Message from Mother Mileila: “The word crisis is what the human being thinks the most”. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

We have spoken that nature must be purified because it is a principle to be able to be according to what is given and received; it is also important to understand that if the human being was purified, nature also had to be purified; regardless of the fact that there are many factors of collective thought that have charged the planet . The planet received as such, an energy from outside and that also had to make the same energy of the Earth run faster, if it can be understood at greater speed in terms of speed, rather than frequency. If that was purified, something like the nature entity also had to be purified. It was overloaded - the planet - by the outside and by the collective thought, because the collective thought is in the idea of ​​crisis and the word crisis is what the human being thinks the most today.

Crisis of nature, crisis of humanity, crisis of economies, crisis of countries, crisis of the social, crisis in everything. No one is ever opting for the balance of humanity, the balance of nature. The collective, collective thinking also generates a cloud of energy that rushes; so if you are part of that group, be promoters of ideas that heal and relieve this great energy of charge that is produced moment by moment.

I have always said, BE GOOD NEWS COMMUNICATORS . The good news does not have to go according to energy, often they consider that they have nothing "energetic to tell"; Energy to tell? Everything is energy . If suddenly a small animal is born somewhere, of some species and that is something favorable for humanity, that is good news; if suddenly a little rainbow came out somewhere, that's good news. The problem is that you see the good news as insignificant and that is why you do not share it . Share great news, share that today you are happy because you always try to share the sadness; they rarely say: “how are you? and they try to find what has not happened at all well in those days. ” Why they don't count: "Well today I woke up and sighed deeply, if you saw how good it felt." Such small things make them begin to be communicators of simple things yes, but great because they are not communicating anything that is aggressive both with the reality of the world and with the social reality, as with everything that has to do with what you They live in an environment.

I will be working with you ... nature is going to continue purifying, one element has already been purified and another is coming to calm this part of nature and then it will be a bit calm to continue revolutionizing energy; but there is a somewhat strong change at the level of nature. These changes are not for you to fear, they are for communicators of good news. That change is going to make you begin to describe and intend for it to be in balance with humanity, in balance with the social, in balance ... ... all in balance ; not preventing nature from purifying itself because that is not equilibrium but it is conducive to it being according to the greatest benefit of all.

Forever there ... Until another moment and remember that the moment can not be quantified, therefore without observing at what moment of reality forever there, enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. August 31, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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