Message from Mother Mileila: What do you project to the world? Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Welcome to this moment, joyful to meet you all ...

Every day is special but many times we look for a special meaning in what we consider as great moments, the great moments are not those that are built abroad but those that we ourselves can give them and give them meaning in our lives.

Each of us has a special day that is not equal to someone else's special day, this means that everything has to do with the perceptions we have of life, time and circumstances; But what makes us have all these perceptions? the mind.

It is the mind in the end that can analyze, criticize, evaluate and classify everything that happens day by day; but if we could listen to the true consciousness of the soul then we could have a constant and wonderful special meaning in everyday life. There are no wonderful days there is a wonderful life that is constantly lived, this wonderful life is not measured by time therefore it cannot be measured by days only it is measured by the constant moment of eternity. Eternity cannot be considered as starting at a specific stage and it is not known when it will end, that is, it does not have time. We know that day one of creation began, day zero is in the divine plan. Day one is when those polarities separate, when they begin to be named, to classify and have an idea of ​​spaces and times; a little less strict as now the human being conceptualizes it, however there things began to be classified, the teachings, it is then when we can consider that if we resort a little to that sublime consciousness that really lives in us, the special days are realized moment at this time in this eternity in which we live and live constantly. The problem of living has been constituted in time, in those small spaces that we consider life has to grant us the possibility of being able to live certain situations in certain circumstances.

It is also important to understand that those moments that we live in the day to day that is eternity, - understanding it as a deeper and more true concept - we receive what we need, nothing is a coincidence. Many times we consider that we receive the things that we do not need, but we need what we consider as unlikely, as little necessary, as little good, or even naming it, as bad and that is where teaching is born through even denial; but there are also great and beautiful moments that give us moment by moment and that are specific to what our mind, our circumstance, our supreme consciousness needs and that is a specific situation, specifically, it is not a coincidence, everything in the end is an agreement.

Study groups that share teachings and not precisely through written knowledge but through the experience of living and sitting next to each other sharing information that has nothing to do with words but simply with life, with energy, do Let nothing be casual, they make only those who have to be in the number and neither one more nor one less. The teachings could not be initiated without those that should be and neither could they be initiated with those that should not be and not because of an exclusion, simply because of a need to grow based on the agreement, based on the freedom of each of the decisions of those who are in the right place, at the right time. There are no accidents in life, there are no situations that happened because they were in an inappropriate moment, everything absolutely everything, happens with the divine plan, in the divine time and the divine time not linear but eternal.

It is very difficult to find ourselves as we are, like that diamond in the rough, which is constantly polished to try to be the diamond that life wants, that times need, that children require, that parents aspire, that partners need, that friends expect, that the same world and day to day requires to be.

When you see the splendor within you without needing to polish anything for the simple fact that it is you, you will find so many surprises and so much joy in just being; when they realize that joy does not have a specific pose, joy is sighing and little is valued; Joy is to cry of joy and dry it, joy is those moments so ephemeral, so sublime that they pass so fast but they are so eternal in the soul that they are those that should be valued.

What I had told you about the circumstances and that everything you think has to do with what you have lived and what you have not lived with, with those circumstances that you have gone through but in the end you must understand that everything that happens in that The road is for something and where they are going is for something much bigger, that nothing is a coincidence. If that being who is next to another being each has information in their energy and around that information is constantly shared and also shared with the world. If a being thinks of goodness, thinks of happiness, thinks of love, all his energy bathes with that characteristic. They do not need to know or ask someone when they are upset to feel their discomfort, they do not need to ask someone when they are sad to feel sadness; Emotions are so volatile that without the need to say them in words they are perceived with their energy.

What do you project to the world? What would you like that the sensitive being who passes by you perceive? A being worried about time, worried about the material, worried about the media? or a being who may not have the means but intends to have it and does it there. He is building the path he wants, he is building the necessary ladder to reach what he knows he needs. What you think about that moves. That being who is convinced of what he is, knows precisely that even if he does not exist in the now he will exist in his now in eternity something as well as in his future for the mind.

Everything that happens in our life is to make us grow even those moments of desolation make us strong, it seems that they make us weak and weary but make us understand that there is no situation other than our will to to cope with it

Existence is a constant question and the most necessary answer to be able to understand it is only to live it with everything that implies, the doubt, the intention to do it, that energy to continue. The first step is the most important, in whatever direction you intend to go on and on will always be forward, nobody comes back, nobody can return to their past only their memories, no one can ever live in yesterday, they can only live in their mind in yesterday, but you will never be the second one that just passed, your conscience, your time, the same collective time and circumstances Have they changed, they will not live in the same time, so why live in the mind at that time? What has happened, strong has made us, weak perhaps has considered us but we continue, so that strength had to exist. Second to second, the essence changes, the circumstances change, the energy changes, nobody is the same as yesterday, so imagine being so wonderful that they will be for tomorrow, understanding it in the mind, observing it in eternity.

Grateful to have been with all of you and happy.

Until another moment and remember that the moment cannot therefore be quantified without observing at what moment of reality forever enjoying eternity.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) Puebla, Mexico. August 24, 2017

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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