Sandra Walter: May Stun - Love The Experience Of YOU

  • 2014

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution May 13, 2014 http: //

Blessings Dear Tribe Of Light!

The current wave (May 8-14) is powerful, but refined. This wave feels subtle and strong at the same time; peaceful, but purgative. Road counters and guardians, I understand the need to rest. take advantage of it now. Try not to impose your personal will on the transformation, this is a wave to flow, not to handle.

Obviously the energies are being refined in their demand to have order. Our next door is May 25, indicating May 22-28 for the full wave of energy. This month is focused on preparing for June; remain firm in your heart and your intentions for your career.

A Focus on Divine Humanity

This month is a great opportunity for grid workers and Light servers to focus on the individual trajectory. Why? Because the June surge feels like the bus is going to be shaken a little. My vision of the timeline turns white-gold in mid-June, so I anticipate a good acceleration in the Ascension crowd. This typically means that the collective feels us leaving (that is, leaving a lower state of consciousness) that can bring with it anxieties, fears and emotions. Nobody wants to be left behind, and those scars of separation are deep.

As the division of experiences widens (without judging, it won't always be that way), we have to be strong, confident and focused on our hearts. We are holding a vibration that intimidates the shadow of the old paradigm, and sometimes that shadow fights for survival within our beloved friends, family or connections. Gee, some people could be very difficult right now. The boomerang effect of Point Zero will take care of things; you have the divine permission to love them anyway from a detached and compassionate distance.

The increase in Light this month brings personal disharmony to the surface. Take a look at what comes up, but don't sink into it. Learn from it, retrain your lower levels to handle fears in a new way instead of relying on the old and comfortable mechanisms of dealing with them. Pure Love emanating through the center of the activated heart easily surpasses all that. Educate the reactions, direct your own career diligently, and remember that you are the creator of your experience - both from your individual reality as a succession to the collective experience.

There is a focus on restoring purity and divinity as crystalline activation energies gain strength. Encourage them to detoxify, fast and rest. Avoid the yo-yo of detoxification / intoxication that could be your own program of struggle for survival. Go for mastery of the lowest levels; Test yourself now (gently if necessary) to make it easier later. Remember that activation and healing are carried out in calm and focused vehicles.

Swimming in the New Current

Last month the energies were focused on the dynamics of the martyr and the savior (and will continue to do so). Remember that evolution is more challenging for those who pass through it first. We are aware during the process, and sometimes it becomes strange. We are doing it for Love, not to be gurus, prickly heroes, or slaves of Change. Yes, the physical effects of Ascension can become tedious and exhaustive at times; yes, Beings and visions and moments of "what the hell was that?" can become very rare (and funny). They may feel isolated, alone, bored. This is not something to worry about at all. It is what it is. What is a little loneliness, or pain and grief, or strange experiences compared to the end result? We do not grieve because of how difficult, strange or challenging it can be to be one of the first to embrace evolution. Showing the road was a difficult task because we went against the old current. It used to be much, much harder than this. The new waves of Light now flow in the direction of Ascension, changing the current in our favor. Everything is Love, Love, Love.

It is a joyful passage and a miraculous transformation. Experiencing a Pure and Divine Love, a Divine Light and a Divine Will is something to celebrate. Recognize your own progress with small victories, small celebrations; Be sure to infuse this path of joy.

Ascension is a Tremendous Gift for All of Us

Treat her like the precious jewel she is, the precious gift she is. Even when the body vehicle is going through difficulties trying to be aware, even when the mind is upset, even when the ego demands victory at this time or then…., Even when the emotions howl without reason, they return to the center of their heart, breathe in the multiverse and feel the Source in this experience. Honor the experience of the Source as the Self. Love the experience of YOU.

Gaia is Resplendent

Has anyone else noticed the golden glow lately, as if someone had increased the exposure? I will write more about the recent experiences of dimensional "bleeding", first contact, space-time holes, glare, all current things very soon. Meanwhile, Gaia is shining with this new Light. Go out to be in nature, even just for a walk, sit down and BE. The available frequency is healing; I could induce them to involuntary joy. Glow as directed.

Sandra Walter: May Stun - Love The Experience Of YOU

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