Message from Master Lady Nada: The emotional life of human beings. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Greeting enthusiastically to those receptive hearts that today hear in our great meeting ...

Freeing yourself from emotions and thoughts is often a long process, it is a metaphysical process and it is a secret process of the mind. A secret process of the mind given that rarely can understand where to start the reality of abandoning that will, the will has always told us that it is part of fighting for the objective, also part of the perseverance of emotions, of the perseverance of to continue in the struggle, of the perseverance of knowing that although it is often complex to continue, it is bold to continue; Since the effort will be well paid, it will be well rewarded and will make us happy.

In that struggle of perseverance, we get lost with our own vices, we forget ourselves and we understand more things than our thoughts, that we want, we even prey to our deepest and purest emotions because we have been poisoned with other emotions, ours too, that make us say that we must continue; does not mean that suddenly stop fighting, is an act of cowardice, is often an act of courage. Understand that things often have a time, that they fulfill a mission in our life, understand that beings fulfill a mission in our life but that it is also healthy to let go, that it is also healthy to let go of those battles that are no longer ours, that it is healthy to let go of those things that suddenly hurt and that it is healthy to let go of those thoughts that poison our purest emotions, because they then make us dispute between the positive and the negative of us.

Each of the human beings has a negative side that often does not want to know and learn to know it is an act of courage; It is then to understand that anger is part of our characteristic that many times we need it in the present to be able to face with courage what we ourselves do not want to live. That anger makes us understand that it is not we who are speaking at that moment but that it is those emotions that we have suddenly allowed to escape. It is healthy to let them escape because they make us face what we do not know but that we know exists.

Those repressed emotions, controlling them is quite difficult, it is quite difficult to continue in a life where they must go along a specific line; where those emotions that we call good should only appear. All human beings want to know about others happiness, kindness, courage, enthusiasm, honesty, responsibility; considering that all beings only act in a polarity but remember that all beings also work with another self, which day by day they fight to control.

There is anger, suddenly there are small dyes of evil in each of us and a mission of life is to learn to know them, because in each of the beings there, learn to know those "I" that we do not want to understand but to understand them they release us; It will also allow us to continue and restructure our life, our emotions, our will.

What is our love in our life?

To want is that situation of attachment where we seek to have, where we seek to know but above all to excel in our life; having material things and mistakenly considering that having beings makes us happy. Having beings in the family, having beings in friends; but the possession of human beings does not exist. There are free souls who are determined to share, to learn, in a group, in family, in friendship; but there are no beings of possession because once they have fulfilled their mission and depart to another world, in another life, then, the possession remains in a suspended will and then the beings consider that there is no longer a mission to follow because those beings that were had no longer meet.

Sharing exists at all times, in all times and in all lives; when you learn to release having and that willingness to share only, you will understand that all beings have a certain time in our existence; either because they have to continue learning in other places of this same Earth or in other places of other planes; We continue to share regardless of time, place and life .

So, also to free the will, is to learn that things do not always have to be to give us stability, that also emotions do not need to be to give us stability. Stability is a set of many things that hold our life to this day, also of beings but that our stability does not depend on those things, nor on those beings, nor on those times or places. Learning to release that, it is quite difficult, it is quite brave to also say that we do not depend on the lives of others, nor on what else as things, nor on what else. as time, or as places, to maintain balance; It is then that the parts of the other self come out of fear.

Overcoming fear does not mean that it does not exist, that is, to understand that it exists, to face it, to tell it in the face of what is happening with you, that we are ourselves, and to see where our weaknesses come from. All beings have a fear, they have fears of life, of time, of loss, of not having; but above all, fear is always based on the absence, on the absence of time, on the absence of beings, on the absence of things and even, the most terrible, on the absence of oneself.

When you are not in sync with your mind, then many situations are lost. An understanding of anger is lost, what is an understanding of anger? It is to understand that not everything is in tune with us; when the things of the moment do not tune with us, the human being is accustomed to bother, given that what he does not codify with us at the beginning, causes us to repel other energies; It is even a natural instinct for the preservation of the human being to be able to preserve what he considers in his well-being as correct and repel what may put him at risk.

To say that it does not exist would be the falsity of our mind, to understand that it exists is to know that we do not need to be in tune with other beings with their truth; but we can have the sense of balance to be able to continue living together and continue learning with the beings that surround us.

Learning from sadness, which is part of us, is also to understand that we need to realize that there is something completely opposite to happiness, that which makes us understand that we need more than the other than this, in order to maintain our balance.

The emotional life of human beings is a paradox, it is a constant moment to moment liberation, it is a process, as I said, metaphysical; letting go of the unknown that many times we cannot control.

This process is a secret of the mind, because every day you want to discover it, it is a secret of time because it is not known when it occurs, but it is understood and understood that it is at every moment of human life; where moment by moment they take out that part that they don't know a little, that they don't want to know but that they know exists.

We constantly live with two "I" and one being; that part that is repressed in a life of well-being to be able to continue with what is considered as a supposed well-being and that part of well-being that tries to be purer, that is, that most cordial and pleasant part of human beings; but as I said, not all human beings only live in goodness, in honesty, in responsibility, in effectiveness, in happiness; those beings with whom they live, day to day struggle to balance fear, anger, sadness. All these emotions are great teachers for us, great teachers for our mind. A secret of the mind that every day has to decipher and that is only going to decipher, understanding and accepting itself.

Acceptance is a brave, conscious process of harmony and openness of the heart, of opening of the mind and of the conscious emotion of the essence. The perfect codification between the divinity, between the energy that flows through all the bodies to be able to connect what they really are.

The purest essence of beings dwells in the full consciousness of knowing that all this exists; that day by day they fight with it, which could not be what you are without one and the other; but that the balance lies in the duality, in the acceptance and in the enthusiasm, in freeing the will of everything that hurts and poisons the mind more than what day by day already in itself, has to get around.

The paradox of emotions is a rather complex question, it is a life mission for humans and it is a divine mission for essences, that is when they can open the heart. Understanding their emotions is part of a metaphysical process, it goes beyond what they can contemplate with their eyes because only with the true consciousness of the soul can they decipher this great message.

Every day they have a great message of life, every day they live with a great teacher who makes them say: "Today can be a new opportunity to rectify, to heal, to learn . " Day by day you learn that in yourself you can find the worst in any situation; but also a great kindness in many episodes of the day.

Open, open your mind, think with the words of love, they release, suddenly they confuse, but they are also sensible; they help to heal the part that we want to not know but that is necessary and to raise the part that we know as good, in us. There is no bad and good in that being who day by day tries to know each other, talk with the conscience of love, talk with the conscience of your own divinity.

A coded message that they have every day, that to really want to understand it, they only have to be willing to accept it ; he who accepts himself as he is today, then he will open that unknown, but who know that it exists; what they constantly seek and want to remain in that same reality.

With the message of the heart always opening an option, accepting a reality.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico. April 20, 2017)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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