Message from Divine Mother: The time of love is coming, cast away fear

  • 2019

Greetings, my dear ones.

We join today as a collective. We have seen you evolve through many levels of lives since the beginning of the game. Planet Earth and the E family got together and said: “ Let's play a game without rules . We will see how it develops and if you and other people can open your eyes and remember who they are.

Fear only exists in the future

Fear and love are totally opposite . Although you consider hate as the opposite of love, this is not the case, because the opposite of love is actually fear. You can only be afraid of things that are in the future.

And the easiest way to think about fear is to see the missing information. That is why we have been frank and open about everything we see coming.

We are proud of the incredible work you have done. You will see the effect, how it spreads and touches everything. On Earth, this is usually manifested by the opposites of love and fear, but in reality, each person is transmitting a full spectrum wave.

Yes, that is why we encourage all human beings to work towards unity, because the expression of unity harmonizes the mind to experience the full spectrum wave.

Today we want to talk about a process of natural equalization that exists universally, a round-trip movement, which serves to balance everything that is unbalanced. When the wave changes direction, the equalization process ends. In fact, there are black holes throughout the universe to help ensure equalization between dimensions.

There are many things that you will begin to understand as you progress in this new reality, but one of the most beautiful aspects is that there will be an equality of love . However, the equalization state may also close suddenly and without warning; There are those who will try to control it, but with a little encouragement, equalization can open up and provide a balance that everyone can enjoy. This is the moment to do it.

In recent years, humanity has become a general feeling of fear and that is neither good nor bad, it is simply the way things are evolving. Fear is not a bad thing, it is just an emotional reaction to a projection. What you do is up to you and fear is a way of motivating you.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your circumstances, your political beliefs or financial situation, you are a supposed player, the piece that moves on your evolving game board.

You can change the play

You can change so many things, dear. You can even change the game board, which is just beginning. Equalization is really very simple, you can feel the changes on planet Earth, the intensity of all the energies that come together because it takes humanity to a great period of change.

The natural reaction to change is fear . What happens if I can't do it or if I don't change? What if that change was not as good as the previous one? And if we told you that every change leads to something better, even if it doesn't always seem like the time it happens.

Even if you remember some of the worst decisions you made or the things that happened to you in your life, would you really change them if you could? No, it is not part of your system. More than an experience in your past, it is part of who you really are. Mastering it means that it no longer controls you and is absolutely beautiful.

All mankind rises during this period of change, carrying its metamorphic shell around it after falling into a period of fear. .

That is why we are here to help you complete the missing information. Regardless of your belief systems or work methods, first fill in the blanks and all kinds of doors will open to you .

You won't even have to worry about the second step, because things will start to open very quickly and you can simply follow the movement of energy. This is the other thing that happens on a global scale, but it is up to humanity to determine how far love goes or if it is shared. With all this fear, you have retired and put your shell around you . As a result, there has been a lack of love, because you simply cannot keep fear and love at the same time. It begins to change now because the opening has taken place and the equalization is beginning to happen.

Love is what opens the door to equalization, it is the imbalance that now has the opportunity to change and there is a wave of love that is currently happening on planet Earth. How far will it go, how much will it affect other people or help improve the situation on planet Earth? It's up to you, it's your job and it's happening right now.

Human beings need to love and be loved . You cannot live on this planet without love. Because all mankind has entered the fear of uncertainty, love has been removed from the path and that is the opening of equalization now. How can you go to the next level where love is? We would like you to fall in love with yourself, which is the most difficult.

Whatever your belief system, faith or tradition you follow, these are the times when you can open your heart and make a difference.

Keep in mind that being surrounded by this fear makes it harder to open your heart because it can make you vulnerable. It is when it makes you want to close your metamorphic shell and crawl into that space where you tend to hide things and cover them. If you can feel a part of the great love we have for you, you will realize that there is only one way to preserve love and transmit it to others.

A time to fall in love

Fall in love with someone else, even for a moment . No, you don't have to get confused or change your life, you don't even need to be absorbed by sexual energy.

Follow the unconditional love you have, it can be as simple as experiencing the beauty of a rose, holding it in your hands or falling in love with the snow that falls from the sky over the treetops, even that slight interaction you had with your neighbor, while that both took out the trash. Wherever you are, look for those opportunities to fall in love and extend it into your own life.

Find a way to express love, bring it to your life and amplify it . There is a wave of love on planet Earth and once this impulse begins and continues, you will feel all this incredible energy that is advancing to support you and establish that connection.

We appreciate your ability to let us love you for the time we spend here together. Your trip is of great importance to all of us and we are very proud of everything you've done here on planet Earth, and we can't wait to see what you do next.

You are on an incredible path and with the greatest love, dear, we ask that you treat each other with respect and stay together.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Steve Rother

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