Divine Mother Message: It's raining good opportunities that you should seize

  • 2019

Throughout the month of November many of you have gone through a series of reboots, in order to use a word that you really understand properly, just as it happens with your computers. And they must know that there will be other of these restarts in the remainder of the year.

This is because they are treated in our way of telling them about the continuous phases that are intended to invite them to break with a certain aspect of their past and with the purpose of better starting a new experience and / or moving on to a higher energy frequency.

So they should be aware that they should continue to do so because these restarts are a process that will continue until this year ends, which means that they will be forced to experience profound changes at each of the imaginable levels, both personal and collectively

This is the reason why they will present inevitable changes, which will promote their detriment whenever they dare to resist them; That is why in many countries human migrations, temperature changes and fluctuations around the mood of people, who increasingly tolerate less what they consider intolerable, suppose actions that offer the possibility of glimpsing these restarts of which We talk to them.

They should keep in mind that such reboots can be presented in various ways.

Although mostly they are marked by an unforeseen understanding that gives them the opportunity to perceive those events that they overlooked in the past, not only about yourself, but also about their relationships and their way of perceiving the world and life inside him .

It is also possible that they are so powerful that they manage to alter their personal conceptions by giving them the opportunity to really recognize what they are in relation to their virtues and weaknesses . Restarts have the ability to be so powerful that those of you who experience them could go through a phase, which could be called high voltage, where they will not feel totally exhausted and razed .

It will be as if some force that cannot be stopped deprives them of these inappropriate defense mechanisms that they possess, and only plunge them into a state of chaos, uncertainty and helplessness, because they do not allow them to appreciate the great potential of Change that they possess. The current experience. So that they can understand it better, we could say that it would be something similar to the fate of all those human beings who have been physically uprooted from their old reality due to disasters, abuse and wars, for all those situations that force them to migrate and deprives them of their old way of life.

No matter how the restart is generated, you should know that something will change in you and around you inexorably. It is essential that they understand the great importance of the days that separate each of these restarts, since in general they are moments that are accompanied by a strong influx of energy that although they may not know how to use, they should find out the best way to integrate it into their daily lives.

All this because they are impossible to divert energies, which will always push them to advance. And for this it would be very convenient for them to ask themselves what kind of new beginning they want to have in order to discover those harmful habits that they have to leave behind to continue advancing on their way to Ascension.

And at the moment when a being consciously decides to begin to fully adjust to the new chronology, he has the opportunity to feel and experience a great creative impulse, which unexpectedly pushes them to start something new through numerous projects that overwhelm them with the need to be undertaken.

It presents itself as a type of fever, which only drives them to invent, transform and innovate through these new projects, no matter how complicated they may be or seem to manage. However, and once the greatest of these creative waves is over, everything will happen and / or develop without the need for a great effort, allowing them to achieve great things.

November was a month that brought with it a peculiar energy intensity, which although the month is already coming to an end, it continues to have a great transformative effect on many of you, so those human beings that have not been fully aware of these changes that have occurred around them and within their own beings, they may soon begin to perceive their confirmation.

And while it is true that initially these restarts were intended to help you get rid of your old patterns and beliefs, you should keep in mind that the energies that have come to you during the month of November, they continue to declare a significant increase in relation to the intensity that strengthens the different aspects that involve both Truth and Love.

Above all, we have been able to verify throughout this last ternary of the full moon, that on many occasions none of you will be able to deny those impulses that will arise in you due to the arrival of the energies. This month, so you will end up immersing yourself in a great and deep sense of calm that you will only want to extend.

Freeing yourself from duality and not clinging to it is about the action that makes a real difference between those long periods of difficult experiences and the moments of brilliant new achievements. That is the reason why we tell you again that it is essential that you be able to move away from the duality model that leads you to agony, with the firm purpose of accepting and adjusting to the new reality. .

Now more than ever you should really ask yourself: In which world do I want to live?

Within this period of time both the misunderstandings that arise between you and the setbacks that may present your earthly experience will be multiplied for those of you who remain involved in duality. And they would find themselves really wrong if they decide to accuse Heaven for being the source or reason for their experiences, since it is only up to them not to adhere to a false security that only prevents them from being part of the change.

But it is the duty of each one of you to understand that both your words and your actions, however small they may be, are not really related in any way to reality, but are presented as a consequence of your resistance to change and your attachment to Anguish and personal pain.

That is why we invite you to put aside these negative feelings and consciously embrace the change that is presented through the energies that have been coming to you during this month, in this way you can free yourself from any unnecessary obstacles and be able to discover new experiences and much more beneficial than the old ones to which they attach so much desire.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Bertrand Duhaime

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/il-en-pleut-de-bonnes-occasions-de-vous-accomplir/

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