It is time for EVERYONE to enjoy a perfectly healthy body

  • 2018

Greetings brothers and sisters,

Today, Adele is ready to channel my third message. You, Adele and I are really ONE. This means that if you are reading this, your Higher Self has contributed to the writing process and that is why you were attracted to these messages. Today's channeled message is perhaps one of the most important messages that the Human Collective needs to know at this time.

It is time for EVERYONE to enjoy a perfectly healthy body, which they really deserve, regardless of age. Everything is possible, there is no limit to what you can create and manifest in your physical reality, except for the limitations that YOU have established. German writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said: “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do it, you can make everything happen . ”

You only have the power to change your own health and the appearance of your body. No matter how old you are, you really have the freedom to feel and look old or young. All diseases are usually the result of trauma, prolonged negativity, internal stress, a mood that must be treated and released before they become a problem.

The only exceptions to the above are the health challenges and physical disabilities that your Higher Self has chosen to experience in this life, for the purpose of their soul growth and that of their loved ones. Here are some examples to illustrate how powerful beliefs, derived from past conditioning, can lead you to the path where you don't want to go:

1) Women in your family (grandmother, mother, aunt, etc.) have had breast cancer . And since you have their genes, you unconsciously think that cancer can be hereditary . If you continue to hold on to that belief, you will attract it and manifest it in your physical reality at some point.

2) Adele has agreed to share his personal story with everyone . In the last ten years, she struggled to lose weight without permanent success. His weight and health problems were related to a fundamental cause. She didn't love herself, she didn't like her life. Then in the past, there was a time when he stopped worrying about his life, his body, his health and his appearance, instead, he focused on instant gratification.

She started eating and drinking anything necessary to feel better, without considering the consequences. She simply wanted to escape the hell she was going through, mainly because of the awakening of her spiritual abilities and the emotional trauma of a deeply rooted girl, who had not yet overcome.

With our loving support, things changed. Adele began to fall in love with life and feel happy to be alive, to help many light workers to adapt to their passion and innate gifts. Your conscience now vibrates in the frequency of joy, peace, gratitude, health and abundance. The healing process can really be compared to the process of peeling an onion. For permanent healing to take place, you must be prepared to face, heal and then release all the layers that prevent you from reaching your goals.

3) It is the true story of a person who truly demonstrated our powers of creation and manifestation. This person participated in television, playing the role of someone who was fighting a terminal illness. He showed his interpretive skill by deeply moving the heart of the audience. In each episode of this highly emotional drama, he lived the life of a person with cancer .

This means that during the time it took him to complete the recording, his entire Being constantly emitted the frequency of someone who was fighting a serious illness. What happened next was not a surprise at all . This person had cancer in his real life. The Universe saw that this actress thought, spoke, felt and behaved like a cancer patient. And therefore, he gave him what he "issued" most of the time: that of an unhealthy body .

The Universe does NOT differentiate between what is "real" and what is "wrong . " He acts as an impartial genius; he will always grant you your desires, coming from your constant signs of vibration and energy. That is why you must be very careful what you focus on. You must have perfect clarity about your goals and intentions, you must do everything you can to align what you think, say and do.

During my physical incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, I met sick and disabled people who I could apparently cure. The reason I say "apparently" is simple. The patients who had traveled to see me, already had strong belief systems in themselves and once they met me, I could give them the final and necessary impulse to be in perfect health.

These people sincerely believed that it was time for them to return to perfect health. They felt they deserved perfect health and were ready to welcome them back to their lives.

Your faith has healed you. Go and stay in peace and free yourself from your suffering.

These two statements, which seem simple enough to understand, have a deep meaning:

1) Your faith has healed you

It means that I (Jesus) did not heal you. Just telling the truth, it was my way of telling them: you have chosen to cure yourself of these evils. I was there just to facilitate you and help you express your inner beliefs and intentions that existed in your physical reality more quickly.

2) Go and stay in peace and be free from your suffering.

Always remain in the vibrations of perfect health, peace, abundance, love and harmony, so that you can enjoy a healthy life and physical body. In other words, if these people returned to their previous life and behave as before, then there was a high probability that the same sick body would manifest itself again.

It is important that you realize that ONLY you can heal your life and physical body. Nobody else. You are the Supreme Authority of your own life. At some point you have experienced the vibrations and consciousness of other people, being able to easily affect your moods and feelings. Hanging out with people you know could get you up or down. Everything is energy and vibrations .

Similarly, when you spend enough time in the presence of someone who lives from a higher dimensional perspective, your own vibrations will automatically increase to match that person's vibrations. And that is what happened to those patients who apparently had "healed." When you approached my physical location, my energy field, my higher consciousness, your entire Being began to vibrate and accelerate to a higher level.

This was labeled as a miracle cure, by those who had a limited understanding and 3-D knowledge of the entire process. Don't forget to repeat these three powerful statements that God the Father shared with you all:


However, if your love is very poor at this time, I also gave these three additional statements:


Something must change first, before your health can begin to change for the better. And that something is YOU!

We love you without measure. Your brother in the Light,


channeled by Adele Arini.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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