Message from Master Lady Miriam: "Words heal and words destroy." Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Waving consciously to the mind ...

Only with conscience can one greet the mind, when one is aware of the word that is going to reach the mind of the human being, can one understand what the learning will be. Words heal and words destroy ; words have built great empires, they have built religions, they have built big cities, they have built human beings; they have left in the legacy of history what will be the precedent of what today turns out to be their reality.

The word can heal emotions but it can also increase pain; the word heals when it is said with truth, when it is said based on reality, the reality of what exists and the reality of what is good.

The reality of what is good is what beings need, not what they want to hear; We live in a world where we look for words that are good for us but are not always real, we rarely want to hear what we really are for fear of facing what does not benefit us and what we do not like about our personality. Our personality is fascinating but it also becomes dark, our personality is attractive but it also becomes something we don't want to know. When beings arrive who speak of our reality as they see it, suddenly the annoying mind says that "that is not true", because only that which benefits our life, our time and our object of truth is true.

The object of truth is only a strategy of the mind to make the path easier; but it does not mean that being the easiest is the right way. The path of good is the most difficult, the path of good is that which makes us understand that there are certain things in us that should not appear in that line and that having them hidden will be easier to continue; but if you want to continue on the path of good, you need to understand those hidden parts in order to cross the path. The path of evil is that path of only lying that makes us deceive ourselves of the reality of beings and especially of what we represent.

We cannot change a time that follows a human route, that is, we cannot alter a natural cycle of life, we only deceive ourselves. We cannot alter the natural course of things because things fulfill a mission, they have a concrete stay in our life. To think that they are different is just to deceive us. It is not an easy strategy for us, it is only to make reality more complex; something that in the end we are going to have to overcome in any way and in any way crushing the mind more in the way than it could have been well-being.

The path of evil is to consider that things are not as they are and are only as at that time they would be simpler than they were; but of course there can also be the bonhomy of thought, of course there can be that part of having a certain faith in things, a certain certainty of reality; but not fooling ourselves about what we are going to have to face in the end.

The word builds in healing all that we truly speak with the soul. The soul speaks many times only in sadness when it can deepen what it truly is. Only in sadness do they take the knowledge of time, only in sadness do they often value beings in their lives, that is also when the human being speaks with purity, when the mind speaks consciously. The mind is rarely conscious because it is only conscious in those unfortunate moments and little valuable in its existence.

The word can heal when it is said with kindness, the word can build when it speaks with reality. If you day by day with the word define what you are and what you want to achieve, you begin to build a reality with facts. The word is a fact when it is said, when it is heard, when it vibrates in its mouth. The word is a fact when you shout to life; the word is a fact when the air, when this wind can contemplate those waves and take them where they have to go. If you speak to life, the existence of beings resounds; if you speak with words of healing, they bounce in the human body; If you speak with words of kindness to humanity, then calm that mantle of the mind, that veil that you have in your mind so that you cannot see beyond, only what you have in front of you.

If you speak truthfully for humanity, you will release that veil; If you speak with a sense of balance for humanity, you will be able to change what is even considered impossible. Opportunities there are daily, wills there are few, realities even less; but there are certain beings that continue in the fight and that they will do it.

But words can also destroy, just as they suddenly take away the veil of human beings, they also become the most dense when they only speak of catastrophe to humanity, they poison in the sense of what might be something great. The word heals if proactive, the word heals if it comes from the soul; The word is bigger if you talk about the spirit of consciousness, talking about reality as it is, transforming it into what it should be and accepting it to transform it.

The word conforms to want, the word conforms to mission and the word is a fact when it can be pronounced. Whoever pronounces his name with enthusiasm speaks with courage of his life; who pronounces his life as it is, speaks with a sense of truth and congruence in what he has already done and in what he has yet to do. The one who speaks with some doubt about his soul because he wants to know her is a daring being, he is a brave being but above all so noble that although he wanted to define something bigger he cannot, but he wants to do it.

He who speaks of his life as it is, in itself is brave, is a fact that will change what many times he would like to transform. He who speaks of others with reality but with kindness can transform the very life of those whom he wants to help only with the word; he who speaks evilly of others is defining himself in the shortcomings of himself. Who speaks with enthusiasm of another just because he does well without knowing what, is a being so transparent that he does not need to know what happens in the lives of others; his soul is so happy that he seeks the constant well-being of those he would like to see as he would like to be.

Talk about the well-being of humanity without needing to know what others need to be able to see them happy, always in balance with words that heal. Heal their now rumbling in reality by pronouncing the words they need to be able to transform what they live today and want to achieve at this time.

With words of congruence in our real life, I can tell you that we build what you want to talk about ... Each of you will think what you need right now and will be a reality. All then after a few seconds they will only have to say FACT IS.

Everything that your souls have said in goodness for what they need in reality, be assured that by our encounter, IT IS DONE.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. April 20, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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