The union from the Central sun to our heart chakra. Lady Rowena Channeled by Elsa Farrus

  • 2017

Beloved to be of light I am Lady Rowena

The lattice of his heart is opening a new fractal geometries

That fills them with magenta light.

And restores the consciousness of unified love.

This unified love energy field opens them to a new dimension of living reality.

They will be able to read the energies in the beings that surround them beyond what they show in their physical field.

It is not about telepathy.

But a resonance field that will make us understand how and where it comes from what comes to us or is happening.

Love is the key to everything that you manifest either in all its splendor or in your lack.

It is now time to align with this inner source of divine love that helps you build your greatest engine. Visa, which is the understanding of reality.

The framework of his heart, is the core neuralgia or all its realities and times lived.

So time to wake up shows them the origin of things, so they can assume and transform them.

They are only experiences and you the artists of the change of reality.

It is possible there is enough energy for it, when they choose to love what they live and accept what happens.

Beloved girl we help you to be reborn, live it from joy thanks from the central sun of Alcyon Lady Rowena and Sananda.

The great central sun, is a toroid and vortex of energy, in the many beings work both the physical and the "spiritual" plane to give it a name.

It is a space, central union of several solar systems and "worlds". In the central sun is where electromagnetic energy is worked and is linked to the chakra of the heart of humans, by the thymus chakra, and is the source of exchange energy, with the cells of our body and its atoms.

Likewise, it is the source of exchange, with all the living beings on the planet, from the core of the heart chakra.

This union with the central Sun, and our inner sun, which the ancients called the sacred lotus of the heart, is itself: THE POINT OF INTEGRATION OF THE COSMOS IN THE SPIRIT AND THE MATTER.

Where what is outside is inside and what is inside is outside.

Its great importance lies in the fact that it is the core of all divine creation, that is, from where we create our reality, hence the great importance of its readjustment and new openness in us, until it is regulated in balance.

It is the core of the inner fire, the cause behind all creation, depending on whether our union with the great central sun is greater or lesser.

From the birth of the great energy network, which unfolds and weaves the web of life, which encompasses spirit and matter, and which remains in our bodies of light, life after life, planes after plane, although in some we only use partially that web of life.

It is the creation of oneself, in union with the heart of divinity.

The opening of the heart, which Lady Rowena speaks to us from the chakra of the heart, balances this merger, so that we can interact with more ethereal planes or etheric octaves, which are as concrete, as our physical life, only of more subtle matter, and that in a physical life we ​​perceive them through the senses of the soul, (I dreamed os, meditation, energy initiations etc.).

They are the planes in which the Akashic records are recorded, and in which we can transform them. Both individuals and those of the planet or groups.

Although it seems strange, it is the real plane of reality, because everything else is created by us, according to our sensibilities.

And it is not at all the astral plane, which is the energy of a space-time frequency beyond the physical, but that corresponds to the emotional body of the human being, and the ethereal plane Rich, they are the physical places, with their own universes, which we access with our light bodies.

Hence the great importance of this adjustment that we are living.

Thank you all for sharing this channel, a hug Elsa Farrus.

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