Metatron and Adamatis. A single heart. Channeling by Adriano Pereira.

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Table of contents hide 1 Metatron and Adamatis. Channeling of Adriano Pereira of January 18, 2017. 2 You are at a crossroads, there are two paths to follow, the path of hatred only causes you to suffer more pain, but this one It is also a way of healing if you need to release the remaining hate. 3 Yes, you are not alone, remember that. 4 We are all brothers without exception. Therefore, we are all One.

We want to share with you a beautiful channeling made by Adriano Pereira, a message from Metatron and Adamatis!

Metatron and Adamatis. Channeling by Adriano Pereira from January 18, 2017.

This Channeling was translated from the Portuguese language, if you want to see it in its original version, we invite you to enter here.

Children, the times in which you live require more attention and concentration, not in the chaos and madness of the outside world, but in your own life, your dreams, your plans, because we live in times of change and the heavenly energies that surround all your solar system are transmuting energies from the heart of your galaxy, a divine breath of the Creator that allows you to manifest your thoughts in your reality. (Metatron and Adamatis).

And it is precisely when and where you should focus on your life, keep your thoughts focused on creating your dreams, for now, at this time, all your thoughts are manifesting rapidly, and much of the external chaos comes from the thoughts of hatred that flow from the hearts of those who have accumulated so much hatred within them .

Over millennia, and now, surrounded by the power of these celestial energies, this hatred is being exposed, it is in the mouth of the people, it is in the streets, in the mouth of the politicians, I walk through the division, sowing confrontation and aggression, but you, yes, you must not and cannot allow your heart to be involved in this hatred, for now this collective hatred has permeated the collective consciousness and is flowing through the streets of the city, the plains, the seas, surrounding the earth, to expose itself, so that it can finally be cured.

You are at a crossroads, there are two paths to follow, the path of hate only causes you to suffer more pain, but this is also a path of healing if you need to release the remaining hate.

There is no evil in this way, because it is a necessary form for the liberation of the soul. Therefore, do not judge those who have chosen the path of hate . They are suffering a lot and need a lot of love and understanding to purge all this accumulated poison from their souls.

And it hurts It hurts the soul . And this pain is expressed as a scream in the dark, a cry of hate, a sinister howl, of soul pain. This path, my son, is longer, more difficult, suffers, but it leads to the healing of the soul. (Metatron and Adamatis).

There is another path, the path of Light and Love, but this path is not easy either, it requires a lot of attention from each one. It requires not only attention but also elevation, since it is necessary to remain in a state of high vibration of the soul to protect itself from the hate around it.

It also requires a permanent vigil over your thoughts so as not to allow those undeveloped souls that lurk in the dark to plant negative ideas in your head.

Yes, you are not alone, remember that.

There are the vicissitudes of life on the material plane . And there are the vicissitudes created by spirits that do not want to allow you to rise. Master Jesus has warned you in due time, "Pray and Candle, " and there is no better advice at this tense moment than this. Pray to stay elevated and in connection with the Divine, and see your thoughts keeping you from all evil.

At this point in life on earth, there is an urgency to adopt a proactive posture at the soul level to bring into your life everything you think.

Elections. This is a moment of elections. Each one of you who reads messages from various channels around the world knows that the time has come, the moment of change, the time to make your decisions, knowing that there are no wrong choices, but different paths in the journey of life. chosen by each one.

We are all brothers without exception. Therefore, we are all One.

You are being called, so that at this difficult time of life on earth, you look at your brother who suffers to cleanse himself of all the hate and pain that has accumulated throughout the many lives that Each one has had, and extend your hand, without judging, lovingly, to help those who suffer to relieve their pain so that they can be cured.

And the best way to start extending your hand is, first, not to get emotionally involved with the surrounding dramas, and second, to let the Light of Love shine that is in your heart, with the greatest power and energy. As you can, so that the brightness of your Light can be seen by those who suffer as a divine sign of hope.

For those who suffer look at the brightness of your Light and ask you for help, because that is what you came to Earth to look back and help those who ask for help, so that you and your brothers follow the same I walk to your House with the creator of the Universe, my Father, your Father, our Father, and depending on your understanding, T / God, because as you are a particle of the Creator's soul, then, son, open your eyes, you are God incarnate on Earth, completely forgotten about that.

We are all one. There is only One. One God. One soul One heart.

I am Metatron, transmitting this message together with Adamatis de los Pl yades, and we greet you in the Light and Love that we all are.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira Metatron and Adamatis. January 18, 2017.

Author : Patricia Gambetta, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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