The power that is not power

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 the ability to affect the lives of others. 2 the power that is not power .. 3 for or against the others s . 4 experiencing excessive comfort .. 5 abusing a favorable condition ..

It is true that sometimes they ensure that power destroys, but what exactly do they mean?

Basically, because power usually generates in us, especially if we are not aware, a position before life that makes us believe that we are invulnerable and what is really deep down is a deep vulnerability and weakness.

the ability to affect the lives of others…

Power is one of the eight mundane concerns, which is how it is known in the East, when we feel we have power, we usually relate it to a more than loose economic situation and a high capacity to make decisions regarding the future and welfare of others. .

For example, we find powerful people, countries and ideologies. When economically speaking people are powerful they have the ability to contribute to the development or detriment of the way of life and livelihood of others. In this era of globalization we can observe that a measure of a politician or millionaire country can cause an improvement or damage in others or another.

the power that is not power ...

But what we mean is that power is not power . Well, basically, when we are more sure that we have everything under control, people, economic or political situations, we are usually leaving spaces of weakness that will attract us in the future, not favorable conditions.

The fear of losing it is always present in power and this is what makes us vulnerable, fear weakens and makes us lose some clarity in acting.

This is how the great masters of the East who have great spiritual accomplishments prefer to remain humble and without giving great importance to their achievements because at the moment when the thought of “how good or superior I am” appears they are already weakening.

for or against others…

Of course we are not advising that we despise having influence in our surroundings, what is suggested here is that we make sure that that power that came to us in a propitious way is used in favor and not against those around us .

In fact, in the field of meditation it is very important to understand that when we feel that we have achieved everything at that time we have taken a step back .

experience excessive comfort ..

For example, sometimes we manage to overcome the inner dialogue and suddenly a sense of power leads us to think that we are better, this is fine, but what is recommended as a next step is to make us aware that we are missing a lot more to achieve. With proper management of our thoughts and mind, we guarantee that we are not stuck in a vulnerable state of excessive comfort and power.

All activities oriented to patience and generosity weaken our excessive sense of power and personal importance.

Actually we have all developed to a greater or lesser extent power conditions, the important thing here is to use it in a know and conducive way .

Power, like many conditions of life, has several faces, some oriented to one's own happiness and that of others and others to the detriment of us and those around us.

abuse an auspicious condition ...

The recommendation as always is to remain attentive to our physical, mental and verbal activity, and to discover ourselves just at the moment in which we abuse a favorable condition to turn it negative towards others.

It is worth mentioning that power by itself has no intrinsic identity, it only acquires a constructive or destructive connotation depending on what we choose to think, say and do.

Do not miss the opportunity to make this life something meaningful not abusing our power in the field in question, remember that although we do not immediately observe what happens as a result of our actions, which is sure as they say grandparents that what we sow is what we reap, is a physical and spiritual law. So is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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