Angelic Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Inspirations

  • 2015
Act on your ideas and inspirations

Pay close attention to the new thoughts and ideas that are coming your way. Los Angeles wants you to notice and follow the ideas you've been receiving . These thoughts are the answers to your prayers asking for a guide, so don't dismiss them as mere imagination - they are much more than that. Angels want you to trust the messages, and more importantly, to act on them. Be confident in the messages and inspirations that you are receiving as they are divinely guided when they come from that quiet and peaceful place deep within you. Believe that these thoughts have already manifested.

Observe your thoughts because they can be your best ally or your biggest obstacle. In addition, your creations are manifesting within a shorter period of time as you raise your vibrations. Your gratitude for your ability to manifest and also the joy you feel in response to your creations are key to amplifying your skills, to transform anything you want. Trust yourself, trust the Universe, trust your dreams and you will see them manifest for you.

He states: "I trust in the infinite support of the Universe."

And so it is

You are very loved and always supported, the Angels

AUTHOR: Sharon Taphorn


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