The Law of Cause and Effect

  • 2017

Your thoughts are the cause, your environment is the effect.

We all believe we know what the law of Cause is Effect, however we have no idea how to really apply it.

The law of cause and effect is nothing more than the reason why you should be fully responsible for absolutely everything that happens in your environment . It implies recognizing that everything that happens in your environment you have created, and you are the cause of everything you see as an effect around you.

This implies having the courage to look around and say: yes, it is everything, absolutely all my sole responsibility. And taking responsibility is not the actions that led you to have a debt or to have left your partner or been left by him or her. Taking responsibility implies assuming that you created everything through your thinking. Your thoughts create, that is what quantum physics tells us today and the great masters of humanity told us in the past.

Your thoughts are the cause, and your reality is the effect.

Your thoughts are not harmless, it is more each and every one of them has the power to create . If you have thoughts that generate fear, it will create more fear, if your thoughts are of lack, it will generate more lack.

Be careful what you ask to be granted, says a popular saying. And I say that your thoughts are unconscious requests, so be careful what you think will be granted.

The law of cause effect has long been known to us. However, as we have convinced ourselves that as long as we do nothing and leave it at the level of thought we will not be affecting anything. We believe that it is enough to hide our thoughts.

I give you great news. Your thoughts are perceived by the universe as orders, and the universe responds to those orders by creating exactly that around you that you have thought .

As we have lived in a very dense reality, those thoughts do not manifest immediately, or at least they did not.

Reality is less dense today, everything manifests itself faster today than before.

Many times the thought occurred so far from its manifestation that we even forgot that we had thought about it. Instead today, physical reality vibrates more and more frequently. What makes us less dense every day and everything is manifesting at a speed we never dreamed before.

That is fantastic when we think of good things or that do us good, but how dangerous it is when we think of what is wrong with us. Unfortunately most of your thoughts are fear of something, worry, and remember the pain suffered. We create disasters, dramas and fear in our lives without realizing that we are responsible for what we are creating.

Start thinking of yourself as a projector that is permanently sending images around you. Those images are those things that you see in your environment, and those images have convinced you that it is reality and that you cannot change it.

However, if you project something different, then you change what you see. If you change your thoughts, you change what is projected. If you heal, you will attract healthy people to your life, if you feel grateful for life you will create abundance.

If you take responsibility for what you think, you have the possibility to change what you live.

Taking responsibility for what you generate (cause) makes you be in charge of its effects, so you can transform it. You are no longer a simple pawn on a chess board, you are the player and the game. It is incredible what you can achieve only by beginning to pay attention to the thoughts to which you give time and energy, because everything around you begins to change.

I challenge you to find the cause in you by observing the effects of your thoughts on the events around you.

Written by Beatriz Cueto for the Great White Brotherhood. For more information about Beatriz you can go to

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