Message of the Cosmic Christ, for all mankind

  • 2010

July 11, 2010

Mammitah Christic Channel

Message from the COSMIC CHRIST, for all humanity of open and free dissemination ALWAYS.

Beloved, beloved, beloved children of the Earth, I AM THE CHRIST, I have come to your planet many times, from the beginning of its creation, I AM A COSMIC ENTITY CREATED BY THE DIVINE BEING, you remember the MASTER JESUS, HE HAS BEEN AND IT IS MY BELOVED I IN YOUR FLAT, ONE OF MY MOST, BELOVED AND BLESSED, I MADE THE MOST DIFFICULT HOMEWORK THAT WAS TRANSCENDING THE GUILT, AND ACTIVATING LOVE IN FORGIVENESS, he planted the seeds that are now blooming, broke off of his own spirit so that I would enter and work with him first and later with you, HE gave himself to me, just like all of you can do it, HE will accompany you and help you to realize this FUSION, my mission is to bless all the creation, I am in every place, in every planet and dimension where there is life and the consciousness of life, because I AM the expression of God in his infinite love, I AM the cord that unites everything in the INFINITE CHAIN OF LIFE, with immense LOVE and PEACE I bring greetings from the hearts of humanity and BEINGS OF LIGHT, IN ALL DIMENSIONS, the Higher Realms and your SUPERIOR, individual and group BEING on the mother planet. From my heart I BLESS YOU my beloved children, today I come in particular with the purpose that you feel the energy that floods your planet in a short time, today the only message is of LOVE and JUBIL, do not despair everything is prepared everything is already known is written story in the SACRED BOOK that THE PLANET MOTHER (EARTH) amounted to the time and period of your year 2012-2016, period that was necessary, since the forecast was shorter in your time, however the dark forces of the The mind of humanity, generated so much work, that the DIVINE PLAN suffered a small delay, in order to understand in your conscience, more, everything has been done in PLENITUDE.

And now I am addressing you in real time, HOPE is the work of the mind, CERTAINTY, SECURITY. It is the way to express the FAITH and the connection with the BEING… I tell you this because when I hear you in your requests, either in the prayers or in the internal chats of your minds, I still detect a doubt, it is a more than reasonable doubt, My children, you have been so long in duality, so long, in the frustration of dreaming of a life of LOVE, of trying to activate THE TRUE COMMON SENSE, which is the Christic sense, which is absolutely consistent that you speak to me of hope, but the word Hope really means for the most part doubt, that is ... the possibility of failure, take care of your words children, take care of your thoughts, do not cut that direct line between the dense past and the future in perfect LOVE, be very careful to attract the life that you are desiring and that BELONGS to you, you are all a collective, the most advanced in this battle against mental darkness are those in charge of helping others, that is what you have requested from the beginning, so IT'S TIME, WE'RE SO CLOSE TO MY BELOVED, I beg you to strive and there will be your homes, both the home where you live and the home of the heart and mind to all who knock at your doors Do not be afraid, at all times you will know how to do the right thing, abandon fear, fear is a word with great power, that is why I ask Mammitah to always write it in lowercase letters, do the same children of the Earth, enlarge and exalt the LOVE words and Master words, I remind you that writing, like the spoken decree, and thoughts exert enormous power, be aware of it and use it thoroughly to change this vibration that you no longer need.

I am addressing the WARRIORS OF LIGHT, you are the Warriors of light, so you feel, because your spirit is connected to the DIVINE BEING, the GOD OF EVERYTHING, and you know the history of the planet in the past, present and future times, I give you Thank you for the great value you are showing, CONTINUE HELPING THE PLANET and HUMANITY, I am in you.

You will recognize each other, you are in all social layers, in all professions, from the humblest in service to others to the most powerful, the most difficult work you have the humans who occupy positions of power, so It is children, we know it, I know it and I am activating you in LOVE, LOVE comes to you in different ways, to each one in the best way for you to take strength, work in silence, work in good and goodness, take care of your true company that is good for the planet, the work that you are developing, is only the means to develop yourself beside the darkness, you are the new scientists, the wise, the doctors, the lords of law and order, jurists, magistrates, economists, teachers, social servants, administrators, technical specialists, art lords, male politicians and women, young and old, do not forget that this plan is very Next, that there was a time when it was decided to start working for the transmutation and planetary ascension, given the great propensity for the degeneration of your race, the place where you habit because it is the only one where duality is lived in emotions, and it is already unsustainable from time back in your consciousness, it is necessary that there be drastic changes, because as I have already informed you and You know all the creation is evolving, everything is affected by everything, because it is perfectly linked.

I gave you a date, it will be between 2012 and 2016 that your form is abandoned as you know it, the density of your thoughts will leave your mental body forever, this will be given by the change of axis that will affect with extreme light the mind of humanity and the astral and mental of the mother planet that can no longer sustain itself, what is generated by you, do not feel bad about my words, I love you as much as the first day a, from the first human of which I marveled and I remain amazed, you are not guilty of anything, it is natural that there comes a time in everything created that degenerates and transforms into something higher, so is the force of the life that makes its way in any place and form, but must always be taken care of and protected, you my beloved ones are being cared for even though you don't feel it that way, and now I speak in the name of all the creation and of the DIVINE BEING, do not worry more, there is no ca stigo, all messages are a call to the order of life with love, it has never been nor will it be a message of fear or doubt towards your perfection, perfection that you are getting as they pass the times, and you walk the planet Mother, do not forget that I know your space very well, and like me, all the Beings of Light and Masters and inhabitants of the Higher Realms, so no one absolutely no one feels or thinks you have no choice, why do you think so? If the general feeling is of absolute COMPASSION AND LOVE, of the desire to help you, ask for beloved children, ask with passion and devotion that we help you, always activate and keep it that way, the commitment of our BEING with you, without your requests we do not have the explicit permission, but as a race and as a group to which we must help to come, whom we want very intensely to help Ascend, in this permit we move, but so that things be faster, ask, ask in a concrete and wise way., talk to us, the prayer is perfect for your mind to enter the appropriate frequency and open to us, the meditation is perfect to generate the energy that will contain everything, help each other learn to connect, it is very simple, speak directly, without intermediaries, speak loudly until you get used to addressing me or your Teachers naturally, in a dialogue of friends and her hands, with the closeness of the family, do not care what they will say, or what is right or wrong, you still do not know what is good and evil, good is to live open to the common good, of each and every one, without conditions, without cultural aspects, it is the sacred freedom of the other to experience their own life, and to see it with love and joy, evil, is to close that door to the freedom of BEING, ensure that everyone in your environment can discover who they are, let them make mistakes, don't you remember your infinite mistakes? It is the most intense way to learn, since in reality there is no mistake, everything is a great step forward in your growth, even more so when you have to take a step back to start again later.

If you still ask what I can do, it is because you do not know how valuable you are and to know it you must expose yourself to life, live, live, live, with intensity, put the conscience of the child who learns enthusiastically, play with everything, assume that your reality is much better than you see, even if you are in a life sacrificed to another, even if you are taking care of someone who cannot take care of himself, and you cannot live, live that path that was a pact of love between the two, as an opportunity to experience pure love, I remind you that I AM ACTIVATING LOVE IN YOUR LIVES, NEW LOVE, LOVE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW, THE HIGHEST LOVE THAT EVERYTHING FILLS AND CHANGES FOREVER, do not fear, live that LOVE, in however it comes, do not miss the opportunity to be happy while planetary changes are happening, this LOVE can be a new couple, or a new friendship or professional relationship, or a project aimed at humanity so that it is better, or get out of your own hell men such and resting at last, I remind you that nothing that comes to you in LOVE is known here in your dimension, but it is the only way to exist in the highest dimensions, and the journey you have undertaken is to live it all naturally outside the cultural concepts that repress the expression of LOVE, because this LOVE IS UNIVERSAL AND UNCONDITIONAL, look with new eyes to those you have in your way and celebrate your new freedom allowing some of them take a little longer to find it, Do not judge them, work tirelessly to be LOVE all the time, no matter how many times you do not go well, the times that you hurt will only matter how many times you are right and what has already been done. POSITIVIZE everything at all times everything lived.

Abandon the Earth of suffering and separation, abandon the culture of exclusion, and sacrifice, I INCLUDE EVERY BEING IN ALL PLACES IN MY HEART to follow this awareness,

Today the message is not what is going to happen with excitement, because that would alter you, but if I explain to you so that you are in peace and constant harmony that the planetary change will be carried out in perfect coordination. Star forces, your cosmic brothers, of all the planets and constellations, children of the stars will come to help, you will feel it that way, some will see it with your own eyes, because you are part of the so-called warriors of light who will rise to service, without doubt, THERE WILL BE A DAY IN WHICH YOU WILL FEEL AN INTERNAL CALL, WE WILL CALL YOU FROM INSIDE, YOU WILL FEEL A GREAT NEED TO SLEEP, AND IN A VERY SHORT TERM YOU WILL WAKE UP AND ASCENDED,

This is the way in which everything is planned, the messages are clear, first a lethargy will come, it is not on the entire planet at the same time that there is a period of 4 years, in this period, by geographical areas that will be chosen As the axis is positioned at its new point of reference with respect to the GALAXY SUN, you will feel that lethargy, and need to sleep, then legions of Angels, and of your older brothers, will come to your side, THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION OF LIGHT He will be in charge of keeping humanity in peace, and in security, because IF it is true that we must protect you from yourselves, so that you feel so in fear that you collapse, this is actually a few micro seconds, for three or three four days you will be doing short periods of rest, throughout the day, as if you were taking small naps, or heaping in your own spaces, either in your homes or in your work there from the security that acts We will live, that is the work of all of us for you, and in that rest there are a few seconds in your perception and hours in our reality in which we will be in you, in your intimate space to help you only to help you, we are also Doctors and Technicians from heaven plus the Angels and all the Cosmic Brotherhood, we will repair your energetic bodies, we will transform your chakras that must change and turn in another direction to connect well with the new light of the Central Sun, this light will reach chakra by chakra and will start up THE NEW HUMANITY OF THE MOTHER PALANETA, every time you wake up you will feel better, nor will you remember what happened in these healings. Neither of the history of the planet, will you rise alone to feel the immense love that will flood your mind, and she will finally be at the service of love forever, therefore, you will only seek the happiness of the other, you will lose consciousness of the self and the consciousness of the ELEVATED IN CONSTANT SERVICE TO LOVE will remain.

In a real way, to abandon the messages of fear, the world will not end or end, if it is true that creation is being collected to be generated again, and no one will succumb, everything is a continuous transformation.

As you can see everything is planned, the feeling will be for you to suddenly see everything with new eyes, and some of you will be very aware of what has happened, those who will know it should go to look for others, and explain that the world has finally changed, to help us sustain peace while everything is done, the air will be cleaner and more pranic because your respiratory system must be transformed first, then your endocrine system that has already begun to change a while ago showing signs of new allergies, it will regenerate the adequate substances to absorb this prana, and so your whole physical being, cell by cell will be transformed in that period of 4 years, the diseases will heal by themselves, because you will be connected to the LIGHT, it is irremediable, the constant creativity will be your power, because it will come from the LIGHT of the Galaxy and the LOVE that is delivered as a gift.

It is now when it is necessary that you do not allow yourself to be manipulated by the dark thoughts of those who are not yet in LIGHT. Be aware that everyone will be given a very clear opportunity to come to this new life, but based on THE LAW must respect those who do not want to continue evolving with LIGHT, this is not your job, it is an internal treatment, I will be within these humans and deal with them directly, know that the Earth has a quality, it has generated a new planet in another frequency, which is also another dimension, when the DIVINE PLAN FOR THE EARTH HAS FINISHED, who does not wish to live in love, must remain on the earth that you now know for a while longer, this earth will also raise the frequency so that even so, it will help the evolution of the entire human race because it is an unquestionable and irremediable fact, no one here will suffer what has already been suffered in horror, because if it is true that the capacity for cruelty leaves this planet forever, there will still be the duality that is necessary for the early stages of growth, you already have peace in your heart for people who are constantly asking me for all humanity, including the darkest, THAT IS CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, and you I THANK YOU FOR IT.

Imagine that there are two lands, start and imagine them, the two twins, one above and one below, both in light, one in a duality the other in Unity. This is my beloved.

Mammitah, beloved daughter, you always ask for humanity as a whole, you say that O ALL OR NO, this is my daughter, that is how it should be, but everyone must be respected in their own evolution, and helped in the most optimal way for their own growth, in the same way you must work among you in a time. EVERYONE will be at the same point of emptiness and full at the same time, in the pure and unique essence because it is the only reality, there are infinite human beings that as you ask for the Light for all, and you are meeting, I am the Warriors and workers of the LIGHT who are already rising to the service of PEACE and LOVE.

The coordination of all change and affectation is the work of the DIVINE PLAN, that is what all BEINGS OF OTHER KINGDOMS serve, I WILL BE AND I AM THE GOLDEN THREAD THAT EVERYTHING JOINS.

Now in this last rattle of fear, I condemn you to create the new world economy, the economy of LOVE, I condemn you to follow the dictates of the heart with the intelligence of the mind, OPEN, OPEN TO THE OTHER, do not fear if the first experiences result Nefarious or failed for you, that will help you learn, and open you more, follow the dictates of the heart, for many of you already feel the need to abandon what you have or know and start a new life, if so to first know and to know us more, and then to find a way to help humanity, then you are on the right path that is LOVE, if it is to abandon responsibilities with an egoistic affinity if you want do nothing for your growth, then, you are still free to do so, for freedom is sacred and I do not stop loving you for a moment, but do not be fooled, it is a moment of confusion, so that I address those who remain And they will feel abandoned, do not fear, they must make that journey to realize the importance of life that is LOVE and serve it with joy and accompaniment to others, have enough LOVE for them and for yourselves, regardless of whether they return or not, on more than one occasion this will be a great opportunity for you to grow, do not feel resentment, send thoughts of LOVE and LOVE will take care of everything.

Focus on the present constant, take care of your conscience that limits you, expand it and BE SPIRITS ON EARTH.

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. Take good care of your sacred temples that are your bodies, your mind and your soul, your spirit is eternal and is perfectly united to me and to EVERYTHING, it is always in pure perfection .

Shut up if you still don't know how to think with LOVE, speak only with words of love, fall in love with all humanity and your planet, feel the joy of the JOY OF BEING ALL TOGETHER SHARING THIS MOMENT SO TRANSCENDENTAL .




Mammitah: Thank you, beloved Master, for your LOVE in the name of the God that dwells within us, in the name of all humanity and in my own name as human and as BEING.

Master COSMICO CHRIST .: I welcome and thank your words in LOVE AND SERVICE Beloved daughter.

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