Akashic records: the soul experiences the hand of an expert

  • 2018
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We interviewed Alicia Soto, a Latin American who founded one of the first Akashic records reading schools in the Rio de la Plata. She tells us about the importance of these readings and the ability to use this information to lead a life in harmony with the universe.

To be able to enjoy the present we must eliminate the veils, the prejudices and the labels, it is necessary then to have tools. The soul is one of them and standing within love is essential to enter your mind to understand and order . Alicia Soto

What are the Akashic records?

They are the memory of the soul, it is all that we have lived since the beginning of time. It is a kind of multidimensional space where the experiences of the soul are saved, from the past to the future potential. It consists of an energy system that has everything necessary to evolve and make sense of our existence.

To access them we need to connect with our Higher Self, the inner Goddess and spiritual teachers. They are the ones with the answers that will help us understand the past, heal in the present and project into the future.

What do the Akashic records of soul experiences say?

Our records talk about what we have lived, what we know and everything we need to go through to learn life's lessons to move forward and be better. But during the readings there is not always talk of past lives, sometimes hidden intra-family loyalties are shown or personal questions are answered that have been unanswered for years.

Therefore during a reading we can know: past lives, parallel lives, hidden loyalties . The key is to be able to work with all information daily and make a real change in your life. Start at last, the true path to self-knowledge.

Past lives, hidden loyalties and karmic law

Past lives are everything that the soul went through to get to this point, the truth is, the burdens of those lives often accompany us. The same goes for the family's hidden loyalties . These are behavioral patterns that determine us without even noticing, but they mark us in our daily actions. Reading records allows us to discover these two aspects of life in order to move forward without external burdens.

Now the karmic law is “the pending subject, what we somehow live and do not overcome; That's why we repeat it. The possibility of learning is given in the repetition of that karma to understand and move forward. We do everything to fight with what hurts. We must stand to understand learning, go through it without fear and be able to stop struggling with what we do not understand in order to see its true meaning. ”

After the opening of akashic records

No reading will change your life if you do nothing about it. The key is to understand that we are beings that come to this earth to learn, to love and especially to move towards other higher states; and act accordingly.

In the words of the expert:

We are wounded healers, we suffer from what we come to do as a mission. If we do not suffer from something, we do not have the experience to be able to transform it into something positive. The soul hurts, but does not suffer.

Pain reconnects us with love, suffering is fighting with what happens to you has the weight of resentment.

What resists persists, when we manage to leave the anger behind we no longer need to repeat it. At that moment we realized that it was not as bad as it seemed and that everything that happened made sense. It is the moment in which your life will make a change, you will stop hating and begin to let go.

The passage inside the self

When we access all this information and can see it clearly, we must act accordingly and overcome, once and for all, the small karmas that surround us . But how do we do it?

Alicia Soto says that we must transform 3 things, hate, envy and anger:

The first thing we should do is educate ourselves emotionally and understand that feelings have no negative or positive charges in themselves. We, as a society, attribute value to it, which does not allow us to really experience them because we are constantly repressing them.

So the first step is to understand that the universe gives us many feelings that we need to feel and experience.

  • Hate is a feeling understood from negativity, however hate is love upside down . Changing your meaning towards the search for self-love is the key to emotional intelligence that will allow us to make the real change.
  • Envy, meanwhile, represents what we want to have. But what we should know is that it is not a "bad" feeling but a bad perception. We must understand it as what we yearn for and that we must work to move towards the future . Envy is a guide to guide you, to focus on having what you want, because otherwise you get lost and do not detect the desires of your heart .
  • Fear on your part, is a necessary feeling, if it does not exist we have nothing to lose, it is what tells us that we have to protect ourselves in some way. The important thing is to assimilate it in such a way that we can go through it to erase it from our mind and move forward.

By changing these three perceptions of feelings we are already taking a big step towards self-knowledge. Once we are able to do so we can begin to see ourselves as we really are, when we are at that point we will begin a new stage: letting go and forgiving .

In the words of teacher Soto:

We are co-creators of our destiny, what we see is what we create. To the extent that I have more peace, I do not think or speak negatively, I do not make judgments but understand and generate that my future be harmonious, that it becomes what I always need; to be as authentic as when we were little.

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AUTHOR: Valentina de Anda

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