Human, but also of being loved completely and absolutely by the Creator ... When you allow the Creator to love you, everything else will be in place ... Inhale the Creator's Love, have the certainty that the Creator loves you more than you have the possibility of receiving.

Lack of Related Mentality Friendships

When one feels alone in the World, one has not fully accepted the Presence of the Creator in one, nor the eternal support that the Creator gives naturally. It is also necessary that you realize that each Human Being is the Creator, that life is to enjoy it and have joy in expressing and receiving the Creator. If you are not truly ready to give yourself, then new friendships are unlikely to come into your reality. Focus on connecting with the inner Essence and Truth of your Being; and in expanding your energy without limits or borders. Give the world your energy and your truth, knowing that the Creator's abundance flows through you.


The lack of a home or a home like the one you want often results from not feeling at home in yourself. If your parents and previous generations also lacked a home or a home where they felt comfortable, then the problem did not start with you ... However, you chose to accept the same pattern ... To manifest a home or the home you want it is necessary that you approaches to root your energies on Earth, in the positive, loving, blissful and Divine energies of Mother Earth; and that you allow them to become your foundation. You need to recognize that you are worthy of being safe in the World, of having comfort and of having your own sacred space. It is beneficial that you know if you believe in the Creator's abundance, as described in the Lack of Abundance and Prosperity.

Lack of Manifestation of Goals or Mission on Earth

When you focus on your energy and use it to create what you want to experience on Earth, but that does not manifest, it is necessary that you first recognize that the Divine opportunity always plays a role ... Should it first be recognized, experienced or achieved something ? ... If your goal is not yet manifested, then you need to answer: Why do you want to remain as you are now instead of achieving your goal and experience it? ... If you recognize this and there is still no manifestation, examine your confidence to co- create with the Creator, if you think you are worthy of receiving; and if you have completely rooted the energy of your goal in your Being and in your reality. You can explore more by asking to align yourself with the core, with the Essence and with the truth of your Being ... Maintain this energy and feel that you are completely aligned with it and that you are incorporating your truth ... Then say: "Please, guide me to achieve my goal in the most appropriate way for me, or if there is another more appropriate goal for me, reveal it to me ”… Allow yourself to recognize any perception or insight that arises from within.

Lack of Energy, Impulse, Clarity, Determination or Action

Rooting is essential in this matter, to take root on Earth while you also ask that your Divine Essence and Truth be rooted in your Being and in your reality, in order to heal and transform everything that is hindering you in your reality. Frequently, when you experience lack of energy, momentum, clarity, determination or action, you are ignoring or rejecting the presence of the Creator within. When you recognize the presence of the Creator within yourself and joyfully radiate the Light of the Creator from your Being, your whole Being is harmonized and balanced.

Those that I have shared with you are general summaries that encourage you to deeply scrutinize your Being, to question, understand and recognize your truth and your inner illusions.

I am always present as a kind company,

Mrs. Quan Yin.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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