"The Two Revelations" and "The Scepters of Initiation," by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul



We will now consider the five stages of the Initiation ceremony, and they are:

  1. The "Presence" revealed.
  1. The "Vision" perceived.
  1. The application of the Scepter, which affects

to. to the bodies, b. to the centers, e. to the causal vehicle.

  1. The oath.
  1. The revelation of the "Secret" and the Word.

These points are listed in their proper order and it should be remembered that such an order is not arbitrary and leads the initiate from one revelation to another, to the culminating stage where one of the secrets and one of the five words of power that open to him are communicated. the different planes, with all their evolutions. All that is attempted here is to indicate the five main stages that logically encompass the Initiation Ceremony: the student must keep in mind that each one is in itself a complete ceremony, feasible to be classified in detail. We will discuss the different points, stopping briefly in each one, but remembering that the words limit and restrict the true meaning. The Revelation of the "Presence." During the final periods of the sky of incarnations, where man juggles the pairs of opposites and that, through discrimination he is being aware of reality and unreality, an understanding arises in his mind that he himself is a Immortal existence, an imperishable God and a part of the Infinite. The link between the man on the physical plane and this internal Regidor becomes increasingly evident, until the great revelation ensues. There comes a time in the existence of man when he consciously faces his real self, and knows that he is that me in reality and not in theory. Acquire awareness of the inner God, not through the ear or his attention to the inner voice that directs and controls, called the "voice of conscience", but through perception and direct vision . Now he responds not only to what he hears but also to what he sees. We know that the first senses that the child develops are: the ear, the touch and the sight. The child perceives the sound and turns his head; feel and touch; finally see consciously and these three senses coordinate the personality. These are the three vital senses. They are followed by taste and smell, but they are not indispensable, in life and although it lacks them, man has no obstacle to establishing contacts in the physical plane. In the path of internal or subjective development, the same sequence applies. The ear - responds to the voice of consciousness, as it guides, directs and controls. This covers the period of strictly normal evolution. Touch - responds to control or vibration, and recognizes what is outside a separate human unit in the physical plane. It covers the period of gradual spiritual development, the paths of probation and discipleship, to the portal of initiation. Man periodically comes into contact with what is superior to him, becomes aware of the "touch" of the Master, of the egoic and group vibrations, and through the hidden sense of touch he becomes familiar with the inner and subtle. Try to achieve what concerns the higher self and by touching the invisible things, you get used to them. The view - that internal vision that is acquired through the process of initiation and that after all is only the recognition of the faculties always present although unknown. Just as the child is born with perfectly healthy eyes and there comes a day when the first thing that is observed is his conscious recognition of what he sees, so does the individual who is developing spiritually. The medium for internal vision always existed and what can be seen is always present, but most people do not recognize it. This "recognition" by the initiate is the first great step in the initiation ceremony and until it is transcended, the other stages are postponed. In each initiation the recognition is different and can be synthesized in the following way: The ego, a reflection of the monad, is in itself a triplicity, as it is everything in nature. It reflects the three aspects of divinity, just as the monad reflects, on a higher level, the three - will, love, wisdom and active intelligence? of the Deity. Therefore: In the first initiation, the initiate becomes aware of the third aspect, or lower aspect of the ego, that of active intelligence. He faces the manifestation of the great solar angel (pitri) who is himself, the real me. Then he knows, without a doubt, that this manifestation of intelligence is that eternal Entity that, through the ages, has demonstrated its powers on the physical plane through successive incarnations. In the second initiation, this great Presence is seen as a duality, and another aspect shines before him. He realizes that this radiant Life identified with itself, not only acts with intelligence, but that its origin is love - wisdom. He fuses his consciousness with that Life and becomes one with it, so that on the physical level, through the personal self, that Life is seen as intelligent love, expressing itself. In the third initiation, the ego presents itself to the initiate as perfected triplicity. Not only does he know the self as active intelligent love, but he also reveals himself as a fundamental will or purpose, with which man is immediately identified and knows that the three worlds contain nothing for him in the future, they only serve as a sphere of active service, manifesting as love to achieve a purpose, hidden for ages in the heart of the self. Having revealed that purpose, you can then collaborate intelligently with him and thus mature him. These profound revelations shine before the initiate in a triple way: As a radiant angelic existence, seen with the inner eye, with the same accuracy and criteria, analogously to how one man faces another. The great solar angel, who constitutes the real man and his expression on the plane of the higher mind, is literally his divine predecessor, the "Observer" who, during long cycles of incarnations, has sacrificed so that man can BE. As a sphere of radiant fire, linked to the initiate before it, by the thread of magnetic fire that passes through all their bodies and ends at the center of the physical brain. This "silver thread" (as it is called inaccurately in the Bible, describing its liberation from the physical body and subsequent abstraction) emanates from the heart center of the solar Angel, thus linking heart and brain? That great duality that manifests love and intelligence In this solar system. The igneous sphere is similarly linked in the same way, with. many others that belong to the same group and lightning. This concrete fact shows that we are all one on the higher planes. A single life palpitates and circulates through everything, through igneous threads and is part of the revelation that man receives, before the "Presence", with his eyes hidden open. As a polychrome lotus with nine petals, which are placed in three circles around a central set of three hermetically closed petals, which protect what in the Eastern books is called the Jewel in the Lotus. This Lotus is of rare beauty, beating with life and radiant, in all the colors of the rainbow; in the first three initiations the three circles are revealed in correlative order until in the fourth initiation the initiate is before a greater revelation and knows the secret of what the central cocoon encloses . In this regard, the third initiation differs somewhat from the others, because by the power of an Hierofen even higher than the Bodhisattva, the fire is known for the first time. Electric of the pure spirit, latent in the Lotus heart. The words ngel solar, sphere of fire and lototo hide an aspect of the central mystery of human life, but only It will be obvious to those who have eyes to see. The statistical significance of these graphic phrases will constitute a headpiece or motive of disbelief for the man who tries to materialize them improperly. In these terms the idea of ​​an immortal existence, of a divine Entity, of a large center of linear energy and of the full flowering of evolution, is hidden, and so on. They must be considered. In the fourth initiation, the initiate appears before the Presence of that aspect of Himself called His Father in the Heavens . He confronts him with his own way, that pure spiritual essence, existing on the highest plane, except one, which is for his ego or higher self, what that ego is for personality or me inferior. The monad manifests itself in the mental plane in a triple way, through the ego; but all aspects of the mind are still lacking, as we understand it. The solar angel with whom he was in contact, withdraws; the way in which it acted (the egoic or causal body) disappears and only love remains-- and that dynamic will that is the main characteristic of the spirit . The lower self served the purposes of the ego and was discarded; in the same way the ego served the designs of the monad and is no longer necessary; the initiate is free of love, fully liberated and is able to come into contact with the monad, as well as previously learned to come into contact with the ego. For the remaining manifestations in the three worlds, it is governed only by the self-initiated will and purpose and creates its body of manifestation, controlling (within the karmic limits ) your own periods and cycles. The karma mentioned here is the planetarium, not the staff. In the fourth initiation he comes into contact with the love aspect of the monad and, in the fifth, with the will aspect, thus completes his contacts, responds to all the necessary vibrations and is the master of the Five planes of human evolution. In addition, in the third, fourth and fifth initiations, he becomes aware of that Presence that encloses in himself that spiritual entity, his own way, and sees it as one with the planetary Logos. Through the channel of his own way he sees the same aspects (which that personifies personifies) on a larger scale, revealing it thus to the planetary Logos, the which encourages all the minions of His ray. This truth is almost impossible to express in words and concerns the relationship that has the electric point of fire, the monad, with the five-pointed star, which reveals to the initiate the Presence of the planetary Logos . This is practically incomprehensible to the common man, although this book was written for him. In the sixth initiation, the initiate consciously acts as the love aspect of the monad, and is led (through his Padre ) to a more acknowledged s vast; he becomes aware of that Star that encloses his planetary star, as well as this one before including his own and tiny chispa . In this way he consciously contacts the solar Logos and comes to know within himself, the Oneness of all life and manifestation. This recognition expands in the seventh initiation, so that two aspects of Life One become realities for the emancipated Buddha. Gradually the initiate arrives in front of Truth and Existence. It will be evident to the reflective students, that the revelation of the Presence has to precede the other revelations. This introduces the following fundamental knowledge into the mind of the initiate: The faith that has sustained during times is justified and hope and belief merge into a self-proven fact. Faith is lost sight of and invisible things are seen and known, It no longer doubts, and by its own effort the initiate becomes knowledgeable . The uniqueness with his brothers is proven, and he recognizes the indissoluble bond that links him to his peers everywhere. Brotherhood is no longer a theory, but a scientifically proven fact, which can not be doubted, nor is it about the separativity of men on the physical plane. The immortality of the soul and the reality of the invisible worlds are proven and established for him; before the initiation this belief was based on a brief and fleeting vision and firm internal convictions (result of logical reasoning and intuition, in gradual development), now it is based on the perception and recognition of its own immortal nature, Out of all controversy. Understand the meaning and source of energy and can begin to handle power with scientific precision and direction. He knows where he draws energy from, since he has had a glimpse of the available resources of energy. I used to know that it existed and used it blindly and sometimes recklessly, now, led by the "open mind", perceives it and can intelligently collaborate with the forces of nature. The revelation of the Presence produces in many ways defined results in the initiate, and the Hierarchy considers this to be a necessary preamble for further revelations. The Revelation of the Vision. The next important revelation is that of the Vision, since it has led the individual to face the One with whom he has had to see during countless times, awakening in him the unshakable understanding of the uniqueness of the fundamental life, manifesting through life. minors The first revelation concerns the indefinable and inimitable and is (for the finite mind) infinite in its abstraction and absolutism. The second revelation concerns time and space, and involves recognition by the initiate - through the sense of the recently awakened vision - of the part he has played and must play in the plan and subsequently the part of the plan itself, in which concerns a. your Ego, b. his selfish group, c. his group lightning, d. Your planetary Logos. In this quadruple uptake, the gradual knowledge that corresponds to the process of the four initiations that precede the final liberation is described. In the first initiation, he clearly realizes the little obvious part that corresponds to him in his personal life during the interval from revelation to the second initiation. This may require one or several lives. He knows the direction he must take; he knows something about his participation in the service of the race; he sees the plan as a whole, as far as he is concerned, as a small mosaic within the overall design; Does he become aware of how he can serve with his particular type of mentality, his set of mental or other faculties, and his diverse abilities? and what he must do before he can meet again before the Presence and receive a wide revelation. In the second initiation he sees the part that his egoic group plays in the general scheme. It becomes more aware of the different group units with which it is intrinsically associated; he recognizes them by their personalities, if they are incarnated, and in a way he sees what are the karmic relationships between him, the groups and the individuals; he obtains the internal vision of the specific group purpose, and of his relationship with other groups. Then you can act with greater security and your exchange with other individuals, on the physical level, will be more firm; You can help them and help yourself adjust karma and, therefore, get closer to final liberation. Group relationships are consolidated, and plans and purposes can be driven more intelligently. As this consolidation of group relations continues, it produces on the physical plane that concerted action and intelligent unity of purpose, which results in the materialization of the superior ideals and the adaptation of the force for the wise development of the aims of the evolution. When this reaches a certain stage, the units that form the groups have learned to work together and stimulate each other, so that they can acquire greater knowledge, which will result in greater capacity to help. In the third initiation the initiate is revealed the purpose of the ray underline to which his ego belongs. All egoic units belong to some sub-ray of the monadic ray. This recognition is granted to the initiate, in order to enable him to find himself (following the line of least resistance) in a timely manner, the ray of his monad. The sub-ray carries in its energy stream many groups of egos and is not only aware of its egoic group and its intelligent purpose, but of many other similar groups. Their energy is directed together towards a clearly defined objective. Having learned something about group relationships and developed the ability to work with units in group formation, the initiate learns the secret of the subordination of the group to the good of the group as a whole. This is manifested in the physical plane as the ability to work wisely, intelligently and harmoniously with different individuals, collaborate on large plans and exert a broad influence. A part of the plans of the planetary Logos is revealed to him and this vision includes the revelation of the plan and the purpose as far as the planet is concerned, although the vision is still confusing with respect to those plans, in their planetary relationship. This leads the initiate, through a series of graduated knowledge, to the portals of the fourth initiation. With the total liberation of the initiate from the bonds in the three worlds and the breaking of all ties of karmic limitations, it greatly expands the vision and it can be said that for the first time he realizes the breadth of the planetary purpose and karma in the scheme. Having already adjusted his personal karma, which is relatively minor, he can devote himself to depleting planetary karma and also set out to develop the long-range plans of that great Life that includes all minor lives. Not only does it reach full recognition of the purpose and plans of all evolution in its own planetary scheme, the Earth, but it also includes in its radius of knowledge, that planetary scheme that is the opposite complement or pole of our Earth. It includes the interrelationship between the two schemes and the vast dual purpose is revealed. He is shown that this plan must become a single united plan and from then on he devotes all his energies to collaborate in a planetary way, as the plan develops, while working with the two great evolutions on our planet, the human and Devic, and through them. This concerns the establishment of readjustments and the gradual application of energy to stimulate the various kingdoms of nature and, by merging all the forces of nature, accelerate the interaction of energy between the two schemes. In this way the plans of the solar Logos can be consummated as they are developed through the two planetary Logos. The management of solar energy, on a small scale, is now the privilege of the initiate, since he is not only admitted to the chamber of the council of his own Hierarchy, but is allowed to attend when other planetary agents are reunited with the Lord of the World and the two great departmental leaders. In the fifth initiation the vision gives the initiate a broader perspective and sees a third planetary scheme that, with the other two, forms one of the triangles of force, necessary in the development of solar evolution. Just as all manifestation continues through duality and triplicity, to return to eventual synthesis, so these schemes, which are only centers of force in the body of a solar Logos, act first as separate units that live their own integral life., then as dualities, by the exchange of force through two schemes, because in this way they help, complement and stimulate each other and, finally, as a solar triangle, which circulates the force from one point to another, from one center to another, until the energy is fused and synthesized and the three act together. When the adept of the fifth initiation can act in accordance with the plans of the three Logos involved, collaborating with them with increasing capacity as time goes by, he is prepared for the sixth initiation, which will admit him to higher conclaves. Thus he comes to participate not only in planetary purposes, but also in solar. In the sixth initiation he has the most wonderful vision of the entire series. He sees the solar system as a unit and receives a brief revelation that opens to his astonished understanding the fundamental purposes of the Solar Logos, seeing for the first time the set of plans with all their ramifications. In the seventh initiation his vision penetrates beyond the solar “circle does not pass” and he can see what he has known as fundamental theoretical fact, that our solar Logos is involved in the plans and purposes of a higher Existence and that the solar system is only one of the many centers of force and through it a cosmic Entity is being expressed much larger than our solar Logos. In all these visions lies a great purpose: the revelation of the essential unity and the discovery of those internal relationships that, once known, will tend, in an increasingly fuller way, to encourage the initiate to serve selflessly and make him a worker of synthesis, harmony and fundamental unity. The Initiation ceremony, where the initiate's eyes open to see and understand, is divided into three parts, which nevertheless are a single process: 1. The past unfolds before him; He sees himself playing many roles, realizing that they only constitute the gradual conduction of his forces and faculties to the point where he can serve his group and with the group. It looks and identifies? According to the initiation?

  1. with himself, in many previous lives,
  2. with his group, in previous life groups,
  3. with his egoic lightning, while flowing through many heavens,
  4. with his planetary Logos, when he acted in the past, through many evolutions and kingdoms throughout the scheme,

and so on, until it is identified with the past of Life one, which flows through all the planetary schemes and evolutions of the solar system, which awakens in it the resolution of exhausting karma and knowing (seeing the causes of past) how should you do it. 2. At present, the specific work to be done in the minor sky immediately involved is revealed. This means that you do not see only what concerns you, in a certain life, but that you recognize the immediate part of the plan - perhaps it involves several of your little skies called lives? that the planetary Logos tries to see consummated. Then it can be said without a doubt, that he knows his work and can devote himself to his task with a clear understanding of why, how and when. 3. In the future, it is granted, in order to stimulate the initiate, a vision of the final consummation, of a splendor beyond any description, with outstanding points that indicate the main steps to reach that consummation. For a brief moment, see what the splendor will be like and that path of radiant beauty that shines ever more until the perfect day. In the early stages he sees the glory of his perfected egoic group and, subsequently, the radiation of a certain type and color, which flows from the ray that carries the perfect sons of men in his bosom and, even later, gets a glimpse of the perfection of that great Being, which is its own planetary Logos, until finally it reveals the perfection of all beauty and the radiation that includes all the other rays of light, the sun shining in full force, the Solar Logos at the time of the consummation of the purpose.



The Scepters of Initiation are of four types: 1. Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos and in that of the three main planetary Logos. 2. Of the system, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos. We have nothing to do with cosmic initiation; it concerns the expansion of knowledge that is beyond the understanding of the highest initiate of our solar system. The initiations of the system concern us only to a very small extent because they are of such a vast scale that the common human mind cannot conceive them. Man values ​​these initiations only for the effects they produce in the planetary scheme that may concern him. This happens particularly if the scheme in which it plays its microscopic part constitutes the center in the logoic body that receives the stimulus. When this happens, the initiation of his own planetary Logos takes place, consequently he (as a cellular body) receives a supplementary stimulus, together with the other sons of men. 3. Planetarium, used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes and for the third, fourth and fifth major initiations and the other two superiors. In the planetary initiation, the Scepter of Power, managed by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electric force, coming from Sirius, received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands of that great Entity that is the Lord of the Lords of Karma. He is the depositary of the Law during the demonstration and representative in the solar system of the Brotherhood of Sirius, whose Lodges act as esoteric hierarchies on the different planets. In addition, helped by the solar Logos, it confers powers to the different initiators; He secretly communicates to them the word that allows them to lower the pure electric force to charge the scepters in charge, revealing the peculiar secret of their particular planetary scheme. 4. Hierarchical, used by an esoteric hierarchy for minor initiations, and by the Bodhisattva in the first two manasic initiations. When man was individualized in the days of Lemuria, it was through the application of the Scepter of the Initiation to the Logos of our earth chain, and put into operation certain centers of His body, with their corresponding groups. This application literally produced the awakening of life to intelligent work on the mental plane. The animal man was conscious on the physical and astral planes; by the stimulus of the electric scepter, he acquired awareness in the mental. Thus the three bodies were coordinated and the Thinker was able to function in them. All the Scepters of the Initiations have certain effects:

  • Stimulation of latent fires until they burn.
  • Synthesization of fires through a hidden activity, which places them within mutual reach.
  • Intensification of the vibrational activity of some center, be it in man, in a celestial Man or in a solar Logos.
  • Expansion of all bodies, but mainly the cause.

Wake up from the kundalini fire (or latent fire at the base of the spine) and its channeling in ascending progression. This fire and that of manas are directed in certain directions - or triangles? following the Scepter as it moves specifically. There is a definite esoteric reason, according to the laws of electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate presented to the Initiator is accompanied by two Masters, who remain on each side of the initiate, the three constituting a triangle that enables work. The strength of the Scepter is twofold and its power enormous. If the initiate were alone, he could not receive the voltage of the Scepter without being seriously damaged, but in the triangular transmission there is no risk. It should be remembered that two teachers sponsor every aspirant to initiation and represent the two poles of the electric All. Part of His function is to be next to the aspirants when they appear before the Great Lord. When the Initiator wields the scepters from His position of power, in predetermined periods, they act as transmitters of the electric force from very high levels, so high, that in the sixth and seventh initiations the "Flaming Diamond" transmits, through the Logos, force completely foreign to the system. This major Scepter is the one used on this planet, but there are several Power Scepters in the solar system, of three degrees, if it can be expressed. In the first two initiations an Initiation Scepter is used, managed by the Great Lord, magnetized by the application of the “Flaming Diamond”, magnetization that is repeated for each new Instructor of the World. Then a wonderful ceremony takes place at the moment when the new Instructor takes office, where he receives his Scepter of Power - the same Scepter that has been used since the foundation of our planetary Hierarchy? and extends it to the Lord of the World, who touches it with His own powerful Scepter, charging it again with electrical capacity. This ceremony takes place in Shamballa. The Scepter of Initiation called "Flaming Diamond" is used by Sanat Kumara, Initiator One, which is hidden in "East", veiling the fire that radiates the Religion of Wisdom; fue traído desde Venus por el Señor del Mundo y una vez en cada período mundial se lo somete a un proceso similar al del Cetro menor; entonces se recarga por acción directa del Logos Mismo del sistema solar. Tan solo el Señor del Mundo y los Chohanes de los Rayos conocen la ubicación exacta de ese Cetro y por ser el talismán de nuestra evolución, su principal guardián es el Chohan de segundo rayo ?bajo la autoridad del Señor del Mundo- siendo ayudado por el Señor Deva del segundo plano. Los Budas de Actividad son responsables de su custodia, y subordinado a Ellos se halla el Chohan del rayo. Es utilizado en momentos determinados cuando debe hacerse un trabajo específico, no sólo en las iniciaciones de los seres humanos, sino en ciertas funciones planetarias sobre las cuales actualmente nada sabemos. Tiene su lugar y función en ciertas ceremonias relacionadas con la ronda interna y con el triángulo formado por la Tierra, Marte y Mercurio. El propósito de los Cetros de Poder. En el cetro de un monarca se halla oculto, en esta época, el simbolismo de estos Cetros. Se los reconoce como símbolos de cargo y de poder y aunque esto no es generalmente reconocido, son de origen eléctrico y su verdadera significación se refiere al estímulo dinámico de quienes tienen cargos subordinados, que están bajo su contacto, inspirándolos así a una acrecentada actividad y servicio en bien de la raza. El gran Cetro de Poder del Logos Mismo está oculto en el sol. Recapitulando, la ubicación esotérica de los distintos cetros es la siguiente:

  1. El Cetro del Bodhisattva se halla oculto en “el corazón de la sabiduría”, es decir, en Shamballa.
  1. El Cetro del Iniciador Uno se halla oculto en “Oriente”, ubicación definidamente planetaria.
  1. El Cetro del Logos solar se halla oculto en “el corazón del sol”, esa misteriosa esfera subjetiva que subyace detrás de nuestro sol físico, el cual es sólo la envoltura protectora.
  1. El Cetro del Logos cósmico, asociado con nuestro Logos solar, se halla oculto en ese punto central de los cielos a cuyo alrededor gira nuestro sistema solar, denominado “sol central espiritual”.

En Shamballa se recarga un Cetro para cada nuevo Instructor del Mundo. El Cetro de Sanat Kumara se recarga cada nuevo período mundial, por lo tanto siete veces en la historia de un esquema planetario. El Cetro logoico de Poder se electrifica en cada nuevo período de la creación o para cada sistema solar, a través del cual se manifiesta el Logos, así como se manifiesta el hombre por medio de la vida de su cuerpo físico. Las dos primeras ceremonias se efectúan en Shamballa, lugar sagrado de la manifestación planetaria, ubicación central en nuestro planeta físico que corresponde al corazón de un ser humano. Muchos lugares de la superficie de la tierra son, por ejemplo, famosos por sus propiedades curativas, y se destacan porque constituyen puntos magnetizados, y sus propiedades magnéticas se manifiestan como influencias curativas. El reconocimiento de dichas propiedades por el hombre es sólo el preámbulo de un reconocimiento posterior y más definitivo, que ocurrirá cuando la visión etérica esté normalmente desarrollada. Dichos lugares son magnetizados de tres modos:

  1. Por Sanat Kumara, actuando a través del Manu. Esto ocurre cuando es deseable formar un punto central magnético, que por su poder atractivo agrupa, en un todo coherente, a una raza, nación o gran organización. Toda nación tiene su “punto magnético” formado de materia etérica, por la aplicación del “Diamante Flamígero” a los éteres; constituye el corazón nacional y la base del carácter nacional. Por lo general, aunque no invariablemente, la ciudad principal de una nación se construye alrededor de dicho punto.
  2. Por Sanat Kumara, actuando a través del Bodhisattva. En este caso, la fuerza eléctrica del Cetro es manejada para atraer más estrechamente las influencias que se manifiestan en las grandes religiones mundiales. El Cetro menor de Poder se utiliza aquí junto con el mayor. Por medio de ambos es emitida la cualidad atractiva o nota clave, de cualquier religión u organización con base religiosa.
  1. Por Sanat Kumara, actuando a través del Mahachohan. Por el manejo del Cetro de Poder se ponen en coherente actividad los puntos magnéticos focales de las grandes organizaciones que afectan la civilización y la cultura de un pueblo.

Todas las organizaciones del plano físico ?gubernamentales, religiosas, culturales? son la actuación de causas y fuerzas internas y antes de que aparezcan definitivamente en manifestación física, tiene lugar en los niveles etéricos una centralización ?si así puede decirse? de estas influencias y energías. La Francmasonería es un ejemplo de ello, pues tiene dos centros magnéticos, uno de ellos en Europa Central. En todos los casos citados, el Señor del Mundo fue el oficiante, como lo es siempre en la fundación de todos los grandes e importantes movimientos. En todos los movimientos menores para ayudar a la raza, iniciados por los Maestros que actúan a través de Sus discípulos, se invoca la ayuda del Bodhisattva y se emplea el Cetro menor de Poder. Cuando los discípulos inician un movimiento, en escala relativamente ínfima, el Maestro con Quien trabajan puede también ayudarlos y, aunque no maneje el Cetro de Poder, dispone de métodos apropiados para estimular y lograr coherencia en el limitado esfuerzo de Sus fieles seguidores. Así se utilizan los Cetros de la Iniciación y las Palabras de Poder en todos los sectores de la vida humana. El gobierno del mundo actúa bajo la ley y el orden y todo el esquema es interdependiente. Volvamos al tema de la iniciación humana y al de los Cetros de Poder. En el momento de la ceremonia de la iniciación, después de las dos grandes revelaciones, llega un momento de completo silencio, y en el intervalo, el iniciado comprende en sí mismo el sentido de Paz . Se encuentra como si fuera en un vacío, donde aparentemente nada puede alcanzarlo; está por breves instantes entre la tierra y el cielo, inconsciente de todo, pero cons ciente del significado de las cosas tal cual son, reconociendo su propia divinidad esencial y la parte que debe desempe ar cuando, desde la c mara del Concilio del Cielo, vuelva nuevamente a servir en la Tierra. No siente ansiedad, temor ni duda. Ha entrado en contacto con la divina Presencia y ha percibido la vi si n. Sabe lo que debe hacer yc mo hacerlo y la paz y el gozo inefables llenan su coraz n. Es un breve intervalo de calma an tes de un per odo de renovada actividad, que comienza en el mo mento en que se le aplica el Cetro. Mientras el iniciado estuvo abstra do en s mismo con todas sus fuerzas concentradas en el coraz n, la Logia de Maestros oficiantes celebraron varias ce remonias y entonaron ciertas palabras preparatorias para el ma nejo del Cetro y la aparici n del Iniciador sobre el trono. El Hie rofante ha estado presente hasta este momento, aunque el trabajo fue realizado por la Logia y los Padrinos. Entonces l asciende al lugar de poder y los leg timos custodios del Cetro se lo entregan. No es posible publicar detalles de la pr xima etapa, excepto describirla con las palabras el fuego desciende del cielo . Por la pronunciaci n de ciertas palabras y frases, uno de los secretos ini ci ticos y distintos en cada iniciaci n, la fuerza el ctrica que debe emplearse, desciende sobre el Cetro, pasando a trav s del coraz ny la mano del Iniciador, a los Tres que en forma triangular se rela cionan con el trono. Reciben a su vez dicha fuerza, haci ndola circular por un acto de voluntad a trav s de Sus corazones, transfi ri ndola a los Padrinos, que tambi n, por un acto de voluntad, se preparan para transmitirla a ese centro del cuerpo del iniciado que debe ser estimulado (de acuerdo a la iniciaci n). Ocurre entonces un interesante intervalo donde las voluntades unidas de la Jerar qu a se mezclan para trasmitir la fuerza puesta en circulaci n por el cetro. El Hierofante pronuncia la palabra y la fuerza se precipita en los cuerpos y centros del iniciado, descendiendo a trav s de los centros hasta el plano mental, y por intermedio de los centros astrales, hasta los centros de los niveles et ricos, que finalmente la absorben. ste es un gran momento para el Ini ciado, y lo hace consciente de la absoluta verdad contenida en la frase Dios es un fuego consumidor . Sin lugar a dudas conoce que la energ a gnea y la fuerza el ctrica constituyen la suma total de cuanto existe. Se ba a literalmente en los fuegos de la puri ficaci n; ve por todas partes el fuego que fluye del Cetro, circu lando alrededor del Tri ngulo, y atravesando los cuerpos de los dos adeptos que lo apadrinan. Por un breve instante, la Logia de Maestros e Iniciados, que permanece en su ubicaci n ceremonial fuera del Tri ngulo, queda oculta por un muro de fuego puro; el iniciado no ve a nadie, salvo al Hierofante, ys lo tiene conciencia de una gnea llamarada de color blanco azulada que quema pero no destruye, intensifica la actividad de cada tomo de su cuerpo sin desintegrarlo, purificando su naturaleza. El fuego pone a prue ba su trabajo y su calidad y el iniciado atraviesa la Llama. El efecto de la Aplicaci n del Cetro. A. En los cuerpos del iniciado: El efecto es cu druple y duradero, aunque var a seg n la ini ciaci n recibida. La acci n del Cetro est reglamentada cuidadosa y cient ficamente, pues en cada sucesiva iniciaci n se acrecienta el voltaje y se intensifica la actividad del fuego resultante y su calor. Por la aplicaci n del Cetro el iniciado descubre que:

  1. La actividad de cada átomo individual es acrecentada en los diversos grupos o cuerpos, lo que produce un grado mayor de energía nerviosa y una elasticidad y resistencia que le servirán de eficaz ayuda en la futura ardua vida de servicio.
  1. La materia de tipo indeseable de sus cuerpos es sacudida y se destruye parcialmente el muro atómico, haciendo radiactivos a los átomos ?si así puede expresarse? y por lo tanto más fáciles de eliminar.
  1. Los fuegos del cuerpo se estimulan y la energía total del triple hombre inferior se coordina, por lo cual hay menos consumo de energía y mayor coherencia y uniformidad en la acción.

4. El alineamiento de los diversos cuerpos en conexión con el cuerpo causal o egoico, es ayudado y llega a ser posible la continuidad de conciencia y la recepción de los mandatos del ego. Al retornar de la ceremonia y reanudar su trabajo en el mundo, el iniciado descubre que el estímulo recibido provocará en sus cuerpos un período de gran actividad y también de lucha; si persiste en esta lucha hasta la victoria, el resultado será la eliminación de la materia indeseable de su cuerpo y su reconstrucción con un material nuevo y mejor. Hallará que se acrecienta grandemente su poder para el servicio y se intensifica su energía nerviosa, de modo que mientras lo hace puede extraer de las reservas de fuerza hasta ahora insospechadas. También hallará que se acrecienta la respuesta del cerebro físico a la voz del yo superior y su receptividad a las impresiones superiores y sutiles. Oportunamente, por medio del trabajo realizado, logrará eliminar la materia de índole subatómica y construirá cuerpos de sustancia del subplano superior de cada plano; llegará a darse cuenta de que todas sus energías pueden ser controladas consciente y constructivamente; de que conoce el verdadero significado de la continuidad de la conciencia y puede actuar simultáneamente en los tres planos con plena comprensión interna. B . En el cuerpo causal o egoico. Sólo es posible tratar muy brevemente el efecto de la aplicación del Cetro al cuerpo causal del iniciado. El tema es inmenso y está ampliamente dilucidado en Tratado sobre Fuego Cósmico. Hay sólo dos formas de impartir a la mente del estudiante una idea de esta verdad fundamental, y serán consideradas aquí. Primero, el estudiante debe tener en cuenta la interesante significación del hecho de que él, en el plano físico, es una personalidad activa, con características conocidas y reconocidas, ya pesar de todo es una vida subjetiva que utiliza esa personalidad como medio de expresión y que ?mediante los cuerpos físico, emocional y mental, que constituyen el triple hombre inferior? hace sus contactos en el plano físico y así evoluciona. La misma idea general de desarrollo se aplica al yo superior o ego, en su propio plano. Este ego es el gran ángel solar, medio de expresión de la mónada o espíritu puro, como la personalidad lo es del ego en el nivel inferior. Desde el punto de vista del hombre en los tres mundos, este ego o Señor solar es eterno, porque subsiste durante todo el ciclo de encarnaciones; del mismo modo la personalidad subsiste durante el pequeño cielo de vida física. Sin embargo, su período de existencia sólo es relativamente permanente, y llega el día en que la vida manifestada por medio del ego, el pensador, ángel solar o manasadeva, trata de liberarse, incluso de esta limitación, y volver a la fuente de donde emanó originalmente. Entonces la vida que se manifestó como ángel solar, y que por medio de la energía inherente, mantuvo coherente por largas épocas la forma egoica, se retrae gradualmente, y la forma se disipa lentamente; las vidas menores que la constituían vuelven a la fuente general de sustancia dévica, a pesar de la acrecentada conciencia y actividad, adquirida por la experiencia de haber sido parte de una forma, y utilizada por un aspecto más elevado de la existencia. Igualmente en el caso de la personalidad, cuando se abstrae la vida egoica, el triple yo inferior se desintegra, y las vidas menores que forman el cuerpo llamado yo lunar (distinto del yo solar, del que sólo es su reflejo) son absorbidas por la reserva general de sustancia dévica, de vibración inferior a la que compone el cuerpo egoico. Análogamente, se ha desarrollado su evolución porque ha sido parte de una forma para empleo del yo superior. Mediante la aplicación del Cetro de Iniciación, se lleva a cabo el trabajo de separar el yo espiritual del yo superior, y la vida aprisionada se libera gradualmente, mientras el cuerpo causal es absorbido o desintegrado lentamente. Esto ha conducido, como se dice en los libros esotéricos, a la “ruptura del cuerpo causal” en cada iniciación, ya la idea de que el fuego central interno irrumpe gradualmente y destruye los muros confinadores, produciéndose la destrucción del Templo de Salomón por la abstracción del Shekinah. Todas estas frases son simbólicas e intentan impartir a la mente del hombre la verdad fundamental desde distintos ángulos. Cuando ha llegado el momento de recibir la cuarta iniciación, se ha realizado el trabajo de destrucción; cumplida su función, el ángel solar retorna a su propio lugar y las vidas solares buscan su punto de emanación. La vida dentro de la forma asciende triunfalmente al seno de su “Padre en los Cielos”, así como la vida dentro del cuerpo físico, en el momento de la muerte, busca su fuente, el ego. Esto lo realiza en cuatro etapas: 1. La abstracción del cuerpo físico denso. 2. La abstracción del cuerpo etérico. 3. El posterior abandono del cuerpo astral. 4. El abandono final del cuerpo mental. Otra manera de recalcar la misma verdad, consiste en considerar al cuerpo egoico como un centro de fuerza, una rueda de energía o un loto, imaginándolo como un loto de nueve pétalos, que oculta dentro de ellos una unidad central de tres pétalos, los cuales a su vez ocultan la vida o “joya en el loto”. A medida que prosigue la evolución, estos tres círculos de tres pétalos se despliegan gradualmente, produciendo un efecto simultáneo sobre uno de los tres centrales. A estos tres círculos se los denomina respectivamente pétalos del Sacrificio, del Amor y del Conocimiento. En la iniciación, el Cetro se aplica a los pétalos en forma científica y regulada, según el rayo y la tendencia, lo cual determina la eclosión del capullo central, la revelación de la joya, la extracción de esa joya del estuche en el que estuvo tanto tiempo resguardada y su trasferencia a “la corona”, como se dice ocultamente, lo que significa su retorno a la mónada de la cual originó. Conviene advertir que, debido a la insuficiencia del lenguaje humano, todo lo expuesto sólo es un intento de describir el método Y los ritos por los cuales se logrará finalmente la liberación espiritual en este cielo; primero, por el método de desenvolvimiento evolutivo o desarrollo gradual, y después, en las etapas finales, a través del cetro de iniciación. C. En los centros. En el momento de recibir la iniciación, todos los centros están activos y los cuatro inferiores –correspondientes a la personalidad? comienzan el proceso de transferir el fuego a los tres superiores. Se ve claramente la revolución dual en los centros inferiores, y los tres superiores empiezan igualmente a activarse. La aplicación del Cetro de Iniciación, en el momento de la ceremonia iniciática, produce resultados definidos en relación con los centros, los cuales pueden ser enumerados de la manera siguiente: El fuego en la base de la columna vertebral es dirigido definitivamente hacia el centro que es objeto de atención especial. Esto varía de acuerdo al rayo o trabajo especializado del iniciado. El centro intensifica su actividad, acrecienta su grado de revoluciones y algunos de los radios centrales de la rueda activan su radiación. Estos radios de la rueda o pétalos del loto, están en estrecha relación, por ejemplo, con las correspondientes espirillas de los átomos permanentes y, al ser estimuladas, entran en actividad una o más de las espirillas correspondientes a los átomos permanentes de los tres planos inferiores. Después de la tercera iniciación ocurre un estímulo análogo en los átomos permanentes de la Tríada, lo cual conduce a la coordinación del vehículo búdico ya la trasferencia de la polarización inferior a la superior. Por la aplicación del Cetro de Iniciación se triplica el descenso de la fuerza del ego a la personalidad; la dirección de esa fuerza depende de los centros que reciben atención, sea el etérico o el astral, en la primera y segunda iniciaciones, o si el iniciado permanece ante el Señor del Mundo. En el último caso, recibirán estímulo sus centros mentales o los correspondientes vórtices de fuerza en los niveles superiores. Cuando el Instructor del Mundo oficia en la primera y segunda iniciaciones, la dirección de la fuerza triádica se dirige a la vivificación de los centros cardíaco y laríngeo, en su función sintetizadora de lo inferior. Cuando el Iniciador Uno aplica el Cetro de Su Poder, el descenso proviene desde la Mónada, y aunque los centros laríngeo y cardíaco intensifican su vibración como respuesta, la dirección principal de la fuerza se orienta hacia los siete centros de la cabeza, y finalmente ?en la liberación? hacia el radiante centro superior de la cabeza, que sintetiza los siete centros menores de la cabeza. Los centros reciben en la iniciación una nueva afluencia de capacidad vibratoria y de poder, que en la vida exotérica da por resultado:

  1. El refinamiento y la sensibilidad de los vehículos, que al principio puede ocasionar mucho sufrimiento al iniciado, pero que produce la capacidad de responder, lo cual compensa ampliamente el dolor incidental.
  1. El desarrollo de la facultad psíquica, que puede provocar también momentánea angustia, pero que oportunamente conduce al reconocimiento del yo uno en todos los yoes, objetivo del esfuerzo.
  1. La consumación de la trama etérica, por el gradual despertar del kundalini y su exacta progresión geométrica, con la consiguiente continuidad de conciencia que capacita al iniciado para utilizar conscientemente el factor tiempo en los planos de la evolución.
  1. La gradual comprensión de la ley de vibración como aspecto de la ley fundamental de construcción, la ley de atracción, donde el iniciado aprende conscientemente a construir, a manejar materia mental para perfeccionar los planes del logos, a trabajar con esencia mental ya aplicar la ley en los niveles mentales, afectando con ello el plano físico. El movimiento se origina cósmicamente en niveles cósmicos, ocurriendo lo mismo en el microcosmos. Tenemos aquí una insinuación oculta que revelará mucho si reflexionamos sobre ella. Durante la iniciación, en el momento de la aplicación del Cetro, el iniciado conoce conscientemente el significado de la Ley de Atracción en la construcción de formas y en la síntesis de los tres fuegos. Su progreso dependerá de su capacidad para retener ese conocimiento y aplicar la ley.
  1. El Hierofante trasmite al iniciado la energía manásica superior, y así le permite conocer y reconocer conscientemente el plan destinado a su centro grupal, a través del estímulo enormemente acrecentado. Esta fuerza desciende del átomo manásico permanente por intermedio del antakarana y se dirige al centro que el Hierofante, de acuerdo a la ley, considera debe ser estimulado.
  1. El Iniciador estabiliza la fuerza y regula su afluencia, al circular a través del cuerpo egoico. De modo que, cumplido el trabajo de desenvolvimiento, puede ser revelado el séptimo principio en el Corazón del Loto. El loto se abre más después de cada iniciación y empieza a brillar la luz en su centro -luz o fuego que finalmente se va abriendo camino hasta los tres lotos del santuario, permitiendo ver la plena gloria interna y manifestarse el fuego eléctrico del espíritu. Debido a que esto se lleva a cabo en el segundo subplano del plano mental (donde está ahora situado el loto egoico), tiene lugar el correspondiente estímulo en la sustancia densa que forma los pétalos o ruedas de los centros, en los niveles astral y etérico.

This text is a fragment of the book "Human and Solar Initiation", by Master Djwhal Khul or "Tibetan", From here you can download the complete book:

1. Human and Solar Initiation

An Initiation is an expansion of consciousness that leads to enlightenment and revelation. Initiation is experienced by all forms of life, large or small. The work of the Planetary Hierarchy in its many mastery stages is described in this book and fourteen Rules are given through which the neophyte can become an aspirant to the Portal of Initiation.

Djwhal Khul - Human and Solar Initiation

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