Joseph, father of Jesus, channeled by Natalie Glasson: The Ascension of Joseph, Father of Jesus

  • 2016

Natalie : This channeling occurred when observing a painting in the Temple of Minerva in Assisi, Italy . I received the message that Joseph the father of Jesus wanted to share his memories of his Ascension from Earth, with me and with those who would like to hear it. This is his story.


It is a great honor to be in your presence, to share with you the space brought and created by the Light. For some time I have been willing to share some information concerning my experience of Ascension, that of Joseph, the father of Jesus on Earth. Although while your Ascension begins, it may not be the same as mine because now the process of Ascension on Earth is changing and altering; I hope that mine offers you some inspiration as well as improving our connection and communication. The story of my Ascension can also help your greater understanding of my family and the journey and adventure we embarked on at that time.

After the Crucifixion / Resurrection / Ascension of my beloved Jesus, Mary Ana (whom you know as Mother Mary) and I were led to slowly embark on our way to England; Our destiny must be Glastonbury. Our Guides, our Souls and the Creator had told us that we should go to the Glastonbury Druid community and spend some time in it. Not only would they offer us accommodation for a few years, they had told us that the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene would later join this community; so we had to prepare the community for the arrival of Sar'h after he turned 18 years old. We had a lot of information to share with the community, as well as the richness of the teachings given to us by our beloved Jesus. New energy changes were happening on Earth and in Humanity, about which we wanted to alert the community. We had been told that the community would support us in our own healing trips and also offer us protection.

After the Ascension of Jesus, Mary Ana and I began our journey very soon; In Egypt we separated from Mary Magdalene and Sar'h because we had to make different trips that would take us to the same destination and to the gathering of our hearts and energies. María Ana and I traveled with some friends ; but the majority of our group were children between 13 and 19 years old. You could say that the oldest was not really a girl, but in our eyes in those precarious times she was a sweet girl of Light, innocent and extremely sensitive. His destiny was also to be in Glastonbury; and helped us take care of the other 10 children we were traveling with. Some of these children were born from my union with Maria Ana after the birth of Jesus, while others had been adopted from the Esenia community because their parents had died. I recognized all the children as my children and knew that we were making a significant trip.

When the 10 years after our beloved Jesus had ascended, we were in a region of Greece near the coast. It was at that time that Jesus frequently came to visit me in his Body of Light; and he began to share with me his memories and experiences of his Ascension. I was familiar with Ascension, I had observed many ascending from Earth to the Light, including my son; It was not a new concept for me; Throughout my life I had been preparing for my Ascension. Jesus' memories of his own Ascension comforted me, for I knew that my Ascension was approaching. He reminded me of certain practices and prayers, as well as the order in which I should do them.

I shared with Maria Ana and the children the visits she received from Jesus as well as the numerous visits she received from the Archangels. At that time the Ascension meant that my Soul would free itself from my physical body; so I could only be with my family in energetic form or Body of Light (this is not so in this modern age, Ascension or a high ratio of Light can now be achieved without leaving the physical body) As you probably imagine, María Ana and the children were extremely happy for me, while also experiencing the strong emotion of not wanting me to abandon them. I knew that part of his spiritual journey and growth was to let me go; and for me to let them go, knowing that they would be safe and protected by the Creator.

When the days passed and we were guided to stay in Greece, it began to oscillate between being in my physical body and exploring my energy body or Body of Light. While my physical body was resting, with my Body of Light I began to visit my children one by one to share precious time and wisdom with them. I visited María Magdalena and Sar h and I was taking a bath in the Light that they were creating and I shared mine with them. The trips in my Light Body took me to many places and people, sometimes bringing healing to my Being, sometimes promoting planetary healing; and other times awakening Souls from my past to the Light of the Creator. I did a lot of healing work with those who were involved in instigating and physically creating the crucifixion of Jesus. There was much to heal; and I had the opportunity to achieve it so that the generations to come were not burdened with the pain caused by those times. With Maria Ana we spent a lot of time alone, often praying together or going over everything in my absence she would have to do in Glastonbury. Sometimes we only cried together, because our connection of Soul and heart was intensely strong. We were releasing our fears of being separated, as well as exploring the joy created by the knowledge that we would always be one. For our family these times were sad, but happy in some way, because our mutual connection was strengthened with each passing day.

When my Ascension was closer, I found myself sitting for long periods while the Light poured into my mind . Sometimes I was completely involved in the exploration of the Light that seemed to be both within me and around me. I was aware that my family joined me, sometimes from sunrise to sunset. I felt his love hugging and supporting me as I unified with the Creator. On a few occasions I surprised them by beginning to give them words from the Light; soon these words of wisdom flowed from my mouth inspiring my family and guiding her with me to the Light. We all benefit in those days bathed in the Light of the Creator; We were being prepared for our destiny, for our purpose. For my family that purpose was on Earth, for me it was in the Heavens and in the Inner Planes and in the Creator's Universe, where my work would really begin.

With the increasing luminosity radiating from the inside of my physical body, which manifested itself more and more physically, we all knew that it would be time for my departure soon. One night Maria Ana surprised me with a banquet that many of the children had helped her prepare. She said it was a party to celebrate the Love that I had shared throughout my life. We ate like kings, danced happily, singing our favorite songs and shared the stories that made us laugh as much as cry. We enjoyed our mutual company with such joy, that each Soul felt that it was suspended in a strong unwavering Love. This had been my only supplication after knowing that I was going to ascend: Letting my family know that I was suspended in a Love that would take her and guide her on the path of her ways . I knew that the following years would be challenging for them, as they would face the loss of my Physical presence and their own Ascension trips .

When my family woke up the next morning, he found me motionless; except for a soft, shallow breath that was barely noticeable. My body was in flames of Light; and they knew that I had begun the transition from my physical body to my Body of Light . They knew that at that time I had a pure state of bliss and ecstasy; and that soon I would no longer need my physical body. What they were not aware of was that I could observe my Ascension while still being aware of everything that was going on around me. My beloved Jesus was by my side; visible also to my family, he guided them to spread leaves, herbs and flowers in a small boat ; He instructed them to anoint my body with our Sacred and blessed oil; With my body covered by a white dress I was placed in the boat whose length was barely enough for my body to be laid. One by one they said goodbye to me, they all expressed a love so deep that it filled my heart and soul; and helped my Ascension. María Ana was the last to say goodbye; with tears rolling down her cheeks she expressed her deep and eternal Love. Then, supported and instructed by Jesus, she pushed the boat towards the sea where she was caught by the soft waves that began to take him away from her. My family observed the miracle that happened right away.

Jesus appeared in his Body of Light, walking gently beside my boat with his back to the coast, his golden Light flowing in all directions . Lowering his Light Body he extended his right hand towards the boat; I remembered his face, with his eyes looking at me with such depth of Love and Compassion ; Its beauty was fascinating. When I reached the fullness and climax of my Light, I went deeper into the Light of the Creator to join with my son holding hands .

My family witnessed the elevation of my body of Light from the boat ; and he saw me walking hand in hand with my son away from the boat, as if we were walking on the water towards the distant Sun. They watched until when they could no longer see us and knew that I had made my Ascension.

Always in peace and with love,

Joseph, Father of Jesus.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Natalie Glasson


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