Archangel Zaquiel: We encourage you to practice detachment and open yourself to new perspectives

  • 2018

Well loved greetings,

We are the archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with love. Today, we want to discuss detachment. The incoming energy is moving rapidly to a very high vibrational level offering you many opportunities to advance your spiritual path.

One way to do this is not to focus. You are a Being of Light, your energy field is fluid and constantly changes according to your vibrations and your openness to receive information.

When you were an emerging being, your energy field was in a subtle form and had not yet developed into solid energy. You constantly watched your surroundings and the events that took place. This has allowed you to do your part for the greater good, in a world in full development .

By establishing yourself in the reality of the third dimension, your physical body became stronger and did not realize that you still had the opportunity to change at will. What seemed to be solid boundaries around the thinking and concepts developed, were actually new ideas that were difficult to integrate because of those conditions.

Now you have advanced to a point where you know that you are a multidimensional Being of Light . You know you can change as easily as you change a thought or an action. You know that nothing is permanently fixed . Incorporating a new idea or energy model, allows you to advance your path and continue serving the greater good.

The key behind this breakthrough is non-attachment

When you realize that everything is fluid, you are less likely to entrench yourself in a thought pattern or a way of doing things. You can see the situation as a whole . Discover subtle ideas and how they affect the greatest good.

When you allow your current concepts to have flexible limits, you can incorporate new ideas more easily. You evaluate each new concept and incorporate it, abandon it or leave it aside, for a more detailed examination.

You also know that Earth is a planet of free will. You can see situations as a distant observer without getting entangled in the drama of everyday life. You realize that each person plays a role in the great life project and experiences the lessons he learned.

When you remain without a certain pattern, you can perform your function accordingly. You begin to have compassion for others, because you feel safe in your own role as a Being of Light and with the desire for good for all.

One way to remain in a state of non-attachment is to turn inward and connect with your divine spark of Light. That is the part of you that springs from the Creator, and that is the part of you that keeps you connected. When you connect regularly with your divine Spark, you have a constant reminder that you come from the Source and are part of the Source .

Knowing that this connection is secure, allows you to remain disconnected from the current concepts and events that occur in your daily life. It is as if you have a compass guide in you that keeps you on your mission for this incarnation. You are not attached to external circumstances or ideas and can easily look at new concepts from a higher point of view.

Then, you can examine them in relation to your mission and determine if they have a role to play. Easily drop things that no longer serve you and incorporate those things that do serve you. When you have this openness and detachment, you slide forward and upward in a funny and cheerful way.

We are the archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst and we surround you with love.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Linda Robinson

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