Poem of Being Higher than Human, by Graciela B rbulo

  • 2013

I don't wait for you

I contain you

Each and every one of your acts

they live in folds of the Reality that I Am

entirely, timelessly,

while you are sequentially.

I'm not what you don't travel

You forge when passing.

I discover myself in your walk

because I am infinite and eternal potential

and you believe, in me, concrete reality in a time.

Do not worry.

You do not move me.

I am.

And you, whatever you are, wherever you are,

You are in Me.


you can always look back at


and undo the created gear,

get out

and create you again in another time,

in other circumstances.

I don't wait for you, transcending you.

We don't go together, you go in Me.

But when you get tired

go inside

and make contact with me.

In your interior dwells the immensity

than you are

Do not look outside.

The infinite is inside, and it is outside where the limits are found.

So, when you feel tired,

come into you

discover the unlimited potential that you are,

and you'll know that That's Me.

Then rest,

Rest in Me.

Close your senses to the borders of the form, enter the undefined potential,

and you will become that.

The world will end and you will be

Everything and nothing in particular.

The world will cease without your attention,

because it’s where she lives,

and so

All limits will disappear.

Rest in me without perceiving it.


and it will be me.

Then I will be you,

yt and I will be One within the undefined potential

until you want,,


activate your senses

and keep walking for a while,

a place,

some circumstances

In My Essence.

But don't forget that I hold you,

you breathe me

you set me up

and will never be there

of what you are not.

The world you want

is modeled on the same Substance

than the one you dislike.

The difference between your previous feeling,

that stays until the end and you confuse

With the result of the experience.

Always, whatever you do, where you do it, and whatever you are, it's Me

and you are in me.

And you model the nature of it all.

In you is how to continue modeling, and what.

I support you and accept you.

Saying I love you is small.

You are in Me. And so it will always be,

until we are,




Graciela B rbulo



Poem of Being Higher than Human, by Graciela B rbulo

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