Message from Lady Miriam: How does your sovereignty affect others?

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 When you are prepared to choose sovereignty, your abilities to live happily in this world will be increased 2 Dear brothers, thanks to these words we will help you free yourself 3 You must enjoy clarity, health, well-being and abundance 4 We invite you to think about this

Hello dear brothers,

Today we greet you with love, because we want to focus on the will, mainly with the will related to the election of sovereignty . We are aware that it is not easy for you to give yourself the opportunity to be truly sovereign, to become aware of your own existence in order to see and accept that others around you can also be sovereign, far from all the demands and expectations that may have about you, have responsibility for the way in which other people are living or for the life that others lead.

Today we want to focus on the things that can help them, so that they finally feel willing to opt for sovereignty and that is that in order to be sovereign, they need to start by being willing to really be.

For most of you, who are still gradually walking the path to begin to love authentically, it is possible that the idea of living in sovereignty is pleasant, especially for the benefits it offers. However, this choice must be made being aware that each of you has the possibility to create, not only for yourself but for all those who care about you and love you and with that in mind you can feel much more qualified to finally make that important decision on your way to the Light, the Will and the Truth .

When they are prepared to choose sovereignty, their abilities to live happily in this world will be increased

We know that sometimes many of you are faced with these types of situations / options in which you have the opportunity to focus on yourself and let them pass because you do not have beliefs that support you and tell you which path you should follow. . Not long ago, we were here to tell you exactly how many of you do not have any belief in your mind, which causes you to ignore or completely create the perception that other beings in this world have. And as a consequence, much of you end up believing and giving importance to what others think, so that you lose sight of the path that leads you to truth and light, that path that leads you to your liberation .

By being carried away by these false beliefs that only generate internal conflicts in you, you do not understand that in many cases, all you need to be able to lead a sovereign life or as you wish to live it, are only the beliefs that could help you and guide you to achieve live happily and the way they want . Many of you, instead of choosing to allow these beliefs to help you, prefer to choose the beliefs that sow incorrect ideas within yourself, and consequently, your joy has a high cost to those around you, as they could create situations. things that affect others positively or negatively. But as we know that this really happens due to a misunderstanding, today we are here with the purpose of clarifying it and helping you to free yourself .

Dear brothers, thanks to these words we will help you free yourself

Within life, which is organized by an energy model, your body consists of an electromagnetic unit through which the inner energy of each one is projected., and can instill different feelings and sensations about other people by working on that energy. The highest level of well - being that energy system which they know as their life in this world, can only be achieved through alignment.

Clearly, you are very aligned, since you are receiving this message and have the possibility to enjoy the clarity, health, well-being and abundance that we offer you, because on a certain level, you have the ability to experiment. However, there are endless expansive levels that you could experience if you really want to achieve the greatest well-being that brings alignment to your daily lives, which will open and expand to Even more when choosing to live in sovereignty.

They must enjoy clarity, health, well-being and abundance

By choosing to begin their path to sovereignty, they will be much closer to reaching their final destination .

However, again many of you prefer to silence and disconnect from reality, believing stories that beings of darkness use to make them feel guilty for wishing to have a great life. But there is nothing to feel guilty about, it is okay to want a lot of money, to be a passionate lover or an extraordinary person, but it is not right to get carried away by that. Since all of you who decide to choose a sovereign life, awaits all the good things that this world has, because all of this comes from the impulse that the search has to find the highest level of well-being, which each of you must develop.

By developing that energy that seeks and guides towards alignment, everything else in your life will begin to flow optimally through its realization and liberation, so that your self-expression will be greatly favored, that is, your true Self.

Take into account that all the energy that is within the system of your life, is your main way to reach your self- expression . This energy that you reflect and show in front of others, is the main way in which you usually express your presence, even when many of you do not think and are not aware of it . A large part of you usually think about what you do and each thing you do is nothing more than your way of manifesting physically ; However, they do not think that the state of their energy is their main way of expressing their essence and what they really are.

Therefore, today while you consider what it really means for you to strive to express yourself fully through the state of energy of your life, consider that the more you use this energy, the better your life will be for the rest of your stay in this world. .

We invite you to think about this

As we have already said, when you are receiving our message you are aligned, so you can begin to live and know the greater well-being that this offers you and from this start to do more for those around you. And it is that the part of you that really must matter, is exactly the energy of your life, since through it you have the possibility to contribute much more to the life of the people you love and do everything you want to do.

By choosing a sovereign life, you will be able to feel that great relief that is obtained by letting the will guide your lives, leaving behind all the deceptions while appreciating reality and understanding what you can provide energetically to other people.

We want all of you to realize that you are aligned, so that you can access the energy of your life . Which will allow them to fully appreciate reality and understand what they can achieve by choosing sovereignty .

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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