A Message for Lightworkers, August 16, 2019

  • 2019

I invite you to read the Channeling of our Dear Caroline Oceana Ryan, Message addressed to all Lightworkers. You'll love it!

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Message for Lightworkers, August 16, 2019

Message addressed to all Lightworkers.

This week's guide of the Ascended, Galactic, Earth Elemental Masters, Fairy Elders, Angelic Legions and Archangels known as The Collective :

Greetings friends!

We are very happy to have this time to talk with you today.

We are aware that many of you have questions about what is happening in the "hallways of power" as they are called.

They also have questions about what is happening to their planet, in terms of climate change and in terms of the expected extinction of different insects, plants and animals.

Again we will ask you not to take these issues as areas to stress or prepare.

Far from strengthening his sovereignty, anger against someone or something only links him more closely with what he is angry at.

You have seen this in the relationships in which you feel you have been exploited, victimized, misunderstood or not appreciated: the aggressor or the predator falls into the category of "bad guy" in your judgments, and therefore, you throw anger and resistance against they.

We can tell you that far from freeing yourself from their oppressive behaviors, you are only more immersed in them, playing the role of anger / passivity that you unconsciously assigned yourself in that situation.

It is okay to be aware and use that awareness to stay awake and fully aware of what is happening to you and others.

However, know that a reaction of anger is actually a loss of your vital energy, and at this time on Earth and on your vital path, you need your vital energy for your You are much taller than reacting with emotional density to what someone else has said or done.

magnify and intensify the Light among themselves and throughout their Universe ...

Those who occupy the "corridors of power, " as we have noted before, have never been so terrified of losing their domain of the Earth and its beings for a long time.

They are participating not only in internal fighting between their factions, but also in a “May day” scenario without restrictions, in which lower energies are extracted from the pockets of the Inner Earth and the lower realms, in an effort to add greater power fire to their repression efforts against human Ascension and awakening .

Of course they can't win; the energies that reach Earth, and the decision of humanity and the Earth to ascend cannot be rescinded, even if sometimes it seems to be slower or hindered.

And yet, they continue, turning to all aspects of human lower nature to spend energies that support their machinery, both physical and etheric.

This is in an effort to suppress and obstruct the Light they have brought, which they have been using to magnify and intensify the Light among themselves and throughout their Universe.

We would say, in addition to assuring you that your missions remain intact and on track, that it is now vital for your own well-being that you be aware when your energies are channeled into what we will call shadow machinery.

These seek and extract lower emotional resonances, to boost a lower agenda.

They can be the energies of anger, fear, sadness.

They may have to do with a hidden sexuality, obsessions of the ego mind or centuries-old cycles created by repeated patterns between you and a loved one.

They can disguise themselves as certain cultural labels, political parties or movements, or unlabeled responses that go through the population in panic with respect to the welfare of animals or children, the environment or the "energy sources" of the Earth such as oil or Coal.

Observe carefully that you do not strongly agree with the headlines of news or comments that announce that all bees are made or that all foods contain inedible and dangerous chemicals.

Be fully aware while watching a movie or television or video show , or listen to music or radio or chat on the Internet .

Ask yourself if it is the type of transmission that takes your energies to a place where you wonder if humanity will manage to cross the swamp, and then, curiously, observe if you do not wonder when a savior will break the clouds to save the earth and all its beings.

Maybe a ship of members of the ET family, or maybe an Ascended Master, or a group of Archangels .

Maybe your own family of souls and everything they work for now.

However, they do not need a savior, because they are rising to the new and higher level they imagine, if they allow themselves to see that.

Think first of your own liberation , dear ones, and let the world and its people resonate with your own vibration .

Stay inspired and look for what is kind, good, beautiful and that stands out in the world as a symbol of balance, symmetry and Light .

... don't waste energy trying to divert your efforts with your own determination and horror reactions ...

Know that the machinations of those enslaved in the lower order and their own desperation for power will lead them into exactly what they are creating through their own need for enthusiasm and worship.

Give them the space they need to express their imbalance and the lost memory of the higher realms.

Because you can't walk through them, so do n't waste energy trying to divert your efforts with your own determination and horror reactions to their behaviors.

No one is as small and vulnerable as it seems, in the most complete sense.

Even a fractured and fragmented soul is able to heal and recover its full strength, with proper healing and support.

Even a supposedly extinct animal, flower or insect can reappear in terrestrial life; many of you will witness it for yourself, since those who thought themselves extinct (or previously unknown) reappear from the Inner Earth, or parallel timelines and universes, once again walks the earth.

Now there are invisible aids for you, to which this recent portal 8-8 Lion's Gate and other astrological configurations have opened the doors.

These are giving their superiors the platform to help them further develop their domain more completely, faster and more powerful .

Decide what forms of dominion you need for your path now: ask for wisdom for this, so that you do not ask for the need of the ego, but for the desire for growth, to know your true self and to help the planet .

Perhaps you are asking for total freedom from all energy interference, past lives and traumas of current lives, past vows and loyalties and wrong identities.

Perhaps you are requesting the complete liberation of all the matrices and their control over your direction, emotions and inner thoughts and those of humanity.

Or ask to dominate the manifestation through the use of visualization, expectation, gratitude and understanding of the laws of universal creation .

It is possible that you are opening a path for those who have not yet realized that they do not need to belong to a particular camp or cultural group to feel loved and accepted by others as they continue on their way.

Or he may be asking for more Joy, more creativity, more understanding at the moment of how good it is to be alive.

The safest thing is that if you now feel angry or disturbed and ask for the type of responses that the logical left brain requires, although you are never satisfied with any response, then none of this will be recorded as important or even slightly relevant to you.

And then, we would say, get into that feeling of discomfort and feel it completely.

Give it credit. Listen to what he is saying.

Then decide if that is really who you are and what you came for.

Namaste, dear!

We are honored to serve your side on this, the most vital mission of the Earth and yours, and the most vital hour.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you republish, maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here and including the link to the original publication. Thank you.

Think first of your own liberation, dear ones, and let the world and its people resonate with your own vibration.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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