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  • 2011

The Fairies in this project symbolize the mystical child that is present in all. This child is spontaneous, authentic and full of joy. He is connected to his inner dream and believes that this dream can come true.

We share the beautiful work carried out by the fairy school team of “Fairy Theater”, who will present this unique project at the next EMANE meeting in Stuttgart. Special thanks to Briony Vanden Bussche, Fabienne Huygen and her fairy team for keeping and reactivating this connection.

The Fairy School


The Fairy school was born in Belgium, and it is a unique method to educate children in authenticity and softness. Our goal is to stimulate them in an entrepreneurial spirit in balance with the environment, based on an internal balance (emotions, feelings, thoughts ...).

In fairy school we learn to do magic with the power of the four natural elements (earth, water, air and fire). We discover the qualities of the different elements of nature along with the fairies of the earth, water, fire and air. In this school children learn fairy dances, fairy songs and theater techniques, they create their own magic poem, and they learn to shine on stage. They also learn to balance their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and experience dream travel, to the fairy world. They learn the secret language of fairies (or hand language - mudras), which is in fact the language of the heart.

When children dominate the different qualities of the elements they are able to do magic, they are able to make their dreams come true. Now maybe you can imagine how magical everything is in the "Fairy School" IT IS ABOUT DOING YOUR INNER DREAM, REALITY.

When children dominate the different qualities of the elements they are able to do magic, they are able to make their dreams come true !!!

They learn the secret language of fairies (or hand language - mudras), which is in fact the language of the heart.

Fairies of the Air:

These fairies teach us that it all starts with a dream, an idea or a thought. You can see the thoughts as if they were clouds floating through the air. We take some thoughts, and let others float.

Air fairies also teach us that we must use our wings to fly beyond our limits. They teach us that heaven is not the limit, and that we must use our creativity to realize our dreams.

They represent our mental abilities.

In our fairy theater, we have dream angels. The angels of the dream bring sweet fairy dreams. That is why children, who often have bad dreams or who are afraid of going to sleep, can call the angels of the dream. We also offer you a huge bag of dreams from which you can get one and thus receive an important message about your lives.

Fairies of Fire:

These Fairies teach us that joy is extremely important. They like parties, playing games, and sometimes they are very naughty, and they laugh a lot. Everything we believe must have its origin in joy, not guilt, or feelings of fear or sadness.

Very often we require various resources for sustainability and sometimes we feel guilty and consider that we will not have enough to live on this plane.

Fire fairies teach us that there is enough for everyone if all people believe in harmony with natural elements.

To create in harmony with the natural elements of the outside world, we must have an internal balance of the elements, since the outside world is a reflection of your inner world.

If people have internal balance, they will automatically make new creations in harmony with the people around them, with society, and in harmony with nature, with the earth. And these creations will be completed with joy and will encourage other people to do the same.

Water Fairies:

These fairies teach us to balance our feelings and emotions. They teach us that we can use water to make our worries float.

What happens when you are sad or anxious and take a shower?

All emotions float with water.

Water fairies also teach us to be gentle. It is very important to educate young children in softness, it gives them a space to explore and express themselves. Another aspect that contributes the work with this type of fairies is the respect for the others and for itself, the acceptance of the weaknesses and strengths. A child who feels an internal balance will never need to bully another child. Bullying always occurs because of frustrations, jealousy and / or pain. If the source of pain is cured, the need to unleash the frustrations will disappear.

It is important to teach children that they should not put responsibility for their feelings on another, but take full responsibility for their own balance or inner imbalance.

Fairy children who handle the water element, can easily transform their emotions. This process provides great power. Everybody
We are creators and we can create huge things.

Water also teaches us to be flexible and to flow with the flow. The world is involved in a rapid and continuous process of change, therefore, people are needed who are extremely flexible and can adapt to all kinds of situations concerning climate change, economic We need people who can find an opportunity for growth and not for destruction during the changes.

Water fairies also like to take care of your body. They like massages and dances in the water. Or should I say belly dance?

Earth Fairies:

The fairies of the earth taught us that we need the earth element to give our ideas a form similar to the earth.

We need our two feet rooted in the ground, otherwise our ideas would continue to float far away and we would not be able to realize our dreams.

The natives are still very connected with the elements of the earth. They believe that everything in nature has a living essence and that we must have respect for every little plant or stone.

It is very important that we educate children in this way, since the children are still connected with their inner dreams. They still believe in fairy tales and magic. They like to dance, sing, act on stage, be creative ... If you look at the eyes of a small child you can see its purity, authenticity.

Fairies love music, dance, art, dreaming, nature, bubbles, flowers, play, have fun ...

The qualities that occur spontaneously in all children but that all of us have lost during

our way. That is the reason we organize a Fairy Festival for all ages!

Why is it that adults don't always have that purity?

That is because they as children were not seen or treated in an authentic way. His parents transferred their expectations and the school focused on grades, after a while, the connection with inner dreams was lost. Therefore, we are living another's dream and we are not realizing our own dreams.

You always feel that there is something lost in your life. You don't know why you are here or why you are actually doing what you do. If you really want to feel full and happy, you have to make contact with this dream and realize it.

The Secret Fairy Language

The secret language of fairies is a magical language in which the hands are used. In India they are called mudras. It is part of Yoga and dance. It is used to boost energies, and to tell stories about nature and different Gods.

In our fairy theater, the devas are fairy family. They help remember our ancestral knowledge. In India the word deva means god or deity (female: devi; goddess), and there may also be another name for a fairy.

The Indian Temple Dance is a form of dance with a thousand years old. Dancers consider their body as a temple, when they dance they invite God to visit their bodies. They offer the elements earth, water, fuero and air, their hands are connected to their hearts and each finger has a different meaning and element.

Little finger = water

Ring finger = earth

Middle finger = ether

Index finger = air

Thumb = fire

Its use is harmonizer and activator of body and mind.

There are numerous mudras that are very good for helping children to concentrate, for example in class, or to get rid of stress after an exam. As fairies we can tell magical stories with our hands. Stories of animals, nature, and different qualities such as protection, trust, joy, etc. also a bird, a fish, a snake ... a river, the forest, the fire, etc.

A mudra can be a blessing in honor of all living beings, which are created with the elements of nature.

If you combine the four elements together, what do you get?


I have an invitation for you: you can learn a song from the elves about the four elements together with the children in your country, and make a film about those elements and what they represent in your culture. I will publish it on my website (www.fairytheatre.com) and so we can learn about each of the four elements, what they represent and what their magical power is.

I hope you can feel the importance of introducing these concepts into formal education and ask us:

Do we want to create “businessmen” who want to fill a void that is impossible to fill within them?

And also create businesses that are based on the postulate "we win, you lose."

Or do we want to create “companies” which create their businesses in balance with themselves and in balance with the environment based on the postulate “we win, you win”?

Thanks, thanks, thanks Briony and Fabienne !!!

Contact information

Briony Vanden Bussche

Thaliastraat 71. 2600 Berchem, Belgium. 0032 488 618 886

www.elfentheater.be - www.sterrencirkels.be


Fairy Art Festival, Belgium, June 2 and 3, 2011.

Translation: Valeria Atlante

Compilation: Mónika Betancur.

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