Rune Naudiz: Mythological legend and meaning of the ancient Viking runes

  • 2019

The difficulty is oppressive to the heart;
although it is often a source of help and salvation
for the children of men, for those who attend to their abundance.

Ancient Anglo-Saxon Poem

The Naudiz Rune

The use of the Viking runes (from the root ' run - ' of the ancient Gothic, translated as ' secret ' or ' whisper ') mainly comprised writing in the ancient Germanic languages, especially in the islands of Great Britain and the region from Scandinavia, although it eventually expanded to the regions of Eastern and Central Europe during the Middle Ages . According to ancient Scandinavian beliefs, the origin of these runes comes from the gods. It is a gift that Odin gives to men.

These runes were also used for magical purposes . According to beliefs, they have the ability to materialize invocations and spells written on objects. And thanks to the German-Austrian writer Guido von List, and his system of modern divination of armanen runes, the power of the Viking runes has come to us today.

This time, we will talk about the Naudiz rune .

Mythology of the Naudiz Rune

Naudiz (also known as ' nauthiz ', ' nauþs ', ' nauðr ', ' naud ' and ' nyd ') is the protogermanic reconstruction of the rune that represents our letter ' N '. And it translates as ' need ' or ' anguish '.

Thus, the Naudiz rune is associated with the deity Nótt, the night. Daughter of the god Nörvi and grandmother of Thor, walks on his horse Hrímfaxi, given by Odín. And they are tracing the night for the benevolent gods, while the foam of Hrímfaxi's mouth is the morning dew.

Meaning of the Rune Naudiz

The Naudiz rune tells us about our relationship with our own limitations . It is also the need to learn the lessons that life has for us. For our limitations come our mistakes, and from them learning.

Therefore, one must understand that some obstacles are self-imposed. And in order to free yourself from them you must first identify them.

Thus, the Naudiz rune tells us that we must begin to work our self-control, and reflect before taking action. This means that you have to do a very deep internal work to be able to recognize our own dark side. And that through that work, harmony and balance are achieved. Remember that this sacrifice you make ultimately leads you to progress in your relationship with your Self .

You should consider that when we are not in complete synchrony within ourselves, damage to oneself can occur. So investigate what part of your interior brings you the problems. Recognize it and work on it. The challenges that life presents to you will be your best teachers.

When the Naudiz rune is in an inverted position, it is a sign that you may be the victim of bad advice, bad decisions and fears. Try to remember that the same amount of energy is required to get something new to get rid of the old . It is a sign of the presentation of one of our great teachers in the form of an obstacle. Try to receive it as such.

The inverted Naudiz rune will also talk about a delay in your plans. In addition, it tells you that you must make sacrifices to be able to change the direction in which you are going.

Your life depends on the decisions you make, nobody can make them for you.

Choose, and get to work.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of



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