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  • 2017
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The Present Moment of Now, which is Timeless, exists within the Heart, not the mind.

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 8, 2017

With pure awareness of the Planetary Level, I, the Lord Buddha, greet you. I am the supervisor of the Planetary Level and guardian of the Creator's light. It is my purpose to monitor the spiritual evolution of all within the planetary level and deliver all that is of the Creator to you. Every change in ascension flows from the higher dimensions through my being to you and to all humanity. Today I share the light, the messages and the divine will of the Creator as they flow divinely through me. Please be open to receive, and I will fill you with a pure white light of great wisdom and power.

Contemplating Time

I am guided by divinity to communicate about time. Time is a natural part of your reality on Earth; He encourages them to create structure in their lives, to distinguish between the days they have already experienced and the days they still have to experience. Time creates a seemingly linear movement to your life that helps you understand your role, purpose and presence in the world.

If the process of following a clock and a calendar were erased from the world, they would be relieved for a while, feeling that they finally embraced their freedom. But because they were previously time dependent, they could be lost. The days would follow the cycles of the sun. However, the illusion that his current reality is his only reality would vanish. As if a veil were removed, they would be able to see, feel and recognize all their lives at once. Not only would they be aware of every life they have experienced on Earth and internally, they would experience every moment of their lives at the same time.

Contemplate for a moment what it would feel like

His conscience and ability to understand would be everywhere and in everything. They would be expansive and omnipresent. They would no longer focus on a reality with the goals and lessons of that life. They would be learning and growing through multiple lives, realities and experiences. With this in mind, recognize how blessed you are that you only have to move through a reality and have the space to give the aspect of yourself that you are now, your complete attention. Time can be limiting; It can also be a blessing, creating a space for accelerated growth and empowerment. Even within the limits of time, the challenges of other lives are transferred to their current reality; Sometimes this is the only way that healing can take place.

While time is valued by your soul as a limitation that helps you focus, the ultimate goal of your soul is to move to a consciousness that is beyond time. Where there are no limitations between lives, only the experience of living simultaneously. This is essential because it allows them to move in a unity space. By observing and experiencing all their lives and existences simultaneously, they will be expanding to become and recognize once again, that each is a part and an aspect of their being. When they are accepted and integrated with all aspects of their totality, they create the unity they are.

Essentially you stop being many aspects with many realities, ascending to a newly recognized form of yourself, where you are no longer many beings. Instead, you are an entire source of light and awareness, reminding and recognizing you as being one with the Creator.

The purpose of re-encoding the time within you

I, Lord Buddha, am reminding you of this information now while I am guided to help you experience an activation within your being. This activation tries to release the limitations of time by re-coding with light the presence of time within your mind, body and being.

Time is only a belief and yet all that is in manifestation is energy and consciousness. Therefore, time, although it only exists as a concept of energy and consciousness within your being, has created a particular vibration within your being that helps the continuous creation of your reality.

I, Lord Buddha, wish to re-encode the time within your being to support a greater experience of the totality and unity of your being. This process can also allow you to glimpse other lives that will bring you understanding and healing those lives and your current existence. A new consciousness of being one with all that has been created and that is the Creator will be born. You may even feel, if only for a moment, that you are at peace with everything and you are everything . This allows the trial to fall; You cannot judge unless you want to cause pain and damage. The expansion within your truth will occur.

While you will still participate in the presence and concept of time on Earth, you will find that you are able to: see beyond the illusion of time when you need it, communicate with other aspects of the Creator without borders and observe the whole.

Re-encoding time activation

“Dear Lord Buddha, please transport me to your Planetary Level Ashram to fully experience, accept and embody the recoding of the activation time within my being. May I experience a greater perception of the expansion of my consciousness, unity with all and the totality of the Creator. Help me to see time again, with an evolved understanding that allows me to see beyond the limitations and illusions of time, recognizing myself in all my aspects. Let me also value and be grateful for the limitations and limits of time, which allows me to focus my energy on one aspect of my being, experiencing a deep intimacy with myself as Creator. I know it is not appropriate for me to let go of time completely. Instead, I move through the illusions of time seeing the truth of the Creator with ease and grace. Now I fully accept the new codes of light concerning the time in my being, allowing a new codification of my being and a divinely guided activation of light and illumination. In gratitude, always. ”

The re-codification of the time within your being will be carried out with the support of the speaker, Lord Buddha, and also the twelve Buddhas present within my Planetary Ashram. When you visit the Planetary Ashram, you will be asked to lie down. Many clear and white energetic crystals of all shapes and sizes will be placed on purpose in your body to connect with energy receptors in your body and auric field.

The codes of awakening

We, the Lord Buddha and the Twelve Buddhas will send you the transmission of energy that we have received from the Creator who has the codes to awaken a new perception of time within your being. The codes will travel and be anchored in your being through us as we direct the energy towards the crystals placed on your body. The crystals will help all aspects of your body and being, absorbing light and codes with ease and perfection. They will do so by opening the energy points in your being and oscillating your cells to align with the new vibrations that are anchored in your being. The old programs connected to your perception of time will be released as your cells oscillate with a new frequency.

Then we will surround you in pure love that will seep into your being to support you while the areas of your being are activated creating beautiful transformations in the way you perceive yourself, the world and your other lives. It is important to remain within our light for as long as it feels appropriate and necessary so that the re-codification of time can take place fully within your being.

After activation

When you feel that the process is complete, you can simply ask us to deposit you properly on Earth and in your current earthly reality. We will do it by aligning the transformation that has taken place within your being with your physical body and your reality. This activation only needs to be experienced once, although if you feel guided, please experience it as many times as you wish.

In the days following the activation, take time to be at peace and quiet. Meditate silently focusing on peace and expansion within your being. In doing so, you will further activate the codes placed within your being, allowing an awareness of yourself beyond time to be born within you. It could be that you see, feel or recognize yourself beyond the limitations of time, recognizing the many aspects of your being and the totality that you are, even if it is just a glance.

It will enhance the codes of light placed within your being and will allow the continuous activation and transformation of your perception of time, your reality and your existence.

This is the beginning of a journey of discovering yourself beyond what you know about yourself today.

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Re-coding of time by Lord Buddha, Channeled through Natalie Glasson - September 8, 2017 - Original source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

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