Serapis Bey's Message of Love and Support

  • 2012

Beautiful being of light!

Spread this message of love and support to all beings who want to hear it because the words found in it resonate in their hearts.

Bello ser! You must spread and make known the truth of the events that have long been eagerly awaited.

A great energy change is being prepared, a change that all beings are called to feel, those who are prepared and those who are not yet.

It is a universal, non-discriminatory change, no matter race or faith, what matters is that the beings called to this awakening do so from the purest conscience.

The time for change has arrived! The moment is here!

Prepare yourself by purifying your heart. Meditate every day, look for that peace that calms your mind and calms your soul.

Let good feelings and good actions resonate in your soul.

Fill your life with joy, enjoy all that it offers and share it with others.

Now more than ever you should honor your inner child and live life as a child would.

Look at the reality that surrounds you with the eyes of a child, use that prism to assess what happens to you. The being of a child is pure and has no evil, only a sincerity that sometimes borders on cruelty but is nothing more than that, the extreme expression of truth.

Honor your being as children do and purify your soul.

Pray and ask daily because your prayers will be answered and heard but do it with awareness, knowing why and for what you ask.

You must be aware that the universe is generous and gives us everything, we should only be prepared to receive what we have requested in the way that the Universe provides.

Beautiful beings of light what really counts is what will come the day after. Much is said about December 21, 2012 but ... and then?

Then nothing, everything will remain the same, only the energy of the environment will change and our energy being with it because it will be nourished by something so spectacular and special that there are no words to describe it.

Prepare to feel like you have never felt before, prepare to enjoy and enjoy life in an unimaginable way.

Let your being enter the 5th dimension by closing your eyes and forgetting for a moment that in this reality, yours, there is a space and a time.

Learn to enjoy, if you have not already done so, the constant gifts that life offers you.

Your existence is full of many incredible gifts that come to you every day ... do you see them? Do you enjoy them? Are you aware of it?

This is one of the things that you must work from now on, work your senses, sharpen them because the great change that is coming will be totally sensory.

Keep acting according to what you feel.

It is important that you respect your emotions and you will feel through them.

Happiness is totally subjective and depends a lot on how we manage the emotions we receive and feel.

Live your life honestly and sincerely!

Live your life honestly and sincerely!

Beautiful beings of light, I am Serapis Bey!

Listen to my words, internalize them and keep them inside your being: your heart.

Channeled by Montse Macanás on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 11:50 p.m.

It is allowed to share this message in other forums, blogs, etc., provided that it is displayed in its entirety, nothing is modified or altered and the name of the source from which it comes is cited. Thanks for spreading it.

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Serapis Bey's Message of Love and Support

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