Sanat Kumara: The Creation process requires maintaining focus

  • 2018

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, February 8, 2018

Good morning, dear friends and family! I am Sanat Kumara, I am Raj, protector of the planetary Logos, your friend and companion in this new phase of your earthly adventure, and I am always with you.

And yes, we can talk about Universal Laws and we can talk about more practical issues that you want to express in your realities, because you want to see some tangible results for your years of work and effort.

And I can briefly touch on the theme of the Universal Laws and tell them that they are always using them, although somehow unconsciously, or else they would not be alive and functioning in this or any other reality. But in the same way they breathe, or blink without thinking while they go through life and their days, in a similar way they are using the Universal Laws without having to pay attention to them or invoke any one in particular.

Let your hearts show you the way and then follow that inspiration to enter this phase of creation.

And there will be a moment to deepen the revision and improvement of the Laws - those that they already know and use only automatically at this time - that only have a small percentage of effectiveness, since the results they are obtaining clearly show that they are barely They are surviving.

But you are here to change all kinds of limited life experience and to strengthen yourself and the entire human collective by showing you the effortless paths of creation.

Before delving a little deeper into this process, I am here to help you prepare this next chapter of your mission.

Now, I am here to talk to you about attention and focus, about being constantly aware of who you are, your totality and presence, and the details of each part of yourself.

They cannot neglect any part of what they are, they cannot not tend to them and not recognize them, because this would be an easy and quick way to deplete their energy, and they would end up distracted and less productive while engaged in the creation process, a process that It requires a sustained approach until the desired result becomes a palpable reality.

You could tell me that you are still not sure where the magnitude of who you are, where your entire multidimensional being resides, but I tell you that you know more than you think. You just have to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that appear in your mind, to that intuition that always knows how to take you to the smallest portion of you that is getting your attention.

You would not forget to look at your face from time to time, or fix your hair, or look at that part of you connected to your children, your lover and husband or wife. However, it may take some time to check your toenails, or respond to an email from a distant relative, or look at the Facebook work account, because they believe you don't need immediate attention.

And yet, those are parts of you that you intended to create and brought to form at any given time. These more distant parts of you may have a plan to enrich your lives, or you are being strategically placed to speak and tell others who you are.

However, even these small and seemingly distant points of your being are places that need care and recognition .

Sometimes they find these forgotten places as new ways of expansion and growth, and sometimes there is only a need to close and finish an incipient idea that they decide not to continue in this life.

More often, however, they will discover that these distant parts are pivotal junctions, or exits placed there long ago, so that they can now enter the fullness of the "New You" in ways that they would never have anticipated possible before.

So I am here to encourage you to open your hearts and minds, look far and wide, and then pay attention to everything that is calling you at this time.

Let your hearts show you the way and talk to you. Listen carefully and then follow that inspiration to enter with courage and firmness in this phase of creation, in freedom of expression and in the wonder of who they are .

I am here with you, as I have always been, encouraging and encouraging you on your way.

Until next time. Goodbye, goodbye

Sanat Kumara

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood.

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Sanat Kumara: The process of creation requires sustained focus. 02/08/2018 Council of Love Inc.

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