Blue ray activation.

  • 2018

To focus on the work of the blue ray, we first go over some basic points on the light. Light is a type of electromagnetic radiation, what we know as light is a visible spectrum of light, a very small fraction. It depends on the electromagnetic waves of the object we see one color or another.

What comes to our sight are waves. The objects do not have their own light and that is why we do not see them at night, an object receives all the light waves except one, that is the color we see.

We see a very small part of colors and perhaps they are only an interpretation of our sense, a dog sees less compared to humans but bees or butterflies see colors that we see that are within the range of ultraviolet. That is why they do not exist and that gives us a concept beyond our visual perceptual field.

Colors, like waves are energies and the interaction with those energies gives us a result to our physical body, composed of cells that are affected by those waves. We also know that we get the waves of colors that we are not able to see as the ultraviolet we have mentioned. They reach us and affect us in the same way even if the eye sticks are not able to identify them.

The colors we see are moving waves

To begin with, it is advisable, since orders are never given in the frequencies of light, to tune into the maximum vibratory expression that one can feel in this present state, for this we have the blue ray prayer to place ourselves in an ideal working state.

All the energies of the rays flow on the planet daily. They are like a pulse that pumps over the planet to perform a Work and each day acts a different one while the other sits. It is a constant arrival of the wave of that color throughout the established temporal process.

To connect to the rays is to connect to a vibration of the concrete light to access a state of consciousness that progressively becomes permanent.

Apart from the rays we connect with the specialist light guide in that ray to impregnate us with his work. By also connecting with him we let ourselves be infected with expansion and his pulse.

Also with the predominant minerals that interact with that ray both physically and at the level of connection of consciousness.

We connect with the work done through connection with different consciences.

As we interact with each ray our frequency varies with the pulse of the ray, we take intensity until the vibration varies. Once the interaction is varied, it continues to provide new information to continue changing the frequency again.

The beam sustains variations as we increase our perception.

With each mode or movement of our vibration in which we are the rays go to one place or another in the body. These may vary as we move. If we will see to which energy center the color we are working today is, it does not mean that it is always the same since if we vary our energy and we evolve and change our consciousness, therefore of vibration, the color with which we interact can vary its location.

As we work on the flames, the unlimited potentials of these interact with us and vary what we feel and how we feel it.

With the blue flame, we initially work the courage to move forward, the decision, the constancy and self-confidence. It is the flame of action, of the decision of the beginning. It is the initial impulse.

The concept of teacher no longer exists except in beings of less dedication and work. Working together with beings of full dedication to one field or another creates a close and empathic relationship of resonances and mutual learning, so the spheres of both are spread as a use is being established at the same frequency of light.

Although some names are established as compounds rather than the teacher's own meaning. This is requested from the new resonances to work all from freedom and without attachments or energy ties that can limit any of the growing parts.

There is a surrender to commitment to the path that one decides to make and that surrender reveals and activates the path. It is a surrender of letting happen as we float lightly in our direction.

The changes in personal life that sometimes so many emotions move within us, will come as a result of Conscious Work. Nothing will change unless you change yourself.

What we do can come and go, but what we become remains with us through time, space and dimensions.

What we become remains with us

We surrender to the will of our own divine source of light. We accept and feel that acceptance of our being, we relax and let things happen, observing them and enjoying the events that are triggered from understanding.

We are not facing painful or dense processes but light and feel the weight we are releasing.

The first step is the hardest part, just the first step. It is the ray of the beginning, of the decision, of the spoken and silent word, conscious and unconscious.

The rays are part of us and the connection with them gives us a Work of consciousness. We have not been forced to return here, we have decided in one way or another to come, both down and falling.

Confidence in the process, however difficult it may initially seem, reflects the change of perspective in ourselves. Letting go of ideas and beliefs and trusting, we realize many small things.

The blue:

The blue ray has grown with the Work of several beings in recent years, has intensified and currently acts on different versions of itself according to the vibration we interact, we have a light blue, a navy blue, a silver blue and a blue pink, and variables between them, when we interact with this ray we discover which one we are connected to.

For that we will work again with the first sentence from the repetition of the sentences and the observation that blue is ours today. We will not keep it as something fixed and immovable throughout the ages since that would be a contradiction with the same work of the rays. Everything is growing and moving.

A hug and happy work, do not hesitate to ask any aspect you need information to work on this lightning.

I leave you with a meditation on the temple of the updated blue ray in which we began to work after placing ourselves in our best expression of the present state through the prayer of the blue ray or through the tea. Technique that resonates more like being.

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