Get ready for another change of trajectory that is about to reach our lives

  • 2018

Blessings of the Beloved Light Tribe,

The unified collective intention and ceremony of the 11.11 portal resulted in a massive influx of Crystalline Photonic Light Codes. Our portals are wide open and adjustments have been made to the change of trajectory planned for November 21 and 25, our focal point being November 22.

We are already under his influence and this month he continues to align these Interdimensional Ascension paths. Our goal is incarnation, which requires an open and purified heart.

Preparation for the collective change of trajectory

The course changes have already been made twice this year, at Equinox in March and at the end of May. Remember how your path changed, our path, since cleanliness, change and upper alignments occurred in the following months.

This is a collective choice, because the divisions of trajectories / timelines are in the hands and in the heart of the awake. It is an important passage to master your trip, give up the illusion of separation or judgment, be in unity and show your full support for deadlines / the best options.

A divine opportunity as always. Make good use of it

Our Cosmic Trigger takes place on November 22 for the next collective change. The gatekeepers of the portal have prepared the old and new ways for the expected influx from November 21 to 25. Lightworkers, prepare your heart and your DNA, this is a collective operation and the filters are refined with each change of trajectory.

The galactic have been very present ( welcome to life without candles ), and this passage has a powerful element of Mastery as we approach the amplified energies from December to January that support achievement.

This should be a powerful change in the timeline / trajectory. Before the Gate of 11.11, last Sunday, I saw rivers of souls coming out of the lower realms . As with any powerful opening of the portal, souls benefit and leave while these portals are open. I have also seen thousands of people in their crystalline rainbow light body, on their way to a new experience.

Personally, I AM entering the passage as information about next year arises . Constant visions of crystal light fields and rainbow light bodies are a side effect of the DNA activations of solar stargates.

The flash activities and colorful images that are produced through the SOL reflect this amplified alignment and these very open cosmic star portals . Each year, the powerful Transformation Gate intensifies cosmic flows for greater plasma penetration.

The experience of the high vibration tribe is already changing to reflect the collective intention of the incarnation. This already changes the collective, the DNA activations and the source codes are shared through the grid of the human heart for any heart that wants it.

Remember that the incarnation of the crystalline / cosmic cosmic critical cosmic consciousness first will change everything later. You can become this bridge. Support this influx of light in thought, word, action, creation and spirit. It already looks like a very sacred passage and a welcome experience after a year of purification.

Join us when we collectively share the crystalline DNA activations and let this Source-as-I state be available to all open hearts. Join us for when we collectively share the crystalline DNA activations and leave that this state of Source-as-I is available to all open hearts .

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Sandra

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