Let the Angel of joy fill your heart with his divine love

  • 2018

The mission of the angel of joy is to fill your heart with all the divine love that exists in it, also to fill your whole being, mind and joy with joy. a being whose heart is also of light you must radiate all that love and joy towards those around you. The angel of joy accompanies you and helps you overcome the problems you find here on earth, guides you along the path of love so that you stay within this beautiful feeling.

Now beloved hearts of light, I want to ask you to take a very deep breath and recognize the presence of the energy of the angel of joy, which is always present. This energy is very grateful to you because you radiate light and love towards others, bless you, fill your heart, your soul, body and mind and tell you that by projecting love and light you generate immense joy and that only means that through you and each human being, perfection itself, beauty and splendor are carried out.

All this energy that gives us the angel of joy comes from the heart of AIN SOPH GOLD, ELOHIM, the associated Masters and the love of the sun

When we prepare to project love, light and joy we open ourselves to the possibility of taking our emotional, mental, physical and etheric body to another level, we transform them completely. Therefore, I ask you to breathe deeply since with that wonderful effort and concentration you will reach the highest vibrations of your farms 8, 9 and 10.

Beloved hearts of light, you have in your heart a powerful desire for power that comes from the Triple eyeh, Aser eyeh and Ain Soph O as well as a great capacity to project and share. Each one will be able to later enjoy an unimaginable vibrational transformation energy that will manifest itself at the right time through your being.

Your body is the perfect vehicle to transform all that into light energy and perfect the Divine plan from every molecule, cell, bones and everything that makes up the physical body. Ain Soph Gold, contains the energy of the Cosmic Christ, the splendor of Jesus Christ and is in turn in you and it is radiated through the presence of Mary and the divine rays of your heart.

The heart of the Sacred fire of the great Central Sun is contributing at this time to the planetary awakening thanks to the cosmic energy that radiates

Every transformation and openness of consciousness that happens today in each of you, beloved hearts of light, is carried out through God Ami Shaddai to make way for the I Am What I Am in You. The task of the Angel of Joy is to accompany you during this process of transformation, helping you to overcome problems and stay in the direction of love.

You must also do your part and open your mind so that you can feel and project in others all divine love, divine joy in each of your relationships with your surroundings . The Angel of joy is real and is present at all times of your life, accompanies you and helps you to be persevering, not to overcome yourself and to live in the midst of joy and love.

It is called at this time to support you in the transformation process and to project in yourself and in others, your perseverance, courage and faith.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento

MORE INFORMATION at: https://www.messagescelestes-archives.ca/ange-de-la-joie-il-inonde-votre-coeur-damour-divin/

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