Saint Francis of Assisi: The Gift of Animals

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon

... carry love, carry balance and teach to live in harmony with oneself, with others ... They are the animals that accompany the path of life, because what they hold is unconditional love, it is the essence of that balance of give and take.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Greetings, I'm Francisco, Francisco de Asís, but you can call me Frank, because I'm an old friend and a new friend and constant companion.

And yes, beloved friends, it is true that there is much work to be done with the collective and with the healing of that collective, because you know it. Because much of what they do and what they have done throughout this life, has been cleanliness, healing, clarification of pain, grief, lack, limitation, for humanity and for expand them in knowledge not only of their being but of their potential .

One of the greatest gifts to humanity of Mother and Father is the gift of animals . I am not simply referring to what many will think of as "domesticated" animals, but to all animals, because they bear love, balance and teach how to live in harmony with yourself, with your partners, how to establish viable limits, how to breathe and eat and feed and how to lie in the sun, and hibernate.

One of the greatest gifts that Mother-Father gave humanity is animals.

But it is especially true in the case of animals that accompany them on the journey of life, because what they hold is unconditional love, it is the essence of that balance of giving and receiving.

And so, those sweet companions, yes, our pets, remind us that the essential soul is one of grace, peace, compassion and balance . This, very similar to that of their beloved friends of the animal kingdom, they have been called crossing miles, crossing the air, crossing the environment to come and meet, not only for enlightenment, but also for their own birth and fruition sweet superior beings, since the sweetness of these beings that are our company is, and will be, extraordinarily nutritious for their hearts.

They remind us that the essential soul is one of grace, peace, compassion and balance.

And their ability to feed their hearts and for you to feed theirs is a mutual gift . When they do, yes, of course, they are creating family, but what they are also doing is building and building and reinforcing and supporting the bridge between the kingdoms . And you three - yes, the little horse, the big horse and your own dragon - are forming a triad and it is part of the portal and it is part of you and it is part of them and it is part of the gift for both you and through you and of you to this group that we call humans and Gaians .

Too often, what has happened to mankind is that he has lost confidence and has lost confidence in his own ability to give and receive love . It is an extraordinarily sad situation that a person does not trust himself to love or receive love, who anticipates being hurt or betrayed, ignored or overlooked, undervalued.

It is very sad that a person does not trust himself to love or receive love.

In this transition from what it means to be literally a human , humans are learning again to trust and hope. This is the Mother's gift.

But there is a very practical piece of implementation, and part of that implementation is with animals because, often, humans allow themselves to be trusted and loved by an animal, and extend the fullness of their heart and of its being an animal, and particularly a dog. So they open up to the great experience. Start teaching them, to remind them, to renew what is truly possible.

And when you think about it, beloved ones, the horses - yes, even the most isolated, excluded, from the thoroughbred racehorses to the wild ponies - in many ways, the horses are also the intermediaries between what you consider to be the valuation and the domesticated.

They are the items, they are the messengers, they are the bearers of the energies between those kingdoms . And what they are also doing, they are also teaching the elementary what people have thought are the in invisibles, which clearly they inhabit the planet to trust humans again.

Therefore, not only is an enormous task being carried out, but a transition between the kingdoms is also taking place . And sweet angels of light, they are contributing magnificently!

Now you also know that this does not eliminate the very important portal that is on your property, and of which you are guardians and trustees: your brothers and sisters of the stars.

Remember also your star brothers.

So what they are doing is not a small thing, it is to act as emissaries, as ambassadors, as assistants, as collaborators, as intermediaries, as bridges among many, because all are destined in the Plan of the Mother and in the immediacy of that development, from this part of the Plan, to share this beautiful planet, to live in love, to live in joy.

Often, when people think of me, they think I left civilization behind, that I somehow dismissed or wanted to get out of civilization. That's not the truth. What I did as Francisco - and what you do, my dear friend, in a modern and modern way - I left the greedy society behind to really find not only the community but myself. I could not be in harmony with anyone, including my beloved family, until I became in harmony with my sacred self.

The only way to live in harmony with others is to be in inner harmony.

When I went to the countryside, it was the animal kingdom - and also the elementals, especially the fairies - that taught me what harmony was all about . And seeing that balance, giving and receiving, and witnessing that sometimes there was discord and violence, but not for their own good, I came to understand how to live in harmony with my community of four-legged animals first and winged.

This is what humanity is learning again. It is the balance . And what that teaches them is how to love themselves - and that is the balance par excellence that all beings require, regardless of what kingdom or species they emanate from.

San Francisco de Asis

Ascended Master Francisco de Asís

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) St. Francis Of Assisi The Mother Father's Gift Of Animals.

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