Only Love Can Cure Words of Lady Miriam By Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

  • 2010

Santiago, Chile, July 4, 2010.

My Beloved Children

We feel the immense clamor that rises towards the spheres in which we are the Ascended Beings, showing the many pains, sufferings and laments that shake the rhythmic, harmonious and happy vibration that I should hold. Always! while it is spinning on its axis this sweet Earth.

Children of the World! I speak to you to stop infringing so many wounds on yourself and your brothers. We the Cosmic Beings Never! We have been in a state of passivity, observing the events that hinder and strike all earthly life, and I, as a disciple of the Holy Spirit, tell you that ONLY LOVE WILL BE ABLE TO CURE SO MUCH PAIN AND SO MUCH DESTRUCTION!

Oh, how I remember those days when a small number of like-minded souls met, looking for the various ways to make the Light and spiritual knowledge received in every home! It is the same as in the present, in which the entire Great Hierarchy of Ascended Beings has united in the relevant purpose of freely expanding this superior knowledge, looking for an effective way for an opening to be made in the consciousness and hearts of all this humanity and may fully manifest the living Christ.

Each one of you, my Children, is That Living Christ! Only your Flame needs to be activated through your consciences and the complete purification of your feelings and thoughts.

We also warn you at this time: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE SUGGESTED WITH "MESSAGES" THAT TALK ABOUT THE PARTIAL OR TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THIS LAND! It is true that you will observe many changes in the course of the coming years, but those are ALWAYS aimed at regularly fulfilling the Evolution Plan or what we call the Divine Plan.

In these crucial hours, we count on you, even if you are not the vast majority! OH beloved children! Blessed be, because as always My beloved Divine Complement emphasizes it, the beloved Master El Morya: You are the Bridge from which the Ascended Octaves link with the human octaves!

The "Momentum" will arrive in which this bridge will be unnecessary and one way will definitely link the Kingdoms (The human kingdom and the Divine kingdom), which will depend exclusively on all of you insofar as you practice the Path of Perfection with obedient tenacity in their daily routines of life and with that they will be attracting, in truth, all the Power that confers the Light of God and that Power is translated into Wisdom and that Wisdom is translated into Love, thus masterfully opening the Three Christ Flames to achieve Enlightenment.

The Beloved Holy Spirit Paul the Venetian speaks to you

The only thing that really generates a lasting state of Peace is the emanation of Love by Human Beings. If only they knew with such delicacy, dedication and the most exalted love, the same physical body they inhabit, that mind and conscience, that precious rhythm of the heartbeat can be sustained, who repeats tirelessly in each beat: “OM, OM, OM ”, They would have a fuller idea of ​​the real meaning of Love, who nourishes and sustains the entire creation from Himself!

It is My intention that these words reach the core of their hearts to fan the Christ Fire burning there, while waiting to be poured out of the corporeal garments.

When they breathe they inspire atoms of Light, when they exhale they should exhale those same atoms of Light, if they do not contaminate them with disobedience towards the Divine Laws.

Only the balm of Love, compassion, understanding, goodness and mercy will heal every wound. They are the only weapons to be occupied by the wise, they are the flags that we fly the “Custodians of the Plan”.

We need for the sake of yourselves to harmonize your emotional fields and sublimate every destructive act with the conscious union of the pure and magnificent electronic current of the "I AM" Presence itself. Remember that EACH ONE OF YOU IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD AT THIS TIME!

Every loving, pure, selfless and beautiful act affects the entire world, healing and restoring the Universal Light. Every right thing you do will be multiplied and magnified a thousand times and this is a great dispensation given to you by the Almighty Grace of the Holy Spirit, in response to the acceleration of the current evolutionary process!

May your lights be Suns to fill the world of Love and Blessings!

They bless you

Lady Miriam and The Holy Spirit

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