Healing Series: The Pain of Cosmic Birth, by Sandra Gusella

Dear friends, I am very happy that you are here. And some of you have come so far! I have seen all of you and I know who you are.

You are very dear to me. My trip is your trip and your trip is mine. This is why I would like to share some of my knowledge about the long journey, in which you as souls have ventured.

This journey leads to a Light that all of you can see in front of you, but which really is a light that already burns within you. However, you don't see or really believe this enough.

I want to take them with me at the beginning of their trip. All the way back to the beginning, when you were born as souls in a reality that you didn't know beforehand.
I want to go back in time to the moment you started your journey. His journey through time, through space, through matter. The origin is on a very long journey backwards.
But the event itself, of being separated from home, from the original source, from the origin of all of you, that event and the anguish that goes with it, is still very present within all of you.
This pain of birth lies behind many of his daily feelings and behaviors.

I would like to clarify this with an example.
Many of you are confronted daily with inner restlessness, a constant feeling of "looking for something." There is an internal tension that is related to not being completely at home with yourself: not feeling at home with your own being, your own essence.

From this basic internal tension, there is a tendency to seek external validation, recognition and acceptance. Something from the outside is always necessary to reassure them. Something that removes that tension and says: 'you are at home, you are safe'.
You can imagine how often you need this security, because all of you can feel within yourself this restlessness, this compulsion to seek. The inclination to go somewhere that is not in the now, that is outside of you and not within yourself.

I would like to talk about the origin of this trend. The real cause is like the center of an onion that has many layers around. The outer layers are formed by certain events in your life, which have led you to feel uneasy, not to feel at home within yourself. In the deepest layers there are events in other times of life that have been traumatic. But if you detach all layers, you will discover a restless core, a center of longing that is connected at the beginning of your journey.

Imagine yourself, before venturing on this trip, being part of a state of unity that was very comforting and enveloping. It was as if they were in a dream, comparable to a certain state while they sleep in which everything is safe and their conscience is very receptive. You allow everything to happen, everything is fluid. You know this state in your terrestrial lives, at least partially, as the situation you are in when you are an embryo in the womb.
So, there is not yet a clear distinction between inside and outside, there is a unity in experience and a security that is beyond question.

In that very early beginning, you as souls were like embryos, immersed in a state of peace and security.
At one point, an experience of being violently separated came to his consciousness.
That was the beginning of his birth as individual souls; souls who would face a wonderful journey of accumulating experience.

At first everything was one. Then came the experience of being separated, or being torn from an old unit. And then there was disorientation, there was a state of confusion. A blind search for something, something to rely on, some security that was not there. It was a moment of darkness.
Anyway, that's how you felt it, but at the moment when you were separated and left free of the original source and went your own way, it was at the same time a moment of deep creativity.
You can imagine an empty black space, the space where they were scattered. There was darkness there, but there was also room for something new.

Many of the feelings that you felt at the beginning of your journey can be found in the image of the lost child within yourself, of which I spoke last time (see 'The power of your own conscience', preceding this channeling in the website).
This image of the lost child clearly expresses the deep internal wounds with which you began your journey. During this trip, in which you have taken many forms (bodies), have gone through many experiences, have recorded many things, and finally ended up here, on this planet: the earth.
The earth is a place of great creativity and many possibilities.
And, despite the possibilities and the beauty of reality here on earth, you still feel hope. There is a feeling that something is not right. As if something was lost, something that is essential to feel good. What is lost in their feelings, is the basic love and emotional security that is a necessary basis for each living being to grow, flourish and be able to develop freely.

What I want to ask of you is to search within your own conscience for the original wound that was created when you left Home. Can you find within yourself the physical place where you feel to be separated from the original unit? It is a primordial unit that you cannot explain with your minds, but which you are sure, deep in your heart, that you have known it.

When you turn back to the original pain of the game from the Home, you can find substantial strength to heal yourself. It is there, after all, where lies the origin of your loss of strength!
All of you here, those who are present and those who are reading this text, are in the process of taking a step towards a new level of consciousness. A level where there is a base of inner security and self-confidence, through which many new creations will be possible. You will be able to live and create from this new inner consciousness.
But to really recognize this new level of consciousness, it is of the utmost importance to travel to the core and the origin of the blockages and imbalances that you experience in your daily life.
In this phase of their development, it is time not only to look at the pains and traumas that have arisen in their current lives and perhaps in the previous times of life, but also to take a deeper step. It is necessary now to go back to the primordial scene and, as soon as your consciousness recognizes it and remembers it within your heart, pay attention to the pain within yourself. It is time to take care of that new child that is still alive within you and does not know where it is being directed and lacks any sense of direction.

I would like to give you a way to know and work with this primordial pain. It is important to realize that this pain also has a physical location; It is located in the abdomen. This is the seat of emotions and associated feelings.
The abdomen is often the place or energy center from which you establish relationships with other people. The problem that often arises here is that in the center of your abdomen there is a pain that transcends this earthly life, that transcends all times of life, and that continues back to its birth as individual souls. The pain of cosmic birth is at the deepest level.
However, you often try to alleviate this individual cosmic pain at the level of relationships with other people. Specifically in deep personal relationships, where there is intimacy with another, it often happens that you try to heal your own deeper wound with the energy of another.
Often, you recognize pain in the other very well. Essentially, it is always the same pain that is based on the loss of security and the primary connection. The other often functions as a mirror for his own pain. In essence, you recognize your own pain in the face of the other.
Because you recognize your own pain in the other, more easily than you can recognize in yourself, you begin to try to resolve this pain in the other and subconsciously you expect your own pain to be reduced by presence (love, recognition) of the other.
But this game that is often represented in (sexual) relationships makes it harder than before to heal the wound. This is because you can easily develop a mutual dependence from this emotional play role, on which both in the couple grow tied. As soon as dependence begins to form, aspects of power begin to get involved, which will take them further from home, literally (from Home). Whenever you begin to lean to power, you are surrendering your own strength. Power and dependence cannot exist without each other.

The area of ​​personal (intimate) relationships is a very important indicator to become aware of the deep cosmic pain that you all carry with you.
Very often you feel like you need the presence of another in your life.
This works from the outside by telling them that this loneliness is associated with the lack of contact with others and that the solution is in a relationship of love or friendship. But in this presumption lies a great potential trap.
The trap is that you are placing the cause of your pain outside of yourself. The result is that you, in the subtle role played in relationships, begin to argue that the other is responsible for your internal wounds: you are the victim.
At the same time, you are exercising a certain power over the other, because you know your internal pain and your vulnerability.
The spiritual meaning of love between a man and a woman, or in any intimate sexual relationship, is not: to heal each other's wounds. The real beauty of a love relationship lies in the encounter of two completely independent beings who share their own riches with each other. Everyone has their own views on reality, their own way of experiencing things. Being able to share this with each other on the deepest level is a great joy for the soul.
Therefore, nothing undermines intimate relationships!
I just want to point out that these relationships are often misused, when trying to heal an internal wound that really has nothing to do with the other person.
Sometimes it can be very difficult to realize this at the deepest level. Understand that if you feel terribly alone or abandoned or sad, you are creating this reality, this feeling for yourself. You are the creator of this inner reality that you call loneliness or feeling of abandonment.

The real solution to these feelings, which are very deep and very old, is in turning towards yourself instead of turning towards another, where you have the real force at your disposal. For all the feelings of despair, depression and loneliness in your life, the solution is available within you in an energetic way. The solution is already there, it is present in your energy. The energy of the solution may seem hidden, in the sense that you will need to find the door and open it. But in essence you are Divine energy that has everything available within itself to comfort the lost child within you.
The invitation to all of you, to each individual soul, is to impregnate your own divinity.
The tendency to become dependent on someone else regarding this is the cause of many disagreements and this will never solve the deepest pain. This is why it is so important to fully recognize the real source of that pain, to realize that it lies in a spiritual dimension that transcends these relationships, this work, these parents, and so on. And understand that therefore the solution is not in the behavior of your partner, your mother, your child, your colleague, but pure and only within yourself.

I still have a lot to say on this subject, but I would like to conclude for now. I would like to give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Question 1

Sometimes I feel a very powerful energy in me; Is that my true power, is it love or is it something else?

When we talk about the force within yourself, about the enormous force that is available to you, sometimes this is misunderstood. Because you frequently associate force with power, with something magical, something explosive, something dominant.
The true strength in yourself is the force that you all know in moments of stillness, in silence.
When everything relaxes within you, when all thoughts and emotions fall like leaves to the ground and everything is calm, then a certainty can arise within you, a knowledge of where you are and where you are going. We call that knowledge inner strength.
This knowledge and certainty is strongly associated with being in contact with your source, with who you are. When you are in contact with your center, do not doubt yourselves. You know that you are who you are, and that there is nothing to doubt: there are no models outside of which you have to adapt, that you are simply what you are, with all the strength and beauty that belongs to you.
In those moments of inner contact, of inner knowledge, there are few thoughts and emotions. There is only this strong feeling of being and knowing.
And this feeling also originates in the belly. It is a feeling that comes from its center and is present under your thoughts and emotions. It is the calm but enormous force that lives within all of you.
That is your direct connection with God, and at the same time with your own deepest being.
In your own essence, divine center, you are totally undefined, you are not bound to the body or character, your name, your sex, and so on. When you are in contact with that you are aware of a pure being.
Everything is open. And it's still unique, too. It is you who are there.

Question 2

How can one know if one is bringing unresolved parts of oneself to a relationship (which should be worked through oneself), or if one is truly working on the relationship?

When you feel that in a relationship with another, feelings of fear arise, this indicates that you have to pay close attention. Because when fear is present, it is a sign that you feel the need to change something or to grab something or direct someone to some direction.
Feelings of fear are always a sign that you are afraid of losing a part of yourself. However, you can never lose a part of yourself without your permission. It is not the other taking something from you. It is you who are creating the fear of losing.

Relationships are often a mixture of pure love, where you allow the other to be free and accept the other, and feelings of fear, where aspects of power and dependence play their part.
To realize where you allow your inner wounds to subconsciously play a part in the relationship, it is very important to be aware of the moments or situations in which you feel fear in your relationship. And when you are aware of this, you can take a deep look at that part of yourself. This means: when you realize, in a conflict with another, that you are speaking from an inner fear that has nothing to do with what the other is saying or doing, you are responsible for that fear: you recognize that it is something that belongs to you and that is independent of the other.
Turn your consciousness towards yourself and see what fear is inside of you and give yourself what you need. See that it is a problem that only you can and should solve.

This does not mean at all that you should end the relationship or live alone. The point is that you have to create clarity in the relationship. When you take responsibility for your own (negative) emotions, you can easily and openly communicate these emotions to the other. If the other gives them the space to do this, it is the sign that there is a good basis for thriving in a healthy relationship.
I have already said before that the goal of a love relationship is not: to heal wounds to each other.
However, a relationship in which both in the couple take responsibility and recognize themselves as independent individuals, will be healthy. Reciprocal love has a healing property.

In a love relationship, both in the couple love and respect each other. In such a relationship the other also reflects aspects of you. The love that you give yourself will be exalted and encouraged by the presence of the other person. That is an inspiring property.
Therefore, the vital point is not that you cannot receive healing from the other, but that you do not have to become dependent on this.
And when you feel your fears arise - also in the form of jealousy, anger, disappointment, expectation - be alert and record the underlying pain and injury within yourself that is, in essence, your responsibility. The other can certainly touch that pain with certain modes of behavior, but it is very important not to be seduced by the victim's role. Recognize that pain is your creation. That is mastery.

Question 3

On the road to recognizing that wound, that deep pain within oneself, one often finds anger, related to why. Could this have to do with asking why the separation happened in any way? Can you say something about this anger?

The anger that you can feel in this context is anger towards life itself. Anger over the pain of birth, which means being angry because they had to go through that feeling of being torn inside, is essentially a manifestation of helplessness. You feel so small and alone and vulnerable and feel as if something very unfair has happened to you. They feel as if they had not deserved such a dark and difficult journey.

The problem is that when you feel that anger, you are at your own level where you are still the lost child, the child who went out to look for and did not find exit. That boy is still there. But at that level they will not find answers. It really is no more than logical that this child is very angry; He doesn't understand what is happening.
The answer to this anger lies on another level of your consciousness. Because you are more than that lost piece inside! There is a level within you in which you can feel that you are more than that lost, helpless child.
In the place in your consciousness where you can accommodate that child, you are more than that child. Where you can surround pain with your conscience, you allow it to be and accept it. By doing this, you transcend the problem. You are more than pain. It is even possible to feel that there is a deep meaning in his birth as a soul and in his journey through time, space, illusion and darkness (ignorance).
It is impossible to explain that meaning with the mind.
This so deep, you can only understand it from that calm and peaceful place of strength of which I have already spoken to you, the serene knowledge that transcends thoughts and emotions.
We want to ask you to travel to that place and feel that there is a level within you where you agreed to go through this journey, and carry this pain.
At this stage of its development, it is difficult to fully realize the positive fruits that your trip will reap. Perhaps we can illustrate this by resorting to a metaphor.
Imagine the primordial state of being from which you came as a white cloud, a somewhat fluffy cloud where everything is intertwined. Everything is soft and one, but also a bit pale in color. You can imagine the moment in which you left that primordial state of being, as individual beings, is your journey through empty space, like little seeds falling from the cloud to the earth. The seeds germinated and from them plants and flowers grew. His journey through the new and the unknown has allowed the germination of things in creation (the total sum of what is) that was not possible before, that did not exist and that It could never have been compiled.

To allow true creativity, you need an individual consciousness that is able to recognize you as separate from other beings. Only then can there be a difference. When everything is one and connected, things tend to become aesthetic. When there are differences, diversity can flourish.
You can imagine the destiny of your trip as a garden in full bloom, with many different kinds of flowers and plants, which together form a connected whole (at physical and spiritual levels). Compare the diversity and richness of this image with the image of the primordial cloud; the somewhat discolored cloud that implied a situation of primordial security, but also something somewhat one-dimensional, a kind of 'insipidity'. It is difficult to express this well.

As soon as you begin to heal the 'pain of birth' and let go of your anger regarding this, you can experience how beautiful it is to begin to bloom inside. And that - the experience of such beauty and wealth - is the meaning of your trip. Then darkness is no longer something without meaning, but is experienced as something that makes an important contribution to Creation.
It is difficult to explain this from a point of view that is 'above' the experience. You have to experience that darkness and pain can be creative forces. This begins to be within reach when they begin to accept the darkness as something that is, without wanting to fight it or push it out.
As soon as you experience feelings of anger, it is important for you to accept them completely and then go to the quiet center within you that we talked about before. It can be useful to visit nature, or some other inspiring environment, where you can breathe silence as it is. In that silence his anger will dissolve, without having to push it out.

Question 4

When I am alone, I find it easy to be within my own strength or stillness. But when I'm surrounded by people, I often withdraw to a sense of insignificance, the feeling of having to defend my ideas, and things like that.

The moment you feel hurt by what another person says or thinks, a wave of energy flows in you that has a deep nuance of fear. This wave takes your consciousness out of your center. Your conscience plunges into this wave, as it says, and then identifies with that fear.
It is important to recognize the same underlying fear in all different incidents with people (observations or events) that occur all the time. If you can do this, you will have simplified the problem and that is very important. When the problems seem very complicated, they are really dealing with the details, at a superficial level. Always try to feel the underlying emotion or the tone of feeling that is at the core of the incidents. In this case, it is fear. You feel a certain restlessness or nervousness in such situations. And there is also anger, because others are not seeing or reflecting your intentions correctly.

The moment you feel hurt by another, you see the world and yourself from the perspective of others and then you say: this is not right. You feel uneasy and angry and sometimes confused, because there is an image of you in the world that does not agree with your inner perception.
The answer to this problem is: let the other have their perception.
Allow the way of perceiving the other, no matter how limited it is to your eyes.
You should not try to correct the point of view of the other. You do not have to do that, it is not your responsibility. When you free yourself from this 'obligation', the space around you extends enormously.

You often expect others to think of you in a certain way. You expect the reaction of others with fear and expectations. But if you let the other be free in their perception, you will no longer have to experience their reaction as a judgment towards you. You can simply let the negative reaction be in the other person as your interpretation of certain signals.

You say you can be in your center more easily when you are alone. For many of you it is important to spend time alone, because you can more easily come into contact with yourself when you are alone, than when you are in the presence of other people.
In the presence of other people a certain uneasiness often emerges, something that makes you feel that you should be different from what you are. And as soon as you think that, you begin to lose contact with your center. Then you deviate, or remain suspended outside your center.
To feel what it is like to feel in your own center, it is important to remain relaxed regularly, to have moments of stillness for yourself so that you can feel what it is like to be in your own company. Moments in which you have some intimate contact with yourself and know how your own energy feels when you are calm and relaxed.

As soon as you are in contact with others again and feel that you are pulled from your center, the first and most important issue is to be aware of what is happening. Then, with the help of your breathing, you can bring the energy into you, to your belly, to your center. Then the moment you feel that this is happening, try to breathe three times from your abdomen. You are going to feel that something is happening: that the energy travels inside of you. You may have to do this frequently to turn back into yourself. But the more you do it, the more easily you will achieve it. And being aware, you can turn to your own energy even more easily and faster, and thus increase your ability to remain in your center.
I would like to tell you one last thing. You are a very empathetic person. You easily see things through the eyes of others. Try, while in contact with others, to ask yourself: how do I feel about this? How am I seeing things? Do not look at the situation through the eyes of others, instead shift the energy into you. This is also a way to go to your center: to hold your own point of view while you are with others.

Question 5

Sometimes I get very angry and unable to express it. Then the anger turns against me. How do I have to do to learn to express this, learn to use energy for something constructive?

When you interact with other people, you accumulate your anger inside and first show your beautiful aspects.
Every person needs a balance between giving and receiving. The giving part of one person is the part with which he connects with the other, and uses his energy in favor of the other. The receiving part is the part from which one person isolates himself from the other, gives himself a space and says 'I' in the relationship.
With you, the point is that you more easily show the giving part, through which you are there for the other in a loving way. But this loving presence is not well received, you have problems with bringing your energy to you, say 'I' and claim your own space. And this leads to a lot of frustration and also disappointment.
You have to learn to put yourself first. You need to use your own power of discernment to feel if 'giving' is appropriate in a given situation. It should not be something determined.
It is necessary to reach a deep balance between giving and receiving.
Therefore it is also important for you to find a way to express and release that anger. That anger is also telling you about your inner strength, about your vision, about your originality. Anger is not just a negative energy, it is originally a creative energy that has become locked and in that blocking situation will cause problems.
What can work very well with you is to channel this anger or sublimate it to a creative energy. Because you have a lot of creative energy around you, and when you let it fully bloom, you create more space around you anyway. More space for you, for your needs and your shortcomings.

Question 6

I have one more question about love. Sometimes I feel that stillness in me that you have talked about. But also that infinite love for everything around me. Well, not always, but sometimes. Where does it come from?

You have the ability to reach your heart very often, and to feel very deeply connected with 'everything'. It is a spiritual knowledge of the unity of everything that is alive. Where does it come from? It is a memory of the soul of a reality that transcends the physical and is the foundation of all creation, of known reality. It is a mystical feeling.
De cualquier modo, es muy importante para ti aprender a traerlo hacia abajo, a canalizar esta energía hacia la tierra. Y con esto quiero decir que necesitas permitir calmadamente que esta energía se conecte con la tierra.
Esta energía cósmica fluye dentro de ti a través de tus chakras superiores y trae con ella tal intensidad que, cuando fluye hacia los chakras inferiores, pueden crear un cierto disturbio. Entonces tú sufres un exceso de energía que lleva al desasosiego. Por lo tanto es importante prestar atención a la traslación de esta inspiración espiritual al ser de todos los días, al ritmo de la tierra. La naturaleza puede ayudarte a encontrar el equilibrio. En la naturaleza hay una quietud básica y un ritmo que te ayuda a tranquilizarte. Con una buena conexión a la tierra tú puedes integrar esta energía espiritual armoniosamente con tu vida diaria y también compartirla con los demás.

Question 7

Yo he sido muy creativo en mi vida y esto siempre ha encontrado resistencia. Pero desde que estoy en el camino espiritual, todo es mucho más fácil. Pero al mismo tiempo, y de esto se trata mi pregunta, temo poder tener mucha influencia sobre los demás. Siento responsabilidad por los efectos de lo que yo hago (especialmente en mi trabajo) y me atemoriza. ¿Cómo puedo tratar con esto?

Tú no confías en tu propia fuerza. Tu fuerza real está sintonizada con tu intuición, lo cual tú puedes hacer bien. Actúa desde este profundo conocimiento interior, y luego libéralo. No sientas como si todavía necesitaras retenerlo encima o controlarlo.
Puedes desarrollar el poder de liberarlo comprendiendo que tú no eres responsable de todas las consecuencias de tus elecciones. Tu responsabilidad es tomar una decisión desde tu más profundo sentido de la verdad. Lo que sucede luego, ya no es más tuyo. De qué modo esto se desarrollará en el mundo y cómo reaccionará la gente a eso, es mayormente una cuestión de su propio libre albedrío. Y no es tu tarea dirigir esto.

Tú no estás acostumbrado a manifestar tu propia fuerza claramente. Hay una cierta desconfianza en ti mismo y una sensación de inferioridad desde el pasado que te hace retroceder y pensar: ¿puedo yo hacer esto, se me permite ser tan fuerte? ¿Se me permite brillar, puedo yo saber claramente cómo quiero que sucedan las cosas y qué es necesario?

Es cuestión de permitirte todo esto. Y tú puedes ver las dudas que pueden surgir entonces como una vieja energía que te está reteniendo hacia atrás. Estas dudas no son un 'contrapeso valioso' que te mantiene en equilibrio, sino un bloqueo energético en contra de la expresión de todo tu potencial creativo.

Pregunta 8

Algún tiempo atrás, vino espontáneamente sobre mí una especie de amor. ¿De dónde vino esto?

En ese momento se abrió un portal en tu corazón, dándole acceso a una parte tuya que es vieja, y al mismo tiempo es nueva. Tú estás motivado en tu vida por un poderoso impulso espiritual. Te sientes mucho más encaminado en tu sendero espiritual y desde este empuje hay un deseo de ejecutar todo tu potencial. Desde ese deseo tú has llamado a esa experiencia.
Ese deseo ha estado ahí por mucho tiempo y está trabajando a través tuyo de muchas maneras.
La experiencia a la cual te refieres, te ha llevado a contactar con una capa profunda dentro de ti. Es tu coraz n que se ha abierto a una nueva conciencia de la realidad que es posible para todos nosotros. Es una conciencia desde la cual la vida se experimentar mucho m s desde una sensaci n de armon a interior, con respecto a todos los seres.
Tambi n contigo esta inspiraci n puede ser intensa (Jeshua se refiere a la pregunta de arriba).

Puedes ver a tu experiencia espiritual como el resultado de un n mero de veces en las que te has estimulado desde adentro. En esta experiencia sucedi algo energ tico en el centro de tu coraz n. La apertura que se ha generado, te hace m s susceptible a toda clase de energ as alrededor tuyo, pero al mismo tiempo m s fuerte.

Con m s fuerte, quiero decir que t eres capaz de ser transparente a las energ as que no pertenecen a ti, que no est n relacionadas contigo.
La sensibilidad no siempre tiene que ir de la mano con la vulnerabilidad. Dentro de ti, la sensibilidad ha abierto eso que tambi n te da una gran fuerza.
Es importante comprender que lleva tiempo permitir que esta energ a se arraigue a la tierra, que se integre con todo los aspectos -terrenales- de tu vida. Es importante confiar en el ritmo de la tierra y permitir que las cosas sucedan en el orden en el que se presentan. Esto te suceder espont neamente. T no tienes que trabajar duro para esto.

Pregunta 9

Yo tengo la sensaci n de que no hago esto solo, de que hay energ as no f sicas a mi alrededor. Qu puedo hacer con esto?

Dejar que tu escepticismo se vaya y permitir que tu imaginaci n corra libremente.
Las energ as no f sicas o gu as est n presentes en todos ustedes.
Pero hay muchas capas en ti que se resisten a esto: tu mente, pero tambi n ciertos sentimientos.
Te la pasas pregunt ndote: tengo que creer en esto o no, esto es verdad o no es verdad?
Mi consejo es: deja que tu imaginaci n entre completamente por esta vez en una fantas a (visualizaci n) en la cual t contactas esas energ as o seres a tu alrededor.
Preg ntales qui nes son, qu tienen que decirte. Y no te preguntes si no estar s inventando todo esto y si tiene o no alg n sentido. Posterga esas preguntas. Y solo despu s de que toda la visualizaci n haya finalizado, cuando hayas completado la sensaci na tu alrededor y hayas acabado de fantasear, expl cale todo esto a tu lado esc ptico y preg ntate si todo esto es verdad. Pero ten el coraje de permitir primero la realidad de esas energ as dentro de tu coraz ny de tu mente yj zgalas m s tarde. Por lo tanto no te pares sobre los frenos tan r pido!

Pero cu l es su finalidad? Qu puedo hacer con esto?

T no tienes que hacer nada con esto. S lo est ah . Es parte de tu realidad. T no te preguntas por qu los rboles est n ah, o el agua, o el cielo. As es como deber as ver esto. Estas energ as a tu alrededor son algo natural.

Si t piensas, me gustar a familiarizarme con ellas, hazlo. Pero no hay obligaci n, es libre y abierto. De hecho, tampoco hay que esperar nada, no hay que tener un objetivo concreto. Porque entonces podr s contactar aquellas energ as abiertamente y libremente, y ellas podr n sorprenderte con su sentido del humor, amor y sabidur a.

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El 23 de Mayo de 2004 estuvimos canalizando a Jeshua en nuestro lugar de trabajo particular en Tilburg. Abajo pueden leer el texto, as como tambi n las respuestas de Jeshua a preguntas de la audiencia. El texto hablado ha sido corregido en cierto modo para facilitar su lectura.

Este mensaje fue traducido desde el holand s al ingl s por la dra. Wendy Gillissen (sitio web www.reincarnatietherapie.com), y luego desde el ingl s al espa ol por Sandra Gusella

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