Message of the Archangel Anael: All the movements of the light aim to free you

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Question: Can downward vibratory light cause inconvenience? 2 Now, I invite you to look inside of you. What does it mean to be decided? 3 Question: We must feel light and feel our body very heavy, is that so? 4 Question: Could you expand the experience of Unity and Resurrection? 5 Question: is the feeling of being held by the ankles still relevant? 6 Question: What are burning sensations in the sternum and ringing in the ears?

I am Anael,

Beloved children of light and beloved seeds of stars, may peace, love and joy be your truth. Therefore, I conclude all interventions today. I don't have a particular message as a representative of the archangelic conclave, I can simply confirm what has been announced on this day about the proximity of the final implementation of the light, your conscience and your experience. So if it is necessary to illuminate what has been said and communicated that day or not, in which for your transformation, you must ask whatever it is next and I will answer it.

Question: Can the descending vibratory light cause inconvenience?

The question goes beyond the scope of your interrogation and must be placed in something much more vast, with respect to the role of the Light within the Liberation that is in progress . What is being released? What is your aspiration? What are you called to? What is your destiny and what is the meaning of your choice?

There are, in these times, whatever you are, a state to recover and that is your destiny, as a soul and a free and liberated conscience. To say then that the light causes everything to be correct, from the point of view of the light, to say that the light triggers something from the point of view of the person is totally false and that the light penetrates everything, not only lowers, but that goes back from now on from the crystalline core of the earth, developing in those of you who have seen it descend from the sky and so from now on and emerging from the free core of the earth, all the movements of light, drawing of the architecture of the new dimension (visible to you at night in bed or in the sky), it aims to free you in one way or another.

Now, I invite you to look inside of you. What does it mean to be decided?

In this, the light comes to dissolve the areas of strength as the light also dissolves the illusions that allow you to find the meaning of the Truth and navigate the roads, ordering your spirit and your consciousness, in the state of being and being within Freedom, therefore, can be a causality. Now we must ask ourselves, what is this causality? The goal will always be, for the Light, to ensure that what is established in your spirit is accomplished, in the best case and for each of you, in this space and in this time in which we live.

Then I cannot tell you that light is the cause of an accident, whatever it is, light is the cause of freedom and liberation, therefore, you are all strictly in the right place, at the right age and in good condition, to live what you have to live, even some of you, present carnally, still resist ( concerning both fears and attachments, as well as certain attachments to this body) that must be raised to allow you to live the light, in All peace and love, that is the answer I can give you, since light is life.

Question: You have to feel light and feel our very heavy body, is that so?

Dear son, this corresponds to the superposition of the consciousness of the physical body and the consciousness of the body of being, since the physical body is density and the body of the being is light. Therefore, the confrontation between one and the other allows you to live these unusual perceptions, where consciousness is disconnected from an identification process with this body and this density. So what you are experiencing is exactly what GEMMA GALGANI declared, something that corresponds to the installation of the Unit.

The density decreases while the luminosity increases, within the ranges of the vibration of light, of course, we can also say that the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, this being exactly what your consciousness and Your senses perceive.

Question: Could you expand the experience of Unity and Resurrection?

The result of the resurrection is, of course, access to unity, also called Ascension or dimensional translation, but how do you want heaven to call you to join this, maintaining the dimensional density of this space? The set of symptoms and all the signs that are given to you to live, walk and discover, are exactly those that allow you to live your ascent and therefore to live your liberation.

Today is the time, because as the elders have said, everything is done individually.

So, all the stigmas you are using today are exactly the ones that help establish you in your future. This will take place on each breath, every day, as you are already seeing. This is just the beginning, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly and every day that advances will allow you to get a little deeper into the consciousness of the butterfly. This is the Resurrection and therefore, access to unity.

Question: Is the sensation of being held by the ankles still relevant?

Beloved children, we are and despite the liberation, count on your presence in this dimension, therefore and for some of you, butterflies, you still remain within reality, held by the ankles. Time is almost over, but not quite yet, so don't forget that you are responsible, as co-creator of this land, for the direction you take, in the same way that we are responsible for Accompany you on the road.

This responsibility is not a burden but something that will make you feel free . Many of you, whether in space and through your nights, in the space of your alignments, live in different ways, partly confronted with Unity. This confrontation is not a struggle or an opposition, but, moreover, it is a means .

Question: What are burning sensations in the sternum and whistles in the ears?

The sounds that are heard in the ears amplifying, are at the same time the sounds of the soul, the sounds of the spirit, the sound of the sky and the sound of the earth and hence the sound of the universe. All these stigmas are also the stigmas of the Ascension that is underway and I mean stigmas to the signs of the Light. Today it is no longer necessary to bear the stigmas of CHRIST in the flesh, but today identifying yourself with the Light stigmatizes you through the doors, by the displays, by the signs you describe and that reflect the confrontation of the limited universe in which you are still involved, more or less.

And it is that the penetration of the Light in the mantle of the Earth and in all its cells, in the totality of consciousness, contributing to the phenomenal vibrational elevation that this solar system lives, these various stigmas, corresponding and announced for a long time as the Awakening of the three Homes (Sacral, Heart and Head), as the awakening of the new vibratory frequencies and as the sounds of the soul and the spirit.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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