Who is Master Kirael

  • 2018

Master Kirael is a spirit of the seventh dimension that helps humanity to evolve and heal to experience a change in Consciousness, sending its messages through mediums on Earth.

Today, there are many energies that are channeled through these conduits to give their light to the inhabitants, which provide wisdom to embark on a path of light towards the future of our human race on the planet.

Who is Master Kirael?

Kirael has made himself known as male, since he has only communicated through male media, however, he has said that his energy is neither male nor female, but that he is a patron Light in an alternate dimension.

This entity has a mission. It has appeared on Earth at a fair time to fulfill the prophecies of Nostradamus, of the ancient Mayan calendars, of ancient Egypt and of the Bible, and it is at this moment of change that it is expressed.

Master Kirael comes from the Mother Earth of Usher . This being holds that the Great Change must be a positive and not a negative moment. The images of the End of times tend to be of destruction, but will be a rebalancing, an evolution towards a new dimension that will produce very positive changes .

However, Kirael argues that this change will only be possible when there is a spiritual awakening in the beings of the Earth, and that is why it has brought us the “Ten Principles of Conscious Creation”, the tools that will bring us an awakening that will help us to Create the life we ​​want.

The Great Change of Master Kirael

If my words resonate in your mind, then don't listen to them because they won't make any sense to you. Think of something else. However, if you keep your heart open, and listen to my words, you will clearly hear my message

-Master Guide Kirael through the medium Fred Sterling-

Master Kirael says that galactic energies have learned to use photonic energy, and that Earth, where we have advanced with technology much faster than expected, will know how to store and use that energy.

That information will come from the Internet, as well as other fundamental information for the Great Change. The galactic brothers are already using that medium to transmit the information and have already undergone multiple changes. An example of this is the Pleiades, which have gone through this process about 17 times, each with an important evolutionary change.

There will be three days of darkness and after that a great dimensional change, in which the galactic energies will appear in the world, filling the sky with ships sending an energy supply, whose largest emitter will be the Aquilian ships, even providing the food they have created similar to the tastes of humans to ensure survival.

The Nadromedans will give protection, for there are forces in the galaxy that have no peaceful intentions with the Earth. But the galactic brotherhood will remain united to prevent that evolutionary change from failing, and that is when the capacity acquired through these spiritual changes comes into play in which humans will be able to cross this transition to a higher level.

That will be the change of all the changes for Earth, a massive awakening that will readjust the imbalance in order to live on this planet for millions of years. This planet is not big and rich enough, there are hundreds of larger and more resourceful planets, however, this is our home and it is the mission of Master Kirael to improve and enrich our life in him.

Seen at Zero Point, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood


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