The Ascension of Your Inner Child, Mother Mary channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
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December 9, 2016

In a period of Ascension, changes, transformations and new beginnings, in which your Soul is approaching your Being, when your Mental and Emotional Bodies are healing; and they are awakening new perspectives connected with your inner truth, there is an area of ​​your Being that we cannot ignore. Your Physical Body, your Aural Field and your Chakras are currently undergoing enormous changes, because aspects of your ego are disappearing to be replaced by enlightened aspects of your Soul. Old limiting, destructive and negative perspectives are coming to the surface of your Being to be recognized, healed and eliminated, in order to open space for the new perspectives of your Soul, loving, life-giving and enlightening. There is one aspect of your Being that is deeply affected by the transitions that are taking place within your Being; and yet this aspect can go unnoticed, transforming without you releasing it. I, Mother Mary, am talking about your Inner Child.

Who is your Inner Child?

Your Inner Child is an aspect of your Soul; you could compare it with an energetic body similar to your Emotional or Mental Bodies, within your Aural Field. Your Inner Child is the original consciousness that you chose to have when you anchored in your physical body while forming in your mother's womb and when you were born. As a Spiritual Being that you wanted to incarnate on Earth, you chose your parents, the place of your birth, your moment of birth, your name, your appearance; and even the kind of personality you would have. You knew that these choices would help you with the life lessons that you wanted to experience as a child and as an adult, as well as in the learning and growth in which you wanted to participate to become a greater expression of the Creator. When you were born, you had within you all the understanding that you required regarding your physical reality, as well as the memory of the Inner Planes and a strong connection with them. You could not express the knowledge you had at birth; and even as a child, it may have been difficult to express it in words, not because of your inability to communicate, but simply because that is a part of you and consequently is synthesized in every aspect of your Being.

It is important that you remember that you chose the environment you experienced as a child; Even if you perceive it as negative, you chose it because it would drive you into adulthood. From your birth, your Inner Child develops in harmony with your physical development. Your Inner Child continues to be aware of the knowledge with which you were born, which acted as a form of navigation during your early years. In childhood you had connection with your Soul, however your chakras were still forming and developing, so it was in later years that more complete aspects of your Soul were incarnated. Your Inner Child is an aspect of your Soul that is present to serve you during your first years.

From your birth to around your 7 years, you absorbed information about your environment and the people in your life, learning as much as you could. Your Inner Child helps the programming of your subconscious mind that subsequently allows your conscious mind to develop. Growing up, your Inner Child remained inside you as a child about 7 years old, so that you could continue to share with you the internal knowledge about yourself and about the reality that you had since when I was in the uterus; This inner knowledge is very important because it acts as the root of your soul's intentions for your life.

Trauma and Your Inner Child

If any form of trauma occurs during your childhood, it has the ability to impede the growth of your Inner Child, for your internal knowledge and your external experiences are not in harmony. a. If during your childhood a big trauma occurs to you; and it has profound influence on your Inner Child, so it is likely that your Inner Child will remain at the age he was when the trauma occurred. Your Inner Child will cling to the pain or suffering experienced and begin to obscure the pure knowledge he had at birth. While the child's Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies continue to grow and develop, your Inner Child is unable to become a child. He realized that he has reached his maximum growth and that he can emanate from his Soul the aspects of his pure knowledge. The purpose of your Inner Child is to reach maturity as an Inner Child, to exist within you as a realized, loved and empowered child; so that in the incarnation additional aspects of the Soul can complete the incorporation in the physical form. If the growth of your Inner Child is stopped at 2 years of age, then the greatest and highest aspects of the Soul cannot be downloaded until your Child / a Interior be healed and complete its growth. The adult will be under the influence of the Inner Child of 2 years of age, the pain he endured; and his vision of the Earth.

It is important that you understand that if the growth of your Inner Child was stopped by the trauma, the growth of your Inner Child's healing can take place rapidly within your adult body; So the purpose of your Inner Child can be completed with your help.

It is common for the Inner Child to complete his growth; and that nevertheless adopt imperfections that obscure the pure knowledge and aspect of his Soul. You can recognize the negative or destructive defects that your Inner Child has incorporated because of pain, suffering or disempowerment, as they will appear in your life as continuous patterns. Some examples are: The Inner Child never felt safe, so as an adult he may not be able to find a safe home; the Inner Child may have felt that she was not loved, so her adult Self may experience problems in relationships; the Inner Child may have experienced lack of money, so his adult Self is unable to manifest abundance, success. In truth, your most playful and creative nature; and your patterns, they make you know a lot about your Soul and about the loving qualities of the Creator that he wants to incorporate. If the Inner Child does not feel loved and this manifests as problems in adult relationships, then the intention of the Soul may be to improve his relationship with himself and with the Creator; and will achieve it through relationships with others.

Your Soul and Your Inner Child

The current change of Ascension is helping your Soul to synthesize with your whole Being, especially with your Mental Body. To take full advantage of this and allow your Soul to incorporate more fully, it is necessary that your Inner Child have any healing or growth that is necessary. If your Inner Child has grown to be fully realized; and all defects or confusions have been erased, then your Inner Child will emanate the pure knowledge of your Soul for this life, which is synthesized with the new aspects of your Soul that are now being downloaded to create harmony and a greater presence of your soul.

Promoting the Healing and Growth of Your Inner Child

The negative, limiting and destructive patterns that you now recognize in your reality; and that can manifest in your thoughts, feelings, physical experiences, actions and reactions, are born from your Inner Child. Look at these patterns: What messages do they present to you? It is often easier to discover the negative message and then turn it into a positive one, using your conscious mind. Then you will be able to realize the growth that your Inner Child requires and the energy you need to anchor, coming from your Soul and your Guides, to support healing. An example: In your day everything seems to be going wrong; consequently you say to yourself: "Nothing works for me"; This is a defect or confusion that your Inner Child has adopted, which is obscuring his inner knowledge. This statement can become: "The Creator provides me with everything I need and I gladly accept it." You can make your affirmation and ask your Guides and your Soul to give you the appropriate healing and energy, while also imagining the feeling of affirmation. Then imagine yourself as a boy or a girl who fully experiences the reality of affirmation; and energetically observe the growth that your Inner Child creates.

Working in this way with your Inner Child will allow you to experience a great sense of fulfillment, joy and happiness, which will make it easier for your Soul to synthesize with you. You may also begin to have beautiful understandings of your life and your Soul, because within you will awaken the knowledge that your Inner Child brought to this World to help you navigate easily; and you will receive it.

With the energies that are currently being anchored on Earth, it is valuable that you dedicate time to realize and celebrate the healing and growth of your Inner Child, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that it has to share with you.

With Love of my Inner Child for yours or yours,

Mother Mary

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

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