Guide Group: A Message to Lightworkers

  • 2018

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 10, 2018

The last guide of the Ascended, Galactic, Elemental Masters of the Earth, Elders of the Fairies, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this time to talk to you again.

We want to say that if they feel exhausted, a little dizzy, feeling as if the clock and calendar have no real relevance, disinterested in food or too interested, or if they are waking up in the morning knowing they had important conversations and experiences while They were in a dream state - they are doing quite well.

It would be more unusual not to be experiencing any of those situations, considering the powerful transformative change they are in right now, amid astrological events and energy waves that are transforming their galaxy now, both physically and energetically.

There are astrological events and energy waves that are transforming your galaxy.

Let's talk about Time, for a moment.

As you feel more and more that clocks are no longer necessary, it is because you are getting to experience the present moment more powerfully, realizing that every hour does not approach the next one or comes from the previous one, but that it remains alone as an important moment in life.

As you feel that the calendars are also increasingly irrelevant, you come to realize that there is only Now, that every day is important, but that it is not necessary to mark it and give it an automatic meaning, and that it is not necessary that every Monday or Saturday it goes the same way week after week.

Any time or day of the week can be a liberating, creative and self-expressive time, not just this day or that time.

Similarly, any "day of the week" can be used to do something meaningful or learn something new, and not just to comply with the 9-5 structure.

They are beginning to be aware of the present moment.

As they see food differently, they begin to realize that their body's needs are changing, sometimes dramatically.

It is possible that they have already come to consider pure water as the best and newest food group, and one of the most vital, along with sunlight and air .

You may have already realized that most of the food in your environment is not only contaminated with chemicals and impurities that you do not need, but are only a weak approximation of the nutrition you once offered.

However, beyond that, you are seeing that your body is increasingly able to get what you need by meditating on the Light, absorbing sunlight in reasonable quantities, and drinking in any fresh air and pure water that is available to you. .

They are also increasingly aware that the content and focus of their thoughts inform their body how to feel - how satisfied, relaxed, happy or vibrantly alive they may be.

And that when the quality of thoughts falls to a more dense state of feeling, so does the quality of your physical (and emotional) experience.

And so you come to see each time more mind, body and spirit as the continuous result of a great energy experiment. One who could never have imagined children in science class.

And this experiment of energy is not pure chance, or the result of a few thoughts and prayers that are poorly matched but well intentioned, affirmations or explanations of the Universe.

It is purely and simply the result of most of what they want, expect and describe as their life - the one they radiate - at any time.

Over time, what they radiate or transmit continuously becomes the mold or template through which their daily life runs.

And we want to say that this mold has changed a lot in the last month, and it is still in the process of being transformed and revised.

So quickly and strangely, in fact, that many Lightworkers are commenting on others, there are almost too many energy changes to take at once.

That's why you sleep, that's why you meditate or listen to music, that's why you sit or walk or swim in nature, because without those moments of restoration, all those changes would be too much. .

It is still too much for those who are at the limit, whose biochemical composition was already disturbed, malnourished or unbalanced, in terms of hormonal or other, or whose life experience still reverberates mainly with the trauma suffered in childhood and other lives.

Some days they will ask themselves: “ Will I achieve it? Will I get to the other side of this story, where I am a fifth-dimensional being with a fully developed Body of Light, and will no longer fight to keep up with the tremendous changes this planet and galaxy feels?

And we would say that asking that question is a beautiful beginning to admit one's own vulnerability, which will greatly save them the problem of being swallowed by it.

Admitting your vulnerability is a beautiful beginning.

No one needs to feel defeated now, if they are willing to realize the magnitude of what they are going through, either intuitively or in a sense of the left brain.

They rely beautifully on this process if they understand that there will be days - many of them - on which you will have to rest more, on which you will have to be more kind to yourself than you ever imagined necessary, and allow yourself to play, read a comforting book, listen to music, or be physically active instead of "doing things."

Days in which you must understand yourself, those around you, and even people in power, with the kind of patience you once attributed to the saints.

And if they understand that they can no longer have less patience with their growth process (or despise it) than they would be impatient with a tiny baby that forms in the womb.

All things in their own time (Divine).

And now they will say: "I thought Time was no longer relevant!"

And they would be right in many ways. However, they are not yet where they need no reference to the process and progression.

Not yet everything happens at the moment you think about it, as a manifestation through projected thinking.

You still don't manifest everything at the moment you think about it.

The process - the steps through which you grow and advance - remains part of the path, and it is a path as beautiful and sacred as any of us here in the higher realms could imagine.

And so, can you give Love and forgiveness to yourselves now, dear ones (although there is nothing to forgive), for all the deeply felt accomplishments, emotions and memories that arise within you?

Can you afford to talk to a friend, newspaper or counselor, when the moments become more intense than you can incorporate and live comfortably?

Are you able to treat yourself as something precious, rare (totally unique in fact), and completely irreplaceable ? A being that must be appreciated, not commanded or treated with impatience?

If they can produce forms of self-love in this time that allow them this time of transformation without judgment or despair, they will have moved to an unprecedented level in human experience, since the Earth fell to the third dimension.

A conscious Ascension, and welcome by those who are at the center of all their demands.

It is no small thing! But they are doing it, brave warriors of light, right now.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, at all times.

The Guide Group

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, translator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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