Message channeled by Astraea and Amora - Feminine aspects of the Elohim of the third and fourth rays of divinity

  • 2015

Within the realms of the All-What-Is, great strips of light-energy move in infinite waves, each of which goes to its own destination, each knows where to go, each knows its purpose. Balance is its purpose and equality is its goal.

The balance is created through the natural attraction to the opposites and their integration, opposites that hold the energy of the other but cannot exist alone, without the other. And holding each other, everything of the other is known, and the perfection of integration to create a unified whole arises from the perfect alchemical reaction.

The balance in the energies is what creates the condition of the presence fully integrated in the One, the Totality / Integrity of All-What-It-Is . This begins with the balance of the requirements of the immediate photon between each component part at the level of the primary fields of the First Cause within the divine particles at the preatomic level.

When they move to further balance the energy in the Second Cause fields, there is an instantaneous interaction between protons, electrons and neutrons at the atomic and molecular level.

This is where there is an electron pairing, another critical critical action to establish simultaneity in creation. With the action of electron pairing there is a superconductivity that is created at the molecular level . You have used the term Soliton to identify a quantum standing wave of consciousness that is a supramolecular structure created from a group of atoms, and we say that this is correct. The existence of solitons as coherent standing waves is a precondition for superconductivity.

As energy and consciousness flow at the level of the Third Cause of Creation, the level of system creation, there is an immediate sharing of charged energy in all unified systems. Your body / mind / spirit system is the perfect example of a unified system. Each body / mind / spirit system is capable of exhibiting perfect health, which arises from perfect balance within its component parts, or is capable of exhibiting a disease, which is the energy imbalance within the body / mind / spirit system, we will talk More about this process in another message. Each body / mind / spirit system supports both polarities, one is the female polarity, the other the male polarity. At this moment in time the All-What-Is-is pushing evolution through every expression of the system, including the feminine and masculine energies within the human body / mind / spirit system.

Balance is an aspect in creation, but it is fair to say that the primary goal of balance is to achieve equality. There is no expression that is better than another, there is no expression that is smarter than the other, because each expression is always balancing, being perfected according to the principles of divine construction . Even the principles of construction / expansion and deconstruction / contraction are always completed with the expectation of balance and equality .

The majority of humanity currently exhibits a dualistic way of thinking, a thought that requires only memorizing information, one where very little analytical thinking is needed to examine ideas and integrate them really. Because of this inadequate way of thinking, it might be hard for them to believe that balance and perfection really exist. This is because you often see only the deficiency. However, there is really no deficiency, just perfection. Perfection is everywhere. In fact, there is a deficiency in the mind because their minds continually evaluate, compare, judge and create the expectations of instant responses to the mysteries of their world. If you put this point of view aside now, at this time, you will be relieved of many worries! If they accepted that the All-What-Is-is, in reality, an omniscient energy that takes care of everything, then they would have taken the first first step to understand our policies because that is the fundamental lesson we wish to impart with all my heart, that the All-That-Is-Know knows everything there is to know about everything. The All-What-Is knows everything about YOU and everything about your essence at the level of being!

How can the All-That-Is know everything there is to know about you?

The Source of this creation originates from the Sound-Light Fields of the First Cause . These fields are based on the pre-dynamic components that carry the infinite intelligence (information) of the All-What-It-Is. These components are connected to each particle throughout the creation by means of the instant moment, the ability to connect through all time and all -the space.

There have been some studies conducted by some scientists and others no no scientists that have an acute interest, open minds, and the deep desire to understand how this creation works n. Through their very limited experimentation, they have discovered and described the omniscient power of All-What-It-Is through this study, where cells taken from a source are separated, half Of which it undergoes a scientific test and the other half does not, they are only physically removed from the first half shows. Scientists discovered that both samples showed the same changes in their cellular structure, whether they physically experienced the test or not, whether they were in the room next door or many kilometers away.

And how does this happen?

The All-What-Is has a supreme cosmic intelligence . It is an infinite intelligence, an omnipresent intelligence. This intelligence is real, it is powerful, it knows everything, it is pan-creational, where its only action is to balance all the energy imbalance and balance any difference in balance that could exist in relation to the other. These are the creational powers of the All-What-Is, and since you are a part of the All-What-Is-You are all-powerful too. Embrace this idea, because if you do, your life will never be the same!

AUTHOR: Astraea et Amora


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