Anael's Message: ABSOLUTE is the “non-location of Consciousness”

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 I remind you that the Absolute contains the Heart 2 It takes you no longer to relocation, no longer to a multiple location, but to a non-location 3 Understand that everything is already there 4 You must accept that this world cannot live an improvement without a radical transformation


Beloved Children of the law of one, beloved children of freedom, may peace and joy be in your heart. I come today to express a series of elements related to the Heart and the Absolute .

As an exchange of relationships and love, I am allowed, if I can say so, to express a series of elements that I hope will allow me to go beyond my simple words, to understand the essence (as well as live it) of this absolute form.

The heart is not only the radiant crown of the soul, it is not only the fire of the heart, it is not only the temple of the mother, but it is this space located in the heart of being, in the center of being, from which everything comes and where everything comes back Being is the contemplation of presence, inscribed within the temple of the heart, the temple of the mother.

The absolute whole consists simply in moving the point of view (so called by the one called BIDI), giving it in a way, a much broader vision and not limited to this heart and not to any other heart, or to another consciousness, but allowing him to embrace the totality of what he is, in this world, as in each world, as in the heart of the SOURCE and beyond.

Establishing himself in the certainty of his own perenniality, as Spirit and as Being, affirmed by the "I am" or by the "I am One", as given by the teachings of the intra-Earth Delphinoids. The establishment of being, the realization of being, today leads it to position itself more precisely, to determine, not by choice, but by the establishment (or non-establishment) of its own consciousness within the heart or, within the Absolute.

I remind you that the Absolute contains the Heart

It is even the essence of that, since the Absolute is what sustains the Worlds, the Dimensions, the manifestations of the SOURCE, in any Space and in any Time, beyond the closed time that lives and is to be Absolute is to be one Himself, beyond the Self.

It is to be one is far beyond the one, far beyond the two, far beyond any number. Somehow, you are embracing the latter and establishing yourself . That is, not having a place, a space or a specific time, but to place it definitively in a totally different appearance to the one that can take or support a form, to establish it simultaneously in the different spaces, in the different dimensions and in the different consciences.

It takes you no longer to relocation, not to a multiple location, but to a non-location

This non-location, called Absolute, allows you to be located wherever you are, as if you were no longer located anywhere . the absolute is an indescribable state of love, far beyond joy, far beyond the manifestation of the person, since at that time consciousness is no longer a person, it is no longer a Being, but consciousness itself It is extinguished to become the All. This is the Absolute. The passage from the heart to the absolute cannot be one, since it is necessary to abandon the Self to be absolute, to live the latter, which is already there.

Understand that everything is already there

There is no temporary translation, there is no spatial translation, even with respect to the Ascension process. I don't see a notion of displacement, even if for some of you, there may be a bodily, spatial, or temporal displacement within structures called Merkabah Interdimensional, collective or individual.

Ultimately, it is the frequency range (or if you prefer, the vibration range) that determines your position or your lack of positioning. The range of frequencies available to you is no longer limited, as soon as the Ascension mechanism is completed.

Some of you have been able to approach and experience certain self-connected states of Consciousness in direct resonance with the Body of Being or in resonance with other alchemy processes with respect to a brother or sister, a human, an Arc ngel or any other form of consciousness (present in this world or elsewhere), until the recent possibility of experiencing conscious fusion with double.

The bidirectional, manifest and conscious processes that will be presented to many of you will allow you to experience this. There are no words, there is no conceptualization that can explain the non-location of consciousness and yet, the Absolute is that .

It is in this sense that you cannot be apprehended in any way, not by a perception, not even by a feeling. Because by definition, everything you will call perception, as it feels, as a conception, necessarily belongs to what is known (even if you don't know it yet).

The lack of location of consciousness, making space in most cases, multi-location or bilocation of consciousness, leading to a state that was named Supreme Peace Residence, to differentiate it from this who was previously called Samadhi. It is in fact, a spectrum (if I can use this word) of frequencies much wider, than those manifested conscious by the Being of I am or I am one . The influence of the Blue Shield of Grace has been created to give the impulse to the appearance of the wave of life, in a conscious way.

And to allow it we hope to transcend and overcome their own attachments to their own personality. To do so, not as a belief, that everything in this world, including you, is only a projection of the observer's conscience and is part of a confinement called Maya or Illusion.

We the Angels, like all so-called multidimensional or absolute entities, are perfectly aware that, of course, many human beings demand an evolution, they claim an aspiration for a better life within this world .

They must accept that this world cannot live an improvement without a radical transformation

This is impossible and simply by a mechanism of frequency incompatibility . As it is accessible to you, there are different types of radiation, qualified by their frequencies, characteristics and effects, within the same world where you are. The characteristics of the particles, called supra luminous particles, must be a fire.

This fire is totally incompatible with a carbonaceous world, just as you experience it. The so-called fire corresponds to the particles that, for the best known, are called cosmic rays . Beyond these cosmic rays that reach you, there are still other frequencies, much faster, much more intense than ultraviolet radiation, than the radiation of THE SOURCE or the radiation of the Holy Spirit.

This type of radiation is otherwise totally impossible to manifest while there is a projection of consciousness within a carbon structure, that is, the body you inhabit.

There is a total incompatibility in the frequency, so if one of these frequencies exists, the other can only be annihilated.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento

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