The Keeper of the Soul Keys -First Part- Lady Nada Channels through Natalie Glasson

  • 2019

My beloved friends, brothers and sisters of the Creator's light, as guardian of the keys of the soul it is a glorious moment for me to connect with your energies in this way.

I praise the Creator and his soul for the manifestation of this sacred space that we are now experiencing together.

Allow your energies to soften, know that I come with the love and truth of the Creator in my heart, as I connect and communicate with your energies.

I am Lady Nada, the guardian of the keys of the soul, Chohan or supervisor of the eighth ray of light, known as a green sea foam and devoted to cleanliness and purification.

I am also a member of the Karma Council, helping many resolve their negative actions.

I maintain the energy of the Goddess, emanating the feminine energies of the Creator to all, with the purpose of bringing a balance between the feminine and masculine qualities of the Creator, especially on Earth.

I have a strong connection with the Christ Consciousness and I am the feminine aspect of Mestre Sananda / Mestre Jesus, and thus I help in spiritual education to all on Earth, I am the guardian of the keys of the soul .

(as guardian of the keys of the soul it is a glorious moment for me to connect with your energies)

With many aspects and influences of the Creator's soul, maintained in my being, I have a special ability to perceive the truth of the soul within everyone.

This extends beyond the understanding of a person's soul or its truth, but it allows me to see the origin of his soul, the purest form of the soul before complete integration with the powerful soul of the Creator.

It is similar to seeing the first extension of an energy or soul of the Creator's soul .

This means that I acquire a unique perspective of the person or his soul and its true objectives, desires and qualities that extend beyond the manifestation of the Monad.

It is because of my ability to recognize the purest source of truth and conscience in a soul that I was given the title of " Keeper of the Soul Keys ".

This title implies that I keep the key that will allow them to reveal their soul, while there is some truth in it.

I do not have a tool that allows an instant release of your soul into your reality, but I maintain the wisdom, energy and consciousness that will gradually allow an understanding, a connection and an observation of the soul .

I love working with individuals that allow an expansion of their soul and help in their expression.

Many individuals in the past affectionately invoked my energy to help them with matters of the soul and thus received a broad understanding of how they can reconnect with their soul and develop an evolving manifestation. of a space of great purity within them.

As guardian of the keys of the soul, when a person invokes my energy to help them begin a connection with their soul, it is when I approach their energy and channel my light deeply into their be.

This wave of energy will consist of the light of my soul, it is the light of the eighth ray that cleans all the thoughts and energies stagnant or negative, it is the Christ consciousness that anchors love and life. higher vibration of the Creator's light that is appropriate for the individual.

I bathed the individual in this light for some time as purification, allowed the individual to get used to my energies and my presence.

In many ways, this process activates a deeper understanding of being, just as the confusion clears up, allowing a greater sense of clarity to emerge.

When our energies begin to melt, I will observe the essence and truth of the soul of the person and may even communicate with the energy of the soul of the person, to understand the will and the divine path that the soul wishes to decree on Earth and in the internal plans.

As guardian of the keys of the soul this is for me a sacred moment, for it is similar to connecting with the Creator in the manifestation.

It is important that you understand that even when you are observing my communication, and imagine the powerful soul of the Creator, you really maintain an aspect or element of the purest form of the light of the Creator within you, but that is hidden by the distractions of his mind, emotions, personality and physical body.

He is in many ways protected or hidden until a time when you are prepared to accept the truth of the Creator that exists within you.

(as guardian of the keys of the soul it is a glorious moment for me to connect with your energies)

Everything that you manifest as both positive and negative energies originates from this purest energy of the Creator within your being, so for me it is extremely interesting to connect with the energy of your soul and then see the choices, projections and interpretations that They manifested in their reality.

This, of course, is not a true projection of your soul, for your previous experiences, the beliefs you formed and your environment will have influenced the person and energy that you exist as today.

End of the First Part of the Channeling

How did you like this first part? Remember that both parts complement each other, so you will have to be very aware of the second part of Lady Nada's Message Channel through Natalie Glasson about “The Keeper of the Soul Keys .

We wish you abundant successes and blessings, a Hug of Light!

Translated from Portuguese to Spanish. I share the original source here.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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