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I come on the wings of love! The work of internal processing in each individual continues as each one refines the energies he maintains in order to become completely clear of everything that could impede his progress towards higher levels and dimensions. It has not been an easy process, we know it, but necessary, because everything that does not resonate with the Light and the higher energies must be eliminated before we can move on to the next level of your spiritual journey to the Light.

Now the path before you is the path of discernment. It is the balance in the use of power through the right action and the right thinking. This is the alchemist's job and is the next step; Most of you are walking firmly along this path. Discernment is the key here, because much of what is happening needs the internal connection to the superior guide to understand what is true and what is not. The entire spectrum of all polarities that have always existed on the planet is rampant at this time and requires that this important quality of discernment be exercised on a sustained basis, minute by minute.

Seen from the top perspective, everything is fine. Everything moves according to the Divine Plan for the Earth and for all humanity. Everything is fine; Everything is fine and is progressing perfectly. The next two or three years will focus on the recalibration of the human physical body of everyone on the planet. This is a time of greater cleansing, a time of greater integration as energies continue to flow over the planet from the cosmos. This process is helping to transform the physical body into a more pure and refined vehicle, one that is bright and vibrates at a higher frequency.

This must be done before the Earth, as a whole, ascends. By aligning daily with your Divine Essence and knowing that they come from the Divine Source, and seeing this also within all those around them, they continue to hold the Light and vision for an era of Light, a rebirth of love, creativity and life. unlimited possibilities This is the vision that is developing before your eyes. This is a beautiful future that shines like a beacon in front of you, so do not hesitate, Beloveds, continue doing your spiritual work daily and BE those luminous emissaries so that others follow your example.

There is a peaceful solution to every problem, to every difficulty they may encounter. There is always a higher way to solve them and we ask each of you to look for these solutions in whatever situation you are currently facing. Love is the way, Dear ones, love is the answer! Walk on this planet with full confidence that you are never alone, that we, your Family of Light, walk by your side. Know that we work with you while your bodies and minds lie asleep. Each of you has wonderful and loving counselors of the Light with whom you communicate in the evenings so that you do not deviate from the path you have chosen.

This is the year of new beginnings and this is something that each of you is trying to achieve by letting go of everything that is no longer necessary, fulfilling and completing the goals that were initiated during the last cycle. The new beginnings are happening simultaneously and therefore, sometimes they feel as if they were astride two worlds, two dimensions, and hoping not to fall through the cracks. You remain the powerful bridge of Light, love and truth, as is your mission on the planet. They will not fail, regardless of what happens, we see it and we know it! Stay firmly determined (NT: The channel includes here a link to your website that contains a "Daily Prayer" for those who wish to proclaim it. The translation of it is included at the end of this message) to hold the space for the reality they want manifest in your world.

Spiritual advances are taking place towards the higher consciousness in every moment, in every heart! People are waking up, people are taking a stand, they are choosing the highest Light, being love, being peace, being the ambassador for the good of the world, rather than the opposite of what is being shown through the news media . It is the choice of humanity that the world becomes a sanctuary of light, love, peace, harmony and goodwill among all humanity. This is what you have already chosen and are manifesting - so keep your visions and never hesitate.

Many of you have been initiated on the inner planes for the spiritual work you have done and for the achievements you have made. Everything is entering your conscious reality now. They are open to her, watch her, listen to her. We speak to you when your mind is at peace, quiet and peaceful. We let you know of those achievements, we honor and applaud you for all that you have contributed to the forward movement in the ascension of this planet and all those who are on it. Let your footprints on your planet remain full of light so that you do not leave a trace of chaos, but only love, peace and harmony, so that you leave only what is beneficial and nutritious for everybody.

Feel each other, value each other's place in your lives, whether through friendship, through intimate love relationship, through s of the family relationship; Appreciate and savor your connection, because this is the most important, the connection of one soul with another. This is what gives true meaning to the journey of a soul to physical reality, because that is what they carry with them when they leave. This is what is most important the qualities of the soul that you carry with you because silver and gold cannot take you with you when they rise to the higher realms.

It is only what you have transmuted within yourself transmuting lead into gold. This is what you take with you on your journey back to the higher dimensions, where each of you shines in its luminosity. Their hearts are shining with a beautiful bright golden light. Walk in love, walk in peace!

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My beloved I AM of my Being.

In and with you I take my position for eternity. I come this day in God, with God, for God and for God.

I will live this day and every day in God, with God, for God and for God.

And I will close this day in God, with God, for God and for God.

I am God protected, God purified, God protected, God connected, God enlightened, God healed, God nourished. God provided and I am God victorious over all that is of a discordant nature in my outside world.

I love the Light and I want to grow in my experience with the Light. I love the Light more than anything else in the World and I know that your Light is all wisdom, love and power within me and in all my experiences in my outside world.

I take my position in the Light; Because I AM the Light.

This is the Light that I experience in all the things of my World. AND I AM SO GRATEFUL.

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Translated by Esther Abreu

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