Community Trilogy through Canal de Luz.

  • 2011

- Life in community

- The communities of today

- The concept of Community within Life

Life in community

To generate or integrate into a community, we should consider certain indispensable requirements without which sooner or later, communities become simple concentrations of individuals disconnected from each other.

Any community must be of an essence and with its own purpose, and these essence and purpose must be equally common and effective in all, absolutely in all the individuals that are part of that community.

For a community to be life in itself, its members must contribute respectively our own life, each of us completely faithful to ourselves and at the same time to the rest of the community.

They are basic requirements for its perfect operation: That all its members have in common their full complement and enhancement with each other. That the realities that are generated in them, be the fruit of the respective natural reasons of life of its members. That the reality of each one of the members is being common in all of them with respect to being part of the Light or of the Darkness, at the same time that their respective evolutionary levels complement each other becoming the community itself in the common path for natural evolution, both individual and collective.

When considering our participation and integration in any community, we must faithfully observe all those possible natural incompatibilities between light and darkness, between egos and beings, between those who are life in themselves and those who use life to your individual profit

We should not fall into the trap of pretending to act within a community, depending on the need that someone may need or need. Within any community, first and foremost, we must assume all its members to create our “services bag” in accordance with our knowledge, concerns and commitment to our way forward. Once this content is defined, the entire community must consider their day-to-day living and supplying us with the reality of the product or the content that we all generate and feed. In cases of true needs in which we do not have our own resources to meet them correctly, we must seek to cover those needs outside the community itself.

Any community should be self-sufficient to some extent, but especially during the early stages this is even impossible to achieve. The purpose of the community itself must be a benefit for the rest or some other part of society, our own contribution will entail the means to cover those needs that have to be met outside the community.

It is extremely important not to feed the purchase-sale within the community. That the exchange of benefits and services itself is something absolutely habitual and natural. This feeds real equality between us, as long as each individual is alive, growing and developing true to himself.

For any community of Light, it is essential that it develops from its first moment fully in line and in maximum harmony with the higher levels, just as it should also occur in each individual in a particular way. Without it, the essential harmony cannot materialize, much less as something normal, constant and natural.

No one can or should adulterate their own spirit or that of the community, the transparency among its members must be absolute, while such transparency should not hinder or prevent the strictest freedom and natural intimacy for each and every one of the members .

That is why no ego can be fully integrated under any concept within a community of Light. On a personal level it is essential that each member be faithful to their own particular reason of life, that there are in their conscience each of their own reasons and at the same time common or shared to live fully integrated to the rest of The life that forms the community. We cannot contemplate for any reason, inhibition of anyone towards anything existing in any of the members of the nucleus. The guide has to be constant and at the same time reciprocal, all of us without exception share to some extent with the other members. For this simple natural reason, all of us without any exception find it essential to have ourselves, being truly free without owing to anyone or anything in particular.

Living in community means much more than what many of us are willing to share with everyone else, even accepting their surroundings. For too many of us, living in a community means slipping away to some extent of your own responsibilities, while at the same time seeking to obtain, or creating the right to dispose of outside contributions. This last behavior is fully genuine of the egos and this is the reason that limits them and even prevents them from becoming part of any authentic community of Light.

Our life develops individually in a natural way, our union or uniqueness with someone should always be to empower both members of that possible union. The same happens to us when considering creating or becoming part of a community, but for both cases to be a reality, each individual must contribute himself in full state of living life, completely immersed in his own natural evolution and integrate into that project to enhance more and more reciprocally among all members.

Life itself is a huge living community. In the same way that we consider generating a community, we must take advantage of what Life shows us when fully developing within the community that is itself. Today, not everyone can or is not even being part of this natural community that is Life. For the same reason, exactly the same and for the same reasons, whoever is living at the expense of Life, is prevented with his own attitude to integrate into any other living community.

Joan J. Giralt

The communities of today

The concept of living in community is also experiencing its own transformation of what we normally did until now, especially if we feed and integrate these communities as a favorable concentration of living life, so that each of its members can carry out our own natural reason for life, both private and collective.

Every community must remain connected in the network of communities or constellations that form Life, not only those existing on this planet Earth, but also with those communities, nuclei or constellations existing in other worlds and living standards across the cosmos.

The current communities must be of a Christic level, where their members, whether or not they are of the same species, complement each other in a reciprocal and natural way; where each individual that remains integrated in it, we live completely aligned to our own natural reason that led us to be born in this physical world, even when it comes to being a living part of that punctual community. All this goes far beyond the ties of blood, of our personal relationships, of the infinite number of expired roles that we have fed between us until today. Each individual is integrated into their community for their own direct reasons and never as a "bundle or extension of anyone." That is why in order to integrate into any Christic community, we each had to have reached that evolutionary level in our own personal path.

I repeat that they are communities integrated at the Christic level, where there is no room for any possible interpersonal relationship, or interest, that is or may exist to the detriment of anything or anyone that is part of Life. Where any particular evolutionary advance is in itself, an advance for the rest of Life and as a consequence, also for the community as a whole.

These communities are means for each of the members to experience the art of living faithful to the part of Life that we are in ourselves. They are nuclei of vibratory levels that facilitate those experiences that we need to develop and assume in us. Everything that is generated from it, must have a projection towards the rest of Life, including of course, the other communities within it. This is in itself, to concentrate some beings in particular in that ideal space, to get to manifest all of us in our maximum living fullness, to later expand completely leaving us uniquely with the rest of Life. This constant beating is what we contribute each and every one to the constant beating of Life, not only at the earthly level, but also at the cosmic level. This is the challenge that Life is offering us all at this time of our global, particular and collective evolution.

A world of light, physical of 5D requires that its members live at this level as a minimum and in full communion and uniqueness live among us and at the same time also with the higher levels of Life.

Let no one think for a moment that Life is offering us this great challenge and is inhibited from us. The Totality of Life, the totality of God, is next to each one of us and our own consciousness can perceive it more clearly than ever. Said Totality is waiting for our particular integration within Her or Him, and all those who decide freely and by their own will to assume this challenge, we have all that is Life to carry out our own commitment, as long as we remain truly integrated and complete at this Christic level.

The internal calls we perceive are strictly individual, as is the commitment we assume on our part. The call to form on this planet these Christic communities, many of us have felt for some time towards here, but we give credit to this call faithfully contemplating what it requires us and at the same time it is in itself. Let us not interpret this call as a departure from life, or flee from our own reality to this day. Those who integrate and radiate their lives to these communities is to integrate much more than we have ever felt integrated into Life.

Each community is a cell of Life and for it to make sense it must remain unified with all other existing cells everywhere. Any community, any nucleus, any of these cells in living and being the part of the Christic level that it is, is at the same time with full living consciousness, an authentic part of God, of Life, of Him or Her.

For this to be a reality for us, before each one must have himself completely, remain aligned to the designs of Life and remain fully integrated within Her or Him. That from us constantly emanate the energy of Life that is Love and may the Light that it radiates illuminate not only our path, but also that of all those who travel around us.

Joan J. Giralt

The concept of community within Life

A community of authentic human beings united to each other, is a punctual concentration of living life that constantly generates in itself all kinds of manifestations and interrelations among its members that no ego can understand or live.

In the same way that the members of a community of this type are faithful to each other and at the same time they move within the designs of God, of Life, each of them feeding their own and individual natural evolution, the Interpersonal relationships will always be cyclical and free at the same time, without there being room for any kind of dependence, or submission, or possession of absolutely anything or anyone who remains unified within or outside the community.

How many of us are prepared not to pretend to own anyone or anything in particular? How many of us are really free to accept sharing with everyone equally? How many of us move only because of what leads us to meet each other, without even considering what we can expect or need around? How many of us are moving for the simple fact of being faithful to God's designs towards us and towards each of the other beings around us?

Without these basic living requirements in ourselves, no one can claim to integrate into any possible authentic community. This is resounding in itself, just as it is happening before the opportunity to become part of the community that is the Christic level.

Within any authentic community, each of its members needs to be aware of what they are in themselves as essence, as spirit. This is the offer that each one makes to the rest of the members, at the same time that it is also their own living commitment towards each of the other beings with whom they live.

Any authentic community is in itself an identity and content authentic parts of Life, authentic parts of God, with its own natural content, and the fruits that are generated from it must always remain aligned to the designs of God, of Life. Without this living reality, thanks absolutely to all its members, the reality is that instead of existing a community, what exists is a ghetto formed by more or less egocentric individuals, which are grouped under some flag or banner. Or less common among them, to normalize and disguise their respective egocentric interests, and their common and permanent renegation of what each of them are authentically in each other. pampering within Life, within God.

The Critical level towards which we are heading, is in itself a more than authentic, fully unified community, not only at the cosmic level, but even beyond of the Cosmos itself. Let us stop pretending to continue feeding the normalization of our disguises and supposed roles of until today, after all our own particular commitment only lies in the fact that each one of us is who we are in essence divine, that what Let us be humanly in the person we are here today, and at the same time remain at the disposal of all those around us and who are a living part of the same community, to be fully lived by what we really are within the community and at the same time within God.

The very fact of assuming to be a living life, always brings us full uniqueness with all other parts of Life, absolutely and emphatically with all other parts of God. It is this that opens the access to the experience of the universal greatness of the Love of Christ and this uniqueness alive in us can only be fed from this our particular Love of Love, free, resounding, omnipotent, sweet and rehabilitating, at the same time that it is also a living Light for absolutely all consciences, which requires us to remain on a vibratory level that is essential for us to access until we consolidate in it.

This is the task that we all must assume today to live in this evolutionary moment in which we find ourselves, progressively elevating our particular vibratory capacity, progressively taking advantage of the new energies that are provided to us at the planetary level. Without this commitment I live in ourselves, our pretended communities will continue to be simple ghettos formed by self-centered characters for themselves and the well-known personal renegade of their own authenticity within God, within of the life.

Joan J. Giralt

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