Successes by Master El Morya

  • 2010

Let's walk! The Light does not ignore you, she feels every success of yours, like every mistake drilling your steps. Do not stop Insignes are called those Men and Women of the present who gallantly clothe themselves while holding their ordeal in pursuit of the Higher!

Do not faint! Fountains and oases exist at every bend of the roads! It is only possible to drink from its waters when the burning fires of blindness, ignorance and ignominy are quieted!

Claudiate those who have not vibrated with the tremor of the Christ, throwing the Heart and the Consciousness, because only once in their union is everything else appeased and rises!

Towards that search the alliance is outlined in great conquests by the most successful in terms of undertaking the necessary disciplines and the urgent changes signaled by the dynamic journey of the present times.

Everyone deserves, but not everyone is willing to GRANT LIFE, OBEDIENCE AND RETITUDE!

The law of sacrifice compensates!

The comfortable and selfish vision hinders!

The most absolute iniquity hides, however, in inaction!

Many solve by telling you: It's not my problem!

And they close the vision of the Christ who always impels generous action!

Others will say: It is his karma, therefore I am not allowed to intervene!

Who has been taught to ignore the sufferer?

Who has had the opportune hour to highlight the Divine in the form?

Who have decided to proclaim themselves wise, eaten away by their indifferent blindness?

Not by the way the Allies to the Light, who never ignore or ignore the needy!

With zeal and fruition they spill the cup of the verb and make themselves heard in the midst of chaos!

Order and care, attention and action, respect and understanding.

Here are some tools to work together with the Great Work.

It is pertinent to contemplate the successes, not to boast about the ephemeral, but to continue giving the common good to “full hands”.

The fruit is not savored to throw it later, but it is noticed how perfect its design is and how beneficial its nutrients are. So grant yourself abundantly

attention to the works, they are the supporters of the scaffolding that sustains everything created.

Understanding spills generously when you access to sensitize the look and the heart.

It is not futile to say that rudeness harbors aggressive feelings and thoughts!

You who already know Give the world the best of your smiles!

Allow yourself to attract the joyful bustle of angels and their company, instead of bypassing you with heavy memories of a "tragic past."

Because it is true that for every success you take along the way, a light turns on in the Celestial Homeland and you can count on the support of the Guardians of the Plan to assist you in your Work!

In Union to those Exalted Visionaries, I point you out!

El morya

Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

Saint Germain activity.

Santiago, Chile, August 16, 2010.

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